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Looking for an ultra-cool handset at the cheapest price? Then the cost-effective mobile phone deals are the right answer for you. Check out the numerous contract mobile phones available in the online market and select the best handset for you.

Mobile manufacturing giants like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola are concentrating on innovative technology and state-of-the-art style while producing the latest handsets. Now you can gain cutting-edge performance from the high-end features of your new handset. The latest gizmos possess a variety of swanky features ranging from high quality music player to instant Internet access. The latest Nokia phones are endowed with powerful mega pixel camera for advanced mobile photography. Enjoy superior quality musical experience with the Walkman players of Sony Ericsson mobiles. And what’s more, all the latest mobile phones integrate business as well as entertaining features. So you can get high-speed wireless connectivity, outstanding multimedia messaging, expandable memory card slot, fast download of interesting games and ring tones, and lots more. Find out a handset equipped with all these functions. And the mobile phone deal is just the icing on the cake!

Go for online shopping in order to get the best handset and the cheapest mobile phone deal available with it. Login to the top online mobile phone shops including, One Stop Phone Shop,, the Phone Spot and, and compare the new handsets along with the deals. All the online shops offer various mobile phone deals on selected handsets. Go through the list of contract mobile phones available on these shops. You can select your handset according to your requirements, along with the specific deal best suitable for you. The mobile phone deals can avail you free line rental, cash backs, free gifts and even free handset. Compare the deals and sign up for the best of all to enjoy add-on benefits along with the power-packed handset.

Aug 072020

Today, taking a cheap cruise doesn’t mean having to do without certain luxuries associated with cruise ship travel. In fact, these days, the term cheap basically means getting all the optional extras at a bargain price.

The good news for prospective cruise travellers is these bargain holiday deals are happening all the time and if you follow some basic guidelines, then your next high seas adventure could be just around the corner.

Finding Cheap Cruise Deals

If you are working on a budget then consider travelling during off peak times. These are the high demand periods when cruise lines don’t have any problems filling their passenger quotas and are less inclined to “slash” prices. Summer is a season when people are very much in holiday mode and more likely to want to travel. Concentrating on periods such as the end of summer and beginning of fall will more likely get you a cheap cruise deal that fits well within your budget.

It’s these times when companies are keen to fill their cabins so they offer incentives such as lower prices. The good news for you is that despite the cheaper fares, the quality of the cruise holiday is in no way diminished.

Planning Your Cheap Cruise

Some careful planning is required when looking for a cheap cruise. Obviously, consulting a travel expert is the natural inclination for most people and always a good option. However, more experienced travellers have used the internet to great effect in recent years.

There are no shortage of cruising websites to sift through online, all with the aim of providing you with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. One of the best features online is the alert features offered by some of these sites. Look for newsletter offers; you sign up for a regular newsletter at varying intervals and receive the latest bargain offers. Some sites even provide price alert features which means you enter details such as how much you want to spend, where you want to go and when you want to travel.

Cruise Line Updates

Cruise companies also offer services such as regular updates. As with third party websites, companies also provide information services which will keep you updated about impending offers. The point to remember is cruise lines in most cases will do their best, within reason, to get you on their ships because setting off from port with many empty cabins simply doesn’t make good business sense.

There are more cruise ships on the water today therefore more cabins to fill. Bigger ships and more competition for passengers among companies means better deals for you. Just remember, create a budget, sign up for price alerts, avoid high season travel and be flexible with your travel schedule and you’ll be surprised at the number of cheap cruise deals you’ll have to choose from.

Aug 062020

With a focal length of between 60 mm and 300 mm, this is also a perfect
lens for the sport enthusiast. The telephoto lens allows you to capture
the far away object and can also be used for landscape images

Even if you do not plan to go digital right this moment, it is important that
the photography business plan include plans for future growth and
expansion, and this will most likely involve at least some digital

Seeing the sun rise up out of the oceanfront may be absolutely
astonishing to someone who has never been to the beach. It¡¯s all relative.

