May 032023

Baja, California is conveniently located and pleasing to the eye, but parts of it have a reputation for being a little on the crowded side. What to do if you want a quiet and leisurely vacation to Mexico but don’t want to go all the way down south? San Jose del Cabo has what you want. North of the more well-known Cabo San Lucas, it is just as gorgeous and not nearly as buzzing with party people. Discover this hidden gem for yourself.

After learning about the vast array of beach opportunities, meaning the swimming, boating, surfing and snorkeling, as well as the historic and eye-catching city itself, choosing San Jose del Cabo will be easy. Once this decision has been made, though, your preparations are not yet complete. Don’t select a hotel based on price or hearsay when you could instead set yourself up like royalty in a one-of-a-kind vacation rental. Before you get nervous, no; vacation properties aren’t out of your league, and yes, you do deserve to stay in one.

Beach condos or villas have a way of adding a special touch to any trip, so when you’re going to be visiting a stellar spot like this it’s sure to be a winning combination. No matter what day it is, your mood depends on how well you slept, how the sun falls across your bed, and what the day ahead of you holds. The property you choose in San Jose is sure to bode well for the overall tone of the trip, so pick wisely and then sit back and relax as the fun and enjoyment unfolds before your eyes.

First of all, enjoy whatever breakfast you like to have. Be it eggs and toast in bed served up by your honey-bunny, a fresh-fruit smoothie or just a cup of coffee and some fresh air, you’ll be well-equipped to create anything you want in the kitchen of your temporary digs. As opposed to other arrangements, you really will feel at home here as you poke around the cabinets and fill the pantry with your favorite foods.

After this you’re set for success. Hit the nearby swimming pool if you like, but you’ll probably be more inclined to grab a towel and walk to the beach. Either lounge for a while with paperback in hand or rent a surfboard, kayak or sailboat. Dip your toes in the sea and relish the fact that there’s not a laptop or cell phone in sight. Winter is whale season, so watch for massive migrating creatures, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, do a little guided sport fishing a few miles from shore.

Back on land again there are golf courses, spas, shops and restaurants to fulfill the requisite tourist activities. You may be content to simply head back “home” for a nap, a conversation on the patio, or an intimate happy hour, though, which is just fine. Having grown accustomed to doing what you want, when you want, you may return home feeling like you’ve been on a vacation that was designed especially for you. The real world may not be so accommodating, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Not that it’s a bad thing to be pampered every now and then; you know you deserve it. Some think that only the rich and famous deserve lodgings that outshine typical hotels, but this just isn’t the case. Special deals are often available and splitting the bill with the friends you’re traveling with means more fun and more savings for everyone involved. Be the one to suggest a reunion of sorts and then take credit at the end of a pleasing, perfect trip with the ones you love, and love to vacation with.

Go online to peruse all the San Jose del Cabo Vacation Rentals. There are dozens out there, and each one is the right one for someone.

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