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“India a land of yogis and mystics” is a quote familiar with the western press. Known for its magical feats and the famous rope trick, India is a land that has always exuded charm. Yoga is a tradition in India and is seen as a means to enlightenment. Yoga is of four basic types, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja Yoga. Karma deals with action in the world, Jnana deals with knowledge and intellectual endeavor, Bhakti deals with devotion to a deity and Raja yoga deals with meditation. Modern Yoga has taken on a new connotation devoid of any spiritualist with the asanas or postures of hatha yoga included in fitness regimen. This has essentially led to many self designed types of yoga and is a lucrative business. Yoga essentially means enlightenment and is central to Hinduism and offshoots of Hinduism. Modern Yoga practice has inherited a few elements from this ancient tradition. Breathing exercise (pranayama) and meditation is the most popular of these. Yoga has a unique ability to relax a person and this is adopted by persons who do not look for enlightenment but for its utility to health of mind and body

The goals of Yoga are expressed differently by different traditions. The goals of modernism are relaxation and distressing of a person. With this in mind we have a number of tailored programs. Yoga for beginners, Yoga for Women, Yoga for Children, Yoga for heart, etc. are the advertisements you would see to entice people to join a yoga fitness center. The common form of Yoga is the practice of concentration. The focus of meditation is different from school to school. Heart (anahata), or third eye (aina) are major points of focus, meditation on peace or Deities is another form. Hatha yoga was invented as purification so that meditation can be done with ease.

Physical purification, Moral Discipline, and meditation are the basics of yoga. There is a far wider reality which often gets forgotten in modern fitness practices. It is sorry to see that instead of holism practiced another view of yoga is propagated. Blinding the horse to see only in one direction is what the market forces have done to Yoga. Enlightenment is left far behind in our globalization and commercialization. Hatha yoga is only viewed for its health benefits and not for its enlightenment.

Health Benefits

    It is believed to calm the nervous system.
    It helps to balance the body, mind, and spirit
    It follows the same principles as life energy and helps prevents specific diseases.
    It is used to reduce blood pressure and stress
    It improves sleep, coordination, flexibility, concentration and digestion.
    Alternative remedies suggest it as a therapy for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, asthma and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    It is helps in treatment of spinal problems and chronic back pain.

Yoga as a healing alternative is now the most popular form and very few look towards yoga as a means toward enlightenment.

Jan 202022

Though pets are integral part of our families, we are unable to bear the financial load caused by sudden sickness of our pets. As the result we leave our pets to succumb to disaster or disease. To avoid this, plan ahead for the well being of your pet. You can consider a pet insurance as it can lend a helping hand on the eve of emergencies or sudden sickness of your pet. This article will help you understand the need for a pet insurance.

Care for your pet not its medical cost
It is appalling to hear that the need for veterinary care is growing each year due to accidents or illnesses of the pets. On the other hand, the cost for covering the medical expenses of the pet is also not affordable. This is where the need for pet insurance fits in. It allows you to provide your pet the best treatment irrespective of its cost.

Introduce expert professional care
Pet insurance allows you to choose a pet insurance plan that gives your pet expert professional care and the finest treatment. It allows you to access any licensed veterinarian from any part of the world. It also permits you to pay only at the time of service and no prepayment required. Many top veterinary professionals recommend pet insurance because it assures best treatment to your pet regardless of its cost. They also at times recommend insurance companies purely based on their observation and experience.

Pick the best of the bunch
A wide range of insurance plans are available. So it is possible for you to choose the best pet insurance .You can go through the pet insurance quote before you opt for an insurance plan. You should compare pet insurance that you have taken with that of other pet insurance plans. So that you can also choose the insurance according to your pet’s requirements and your budget. Your pet is mostly covered as soon as you take the policy. You should only be wary of the fraudulent insurance agents. Otherwise insurance is a wise option to cut down the medical expenses of your pets.

Get the helping hand when your pet pulls your leg
Pets can be very naughty. Sometimes they can escape from your lap and cause damages. This is especially true with dogs as they are very mischievous. At this juncture, you can take help from pet insurance as they cover accidents and damages caused by pets on someone else’s property.