The backbone of photography is the camera, the instrument or device
that works on the principle of optics. The camera and photographic
techniques have undergone phenomenal changes since the time the first
camera was made.

There are different ways of finding photography jobs, depending on the
type of job you are looking for and your experience. You can begin by
creating a resume and portfolio of your work.

Use of depth of field wisely

There is a certain way that experienced photographers take such
stunning pictures, portraits and photographs where the subject being
shot is focused in a clear and perfect manner while the background is sort
of a blur.

The following are the steps to take those amazing picture-perfect shots.

The technical

First things first, it is best that the camera being used has a plate for
imaging that is large. Also, a lens that is considered fast should also be
used. ¡°Fast¡± in photography language means a lens that has an aperture
that is larger than f2.8.

When the aperture of a camera is large, the image or picture that will be
produced has a depth of field that is shallow. In photography language,
this basically means that the area that is behind as well as front of the
subject being taken is a blur.

As much as possible, the shoulder and the head of the subject should fill
the whole frame. Also, if the subject is a person, don’t forget to focus on
the subject’s eyes.

The technique

Practice really does make perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect job
done only once. It takes perseverance as well as patience. When
shooting pictures, try to take a series of shots using a lens that has a wide
opening and a stop on at least one or two.

Focus on various areas such as the ear, nose, hair using varying apertures
for such. When the pictures come out, you then have many different
options to choose from.

To be able to create a depth of field that is shallow, the best thing you
should do is use a long lens ¨C preferably a telephoto ¨C and have it set on
the zoom that at its maximum. Then, try to stand as close to the subject
as possible.

However, for subjects that are in motion, for example a car. The camera
must then be moved the same way the subject is moving. Or simply put,
the subject must be followed. The best film to be used for such a shot
are ISO 400 films. Also, don’t forget to set the camera at an ISO setting
that is similarly fast.

History became more authentic with pictures, and photographs served as
evidence in many cases. People made their family tree in their albums.
Suddenly life was so much more fun and meaningful.

You will also want to check any and all requirements to the contest and
make sure you qualify. You will then want to check for any fine print and
be sure you agree with the terms.

A macro lens will also allow you to take unique abstract images. By using a
wide aperture with a macro lens on natural shapes can create the perfect
abstract image.

Aside from the prizes, winning a contest may be your opportunity to
showcase your photography skills in a national magazine. It’s easy to see
why someone would want to enter a contest.

You don’t want to set your goals so high that you get let down but
there is nothing wrong with going for what you want. Most importantly,
get as involved with what you love as possible. Learn as much as you can
about photography and what makes good photography. Subscribe to
magazines, read books, look at winners of photography contests.

The body of the camera, especially when taking such moving picture
shots, must be steady. Make sure to focus on the subject as you see it
through the lens of the viewfinder. Using such a technique ensures that
the subject being focused on is clear and crisp while the background is a
beautiful blur. Such a picture helps highlight the movement being done by
the subject therefore making it seemingly jump from the picture.

Photo effects

Believe it or not, there is also an easy and stress free way to create a
similar photo effect without doing the techniques mentioned. This has
become possible through the magic of software. Photoshop has a ¡°blur¡±
function, which blurs the picture¡¯s background in a uniform manner
independently as well as authentically the way an actual photograph may
be done by a technically-savvy photographer. The software blur is and
looks artificial while the real blur is more organic in feel.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the technology of software is advancing so
that there is a CS2 version of Photoshop that enables anyone to create a
blur that is considered as ¡°smart.¡± This function takes into consideration
the picture’s depth of field. This basically means that the function applies
a lot of blurring effects to the pixels that appears more distant and applies
a lot less blurring to the pixels that appear nearer. Believe it or not, such a
function is adjustable that anyone could achieve any effect desired.

All in all, depth of field is a fairly easy concept to understand especially to
those serious in learning the art and craft of photography. All it takes is a
lot of patience, perseverance and a heart that is willing to learn as well as
a mind that is open to making mistakes and gradually correcting them
along the way towards creating a picture perfect shot.

