Feb 192018

Restore your skin to its pure, beautiful state with this moisturizing cream made from only natural ingredients, including aloe, bearberry extract, licorice root extract, and oat kernel extract. Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, it diminishes age spots, freckles and sun damage, leaving skin smooth and radiant. Price:  $ 19.99   Read More and Buy it here!

Dec 132017

Features:   Nmae: Argon Regulator 1.Pressure gauge for easy reading. 2.External safety pressure relief design. 3.Calibrated for Argon, Helium and Carbon Dioxide gases. 4.Poly-carbonate flow tube and outer cover are impact resistant for maximum durability. 5.Flowmeter is back pressure compensated to ensure accurate readings when line restrictions are present.   Specifications:   1.Material: Metal 2.Applicable Gas: Argon gas 3. Measuring range: 0-25 (MPa) 4. Rated outlet pressure: 0-25 (MPa) 5. Rated flow rate: 0-200 (m3 / h) 6. Ambient temperature: 0-30 (℃) Packing Included:   1 x Argon Regulator Detail Pictures: Price:  $ 8.99   Read More and Buy it here!