Ensure your pet’s protection during disasters
When a disaster strikes your town, your pet will not often be provided emergency shelter or care. This is because the government and voluntary organizations will be entirely working to aid the humans .So as the result pets are not given their due care. Now it is possible to protect your pet even on the event of disasters with pet insurance.

Of course money cannot fill their absence
Pet insurance companies will reimburse certain percentage of your insurance money on the event of death of your pet out of illness. This benefit is extended even during the theft or loss of your pet. But it depends upon the policies of the insurance providers. Each insurance provider will have his own policy towards insurance coverage and benefits. But nothing can fill the place of your pet. Can it?

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With more than 14 million customers, Direct TV is the national leader in the satellite television industry. Offering hundreds of channels to subscribers across the country, they’re the fastest-growing satellite television provider today.

One of the first major companies in the business, Directv Satellite made its debut on December 17, 1993, with the launch of its first satellite, DirecTV-1. They were the first to offer a direct broadcasting satellite (DBS) system in the United States and the first to utilize what became known as the minidish, an extra-compact,18-inch satellite much easier to install and maintain than the bigger dishes in common use. Thanks to their pioneering efforts, viewers all over the United States, including those in rural areas, were able to access to quality television for the first time.

Direct TV has also led the way in technological advancements, offering the first on-screen program guide with interactive features. Now, they’re living up to their high reputation and exceeding their own standards by offering more great programming, award-winning customer service and the most advanced equipment available in home entertainment. With Directv’s digital video recorders (DVRs) and receivers, viewers get cutting-edge components for their homes.

With more than 225 channels to choose from, Direct TV delivers the best in entertainment for the entire family. Local Channels are available in most areas via the satellite dish. Subscribers can select from 55 Pay Per View events each day. They can choose the best in movies, with channel selection like Showtime, Turner Classic Movies, and Cinemax. Without a doubt, Directv Satellite television is the place to be if you’re a sports fan. Offering an unmatchable selection of sports channels, they have programming viewers won’t find anywhere else. Get access to hot channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, ESPN Full Court and MLB Extra Innings. Great packages are available for every taste and budget, from movies, to music to sports.

Directv Satellite offers an incredible range of international programming, with more than 50 Spanish channels, and a diverse array of networks in Hindu, Vietnamese and Mandarin. Fans of European sports will love CricketTicket, which features the best of Britain’s beloved game. Direct TV offers a wide array of great international packages for viewers.

Subscribers looking for high definition television (HDTV) will find what they’re looking for here – Directv HDTV Offer. Direct TV offers a host of HD channels, including ESPN, Discovery HD Theater, and HD Net Movies. More than 100 HD sporting events are available each week. Nine HD networks are also featured, including ABC, NBC, and FOX.

In addition to exclusive sports programming and plenty of high definition options, Direct TV also offers XM satellite radio. They have the best in receivers and digital video recorders, and they offer award-winning customer service. With free tech support available 24 hours a day by phone, viewers can get help fast, anytime. Tune in today!

The top online Authorized Direct TV Dealer is USDirect. USDirect has the best deals available. These special free deals are only available online . The current special promotion includes a free DVR and a free Directv HDTV Receiver. This is a limited time offer! This offer will end soon. Switch to the best. Start now! Click here to find the best Direct TV Offers.

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When changing printer toner, one’s first priority is often getting the printer running as quickly as possible to finish the project at hand. But it’s best to slow down and take the time to follow necessary safety precautions.

While printer toner itself isn’t a health hazard, its fine powder in high concentration can be. This powder can stay in the air for quite a while, and is similar to dust when it comes to its effects on our body, resulting in irritations like sneezing and coughing. Add any respiratory conditions like bronchitis or asthma and these effects worsen.

How can this dust become airborne? You’d be surprised at how easy it is. Improper disposal of printer toner in waste baskets can quickly spread dust through the air. Machine spills can cycle through the ventilator fan. Over-filled waste toner compartments can overflow within the machine.

Some laser printer toners are considered carcinogens, or cancer causing, increasing the risk of those individuals facing extremely heavy and long-term exposure. Nevertheless, typical office and personal use is deemed safe.