There are different ways of finding photography jobs, depending on the
type of job you are looking for and your experience. You can begin by
creating a resume and portfolio of your work.

You can also purchase underwater cameras for more of a price but they
last whenever you need one. Some people find this more economical
than disposables, especially if they want to take these pictures often. You
will want to be original and if possible, catch a scene that has not been
done before. You really want to impress the judges with something you
do not normally see. More on Malaysia Photographer.

Practice makes perfect! If you believe this AT ALL, you can better
understand why digital photography can help you learn to do great
photography. Watch someone taking photographs with a medium format
camera. At $$ per pop, notice how careful they are as to what they
shoot, and how often.

Another consideration in selecting a professional photographer for your
wedding is what you get for your money. Most professional wedding
photographers offer package deals that include a set number of prints of
different shapes and sizes for one price.

Aug 052020

The invention of mobile phone is a boon to mankind. Mobile phones have transcended our lives to a new world-a world full of fun and excitement. Emergence of new companies has further helped in getting better services and deals in the entire mobile telephony sector. From kids to teenagers, from corporates to business tycoons, from bureaucrats to our grandfathers/grandmothers- everyone is using mobile phones. While some use mobile phones for the mere sake of communication, some others get attracted to mobile phones to satisfy their photographic and musical requirements.

The mobile phone market is very competitive. If one company launches a new model today, its competitor ( another company ) is very likely to come up with another model withing a few number of days. What is the outcome? From a buyer’s perspective, it’s beneficial. We get options to choose the handset of our choice-if one company’s particular handset misses out some of the features we need, we can head for another company. Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG are the major competitors in the worldwide mobile market today.

With the invention of the Internet, buying of mobile phones have become easier for us. There are several online mobile phone shops which are offering cheap and attractive mobile phone deals. Some of these online shops are e2save, mobilerainbow, dial-a-phone, phones2udirect, phoneboxdirect etc. These online shops offer different mobile phone deals like contract mobile phone deal, pay as you go mobile phone deal, sim free phones and 12 months free line rental contract deals.

If you opt for contract mobile phones you need to pay a security and then sign on a contract for 12-18 months. With your contract mobile phones, you get advantages like free handset, free line rentals, free minutes, free text messages, cash back offers and many more. 12 months free line rental contract deal is also a contract deal where you sign on a contract for12 months and reap several benefits. While in pay as you go mobile you only pay for what you use, in sim free mobile phones, you get ultimate freedom. You can easily choose a network provider of your choice. So, what are you are you waiting for? Go for a mobile phone deal today!

Aug 042020

Are you crazy regarding mobile phones? Do you constantly look out for the newest models? If yes, then your prayers have been answered with online mobile phone shops. With the mobile-mania gripping our entire generation, the mobile manufacturers have left no stones unturned to woo the mobile users. They have forged links with internet marketers and started offering their products online with attractive mobile phone deals. Online mobile phone shops like E2save, Mobile rainbow, Phones are one of the best ways to buy a hi-tech and stylish handset. They offer you the most ultra-modern gadgets like Samsung D900, Nokia N-series models and many other swish products.

These mobile phone shops not only provide you with the latest gadgets but also with the most lucrative mobile phone deals like contract phone deals, Pay as you go deals and SIM free deals. In fact, you can get mobile phone deals with zero or reduced line rentals. So, you do not need to face any hassles and tensions of spiraling monthly mobile bills. Infact, you can also get your monthly bills reimbursed under these deals. Mobile phone deals are one of the the best and one of the most flexible options to buy a desirable handset. You can avail these deals and enjoy very lucrative benefits like free minutes, free video messages and free off-peak minutes. Moreover, you can also upgrade to a higher and a more beneficial level plan. One of the best points about these mobile phone deals is that they are offering the most hi-tech gadgets to you at the most attractive and affordable options. You can just get the best products at the lowest rates. So,just grab these deals and enjoy a hi-tech mobile experience.

Some of the latest mobile phones in the market are Nokia N93, Nokia N80, Samsung D900, Samsung E900 etc.

Aug 032020

With the competition among mobile phones and their boosting sale, the demand for contract mobile phones has increased tremendously. This is mainly due to the fact that contract mobile phones have served users with a high quality network, various choices in tariff plan and handsets and all these in a quite cheap and affordable way. Realizing the vast benefits of contract mobile phones, the world’s leading service provider orange is now also offering contract mobile phone deal to serve your mobile phone needs in an economical way.

Contract mobile phones provided by orange is packed with features that will delight you. With this deal you can fulfill your desire of talking hours on phone without worrying about the bill. The tariff and call rates of contract mobile deals are quite low and hence you can easily control your monthly phone budget. Moreover, in many cases while signing this deal, the cost of the mobile phone will be deducted. This leads to a heavy fall in the total expense that you will have to incur.

Orange contract mobile phones are available with a lot of variety and choices for you. It allows you to choose from various mobile handsets and tariff plans the best that suits you. You can combine your favorite handset with the tariff and you will have the best in the cheapest way. Orange provides a lot of mobile handsets from different manufacturers with contract phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and many more.

The invention of online mobile shopping has made the whole concept of mobile shopping easy. Now you can access the net and get flooded with information. Orange also has its online shops where you can surf, compare, bargain and get the deal in minutes. This not only saves your time but also keeps your mobile shopping in budget.

Aug 022020

Mobile phones are the most amazing things to have happened to us in the past few years. Today, it has become almost impossible for us to imagine a life without mobile phones. Mobile phone manufacturing companies are bringing new models into the market each passing day. The latest mobile phones are very much sophisticated and stylish to tempt us. Simply purchase a mobile handset, you can use it as a camera, as a music player, as a web browser and what not!

Motorola, the pioneer in mobile technology has recently launched a gorgeous clamshell camera called the Motorola K1 KRZR. The handset measures 103 x 42 x 16 mm and weighs 102 grams. The external screen is a CSTN 256k Colour screen with resolution of 96 x 80 Pixels and the internal screen is a TFT 256k Colour screen with 176 x 220 Pixels of resolution. Camera feature is exceptional with 2 megapixels which comes comes complete with 8 x digital zoom and flash. The Motorola K1 KRZR is capable of recording high resolution video in MPEG4 video format. The built-in music player produces awesome sound effect with zero distortion. With the help of the dedicated music buttons, you can get direct and easy access to your favourite tracks. The Motorola K1 KRZR has got superb connectivity via USB, EDGE and Bluetooth. The handset supports Quad Band as well as GPRS and WAP. The phone comes with an internal memory of 20MB which can be further expanded using MicroSD memory card.
O2, one of the leading mobile network providers in UK is offering very good deals on the Motorola K1 KRZR in contract mobile phone deals, pay as you go phone deals and sim free mobile phone deals. If you are looking for the best mobile deals, it will be wise on your part to make some online search and find out the best mobile deals with an O2 connection to match your budget and requirements. Don’t forget to get a glimpse of their tariff plans before zeroing in on anything.

Aug 012020

Antique music boxes are great collectable items, but buying them involves a lot
of knowledge and preparation. Sometimes you can find genuine treasures that would
make any collector proud, and sometimes vintage music boxes are sold for much
more than they really worth. Find out what to look for when searching for an antique
music box.

First thing you need to worry about is if the music box in a working condition
or does it need repairs. Of course it is easier to buy a working music box,
but you will pay more for it. If the box is not working, don’t get discouraged.
Music box is a delicate mechanism that can be easily damaged, but most damages
usually can be repaired as well. You can actually find very good deals buying
damaged antique music boxes and repairing them.

Types of antique music boxes

There are two types of old music boxes – disc music boxes and cylinder music
boxes. Cylinder boxes appeared on the market in the middle of 19th century,
a little bit after music watches. Majority of them were produced in Switzerland,
so many people call them Swiss boxes. They were very rare and expensive items.
Some cylinder music boxes were made in Czechoslovakia and France.

Then disc music boxes came to the market. They were cheaper to manufacture,
which significantly affected the price and made them very popular items. First
company to release disc music boxes was Symphonion. Other popular brands of
antique music boxes are Polyphon and Regina.

Quite interesting items are antique music jewelry boxes. Since these can be
used to store your jewelry, it would be a great pleasure to open your music
box often and to hear a beautiful tune.

How much would it cost to repair an antique music box?

Actually, quite a lot. The problem is that people who can do a good job repairing
old music boxes are difficult to find. There are very few professionals. Another
problem can be parts, most of them have to be handmade. Fixing an antique music
box would require getting different items often including comb work, cylinder
repining, dampers, governors and mainsprings. So be prepared to pay a lot for
the repair of your antique box. But on the bright side, after the music box
is repaired, its value will dramatically increase.

Jul 312020

Anybody can invest and get the market rate of return, even my 84 year old grandmother who probably does not even know what stocks are. All you have to do is invest in something like a total stock market index fund. In fact doing this, you will beat around 70% of all the active fund managers.

However, if you want to do better than the market, you better have a plan. Covered Calls is a way to do so.

Covered calls are the most conservative of all the various option strategies. It seems pretty simple but, many people have trouble making money with them. Most of their problems are one of four things: (1) failure to properly screen good CC candidates (2) failure to monitor and manage your positions once in them (3) not being in enough positions to be diverse and (4) not trading with enough money and thus commissions and taxes take most or all of your profits.

(1) Failure to properly screen positions
I use OptionsXpress and they are great, but at the time of this writing, their covered call screener is lacking. The best one I have found is at Option Monitor. It costs only $35 per month and can screen for about twenty different items. The very useful ones that I use that OptionsXpress do not have are percentage in or out of the money, market capitalization, and percentage above or below the 52wk high or low. Paying another service around $60 or more per month so they can use their “special screener” to show you pre-screened choices is a waste of your money.

Some CC writers just starting out (like myself) go to a site like and look at the highest yielding CC positions and go to town. This is an absolute recipe for disaster (I lost 40% in three days, luckily I was paper trading). Those stocks are WAY too volatile and are usually tiny medical related companies. A good CC trader should be very picky in which positions he is going to use.

(2) Management
I learned about CC’s from a guy who was trading during the roaring bull market in 1999-2000 and got absolutely slammed when the market crashed. One of the fundamental things he did wrong was that he failed to set STOP orders for his positions and ended up loosing about 70-80% after he couldn’t produce cash for margin calls. Determining your exit strategy is absolutely vital to any CC trader.

Another item that deals with management is rolling up, down, or out. Some CC traders look at just their account balance to see how they are doing.

If your stock has gone down but is still good fundamentally, is rolling down a good option? What if the option has lost all of its time value and rolling out right now can lock in your profit? The bottom line is that you can not just look at the current prices in your account and determine if you should do anything. You need a calculation tool to tell you when you should make management decisions.

I have created and currently use an excel spreadsheet that I think is fantastic. It calculates all the items you would need for a covered call strategy.

The best part is that it automatically updates for the current price of the stock and option
requires internet connection (obviously), Office 2003, and MSN Money Stock Quotes Add-in (free).
If unable to install add-in (a firewall), the program updates via a web query.

So I generally don’t even go to my brokerage website unless making a trade. I simply update the prices in my covered call calculator and see if I need to take any action.

(3) Diversification
Next is how many positions to trade with? This is a very important question. A great book by Burton G Malkiel, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, has a great explanation about the differences between systematic and unsystematic risk. To summarize, systematic risk is the fundamental risk of the market as a whole. Since the market has risk and all stocks follow the market to an extent, systematic risk CAN NOT BE DIVERSIFIED AWAY. Systematic risk is the risk of the market.

Unsystematic risk is the risk of individual companies such as them getting sued, the CEO getting caught lying to shareholders, or inventing a miracle drug. It is this unsystematic risk that can be diversified away. So how many positions should you get into?

The above book has a graph that unsystematic risk goes down exponentially to zero after twenty stocks (how he got twenty I am not sure, but it makes sense). So should you get into twenty positions? No, because CC’s offer downside protection. My personal feeling is at least five, but preferably seven to ten. More than ten is fine, but I think you are all ready diversified enough and are just wasting your time and trading expenses.

If a CC trader does not take diversification into account, he/she is asking for trouble. Just like an “investor” needs to be diversified, so does a covered calls “trader”. Therefore, you need to develop some sort of method to track which industries you are currently in. A great way to do that is to use my covered call calculator. In it there is a section to enter the industry so you do not forget which industries you are all ready invested in.

(4) Money Management
Covered calls have their disadvantages, to think otherwise is naive. One of them is that you have double the amount of trades than just owning stock and thus commissions are around twice as much (but usually more since option commissions are generally higher)

Also, if done outside an IRA, there will be short term capital gain tax rates

“Capital gains on assets held for a year or less are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate (anywhere from 28% to 39.6%, depending on your specific ordinary tax rate).
Capital gains on assets held for more than a year are taxed at a reduced tax rate of 20%”

At the time of this writing, OptionsXpress charges $12.95 for an option buy or sell (but $0 for being called out) and $9.95 for a stock (these are both the active trader discount, both go up to $14.95 without the active, however if you do not qualify for this, you are not following rule #3). So the minimum transaction cost per position is (2x$9.95 + $12.95) $32.85.

The following is an explanation of how much you should invest in per position taking into account taxes and trading costs. Let us assume a standard profit of 3% per position (this is very reasonable). The following is how much money 3% is for different amounts of position values.
– $2000 – $60
– $3000 – $90
– $4000 – $120
– $5000 – $135
Make the decision for yourself, but my cut-off is a minimum of $4500 per position. However, the more the better. (note that this $4500 is the net debt per position i.e. stock minus option premium)

How do you know what the total “cost basis” is for a position before you enter it? Easy, just use my Covered Call Calculator and enter the starting prices and number of contracts and it will tell you.

So the final question is how much money you should you start out with. Based on $4,500 per position and having five positions leaves $11,250 trading on full margin. Note that this does not take into account a positions where you are forced to put more money than $4500 since you are forced to place orders in increments of 100 shares (which is a certainty).

Taking the above into account therefore a good amount of money to begin trading is $15,000. Anything less, you must accept that extra risk.

Jul 302020

The adjectives like attractive, stylish, robust and cheaper sound good when these terms are amalgamated in one device. The obvious specimen is the Nokia N70 mobile phone that can control with one hand. The N70 comes with a 2 mega pixel camera, music player and FM radio, Bluetooth, HTML, Java technology and WAP browser to provide smooth and better connectivity and network. But the users can access multimedia services of the N70 at the cost of service taxes. The service taxes are quite high in terms of messaging, downloading, web surfing, and peak hour call charges. Consequently, the service providers have provided deals like pay-as-you-go, pay monthly mobile phone, contract mobile phone etc to the users to subsidized the phone bills. Among these, Orange has gained momentum as it provides tariff plans which are cost effective.

If you have purchased Nokia N70 mobile phone and selected Orange for the services, you can automatically enter into contract with Orange for a particular period, depending on the deals available. During the tenure of contract, you can you are provided with free texts and multimedia messages; free download of images, video clips, ring tones, games and applications; free daytime call charges and minutes; free mobile phone insurance; free roaming facility and even free Nokia N70 handset.

With Nokia N70, the users can capture photos and record videos of some memorable moments which can later be sent to your friend and relatives with the support of orange. As far as messaging services are concerned, the Nokia N70 is richly interwoven with SMS, MMS, Instant messaging and Email. The users can have a fun gaming experience with the aid of Java technology to download more games of the choice. The support of Orange on Nokia N70 mobile phone is really a boon for the users to cut those all the extra taxes and keep their phone bills within limits.

Mobile N70 Nokia Orange phone is available in online mobile phone shops and retailing sites in the UK. The services of Orange are really praiseworthy and suited the tech savvy generation of today. Undoubtedly, the features of the Nokia N70 have been glorified by Orange for its high reliable services.