So take precautions. Vacuum, don’t sweep or brush, spilled toner dust. Clean up desktops or surfaces with a damp cloth. Should toner get on your hands, wash them thoroughly and immediately with soap and cold water, which keeps your pores closed and protects your hands from becoming stained. Avoid any contact with your eyes or mouth, and never ingest. To play it extra safe, put the toner in a zipped plastic bag to avoid possible dust emissions.

If you experience shortness of breath or persistent coughing, stop working with the printer toner, if applicable, and get fresh air immediately. Then seek medical attention if your symptoms persist.

Since 1999, TonerDealers.com has been one of the largest toner resources online, saving customers up to 60% on nearly 4,000 unique toner and cartridge models everyday. TonerDealers.com offers a vast selection of toner cartridge products for your IBM, Dell, Cannon, Brother or Apple, Epson, HP, Samsung, Xerox, Lexmark or Sharp printer. We want to be your toner supplier for life, offering a full, 100 percent commitment to quality.

To shop for the best deals on printer toner cartridges, visit TonerDealers.com, today.
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Having your own Honda ATV is not merely your dream. You also extend the vision to make it appear the way you want it to be. Realizing this vision is very easy and fun. There are several ways to customize or look for the particular graphic kits suited to whatever style of ride that you would always want to maintain.

You can make your Honda ATV look just the way you want it. With ATV Graphics kits –Honda, personalizing your machine can be made possible. Yes! By just purchasing graphic kits for Honda, you can enjoy creating a unique design for your All Terrain Vehicle. It is always the nature of every rider to reflect his personality with the way he decorates his vehicle. Honda understands the individuality of each in the large audience; hence, a big array of designs can be found in the market today. Specialty shops can guide you get your desire kits. Nevertheless, it is still smart that you spend more time reviewing what you enjoy.

Honda has a never-ending attempt to come up with inventions in such a way that your interest is respected and regarded. One area of your interest that Honda puts in high priority is your excitement to redefine the appearance of your bike. You don’t just drive your ATV you make it appear cool and good looking. Positioning yourself as the driver gives you the privilege to have your machine personalized according to your own distinctive choice. ATV Graphics Kits – Honda answer this need.

Customizing your ATV gives you a secure sense of feeling since you know your ride is going to look exactly the way you want it. There are many ways for you to get the perfect graphic kits for your bike. Basically, it is smart to research the designs that are presently available. Your guess may be easy to complete as you browse on specific Honda graphic kits. For alternate sources, you can try to look into your local phone directory or you can as well browse the net.

You can really acquire by any means what you want in light of your personal preference of a pre-defined graphic kit or the fun of getting a personalized customization from professional detailers. If you are to be on any kind of a budget, then stay weary of the best deals.

Jan 162022

Beginning a hobby or career in real estate investing doesn’t have to be so
complicated or such hard work if you will only begin with what you have, right
where you are at this moment.

Look for someone who really needs to sell their home and solve their
problem. One of the fastest solutions if they are about to lose the house is to
take over their payments on a subject-to contract. By giving them some
walking money, they can afford to move and still have the cash to rent another

Then, clean up the property, lease it out to a future buyer on a rent-to-own
basis which is called a Lease/Option. You get to collect an up-front, non-
refundable deposit. Three to five percent of the future purchase price is a good
figure to shoot for. You can actually do this every month and make some
additional cash, or concentrate on this method as a full time lifestyle.

Have the renter/buyer sign a contract. You pocket the difference between what
you’re paying the original owner and the amount you’re collecting from the
new renter/buyer. The spread is higher on nice, expensive homes in great
neighborhoods, so don’t be afraid to search in these areas.

This is a good method of collecting extra cash flow every month. There is no
limit to the number of these deals you can do other than your time and effort.

Call on every ¡°For Rent¡± ad in the local paper and just ask if they would be
willing to sell the property in a couple of years if you sign a long-term lease. If
you get a yes, negotiate a fair purchase price, sign a contract and find a
renter/buyer. It really is that simple. Of course, you want to have a lawyer
check out the contracts on the first deal to protect both parties.

Try to get at least $150 more per month than you are paying. Also get a
minimum of $1000 above and beyond what you have paid out as the option
deposit. You don’t want to be working for free, do you?

Let’s look at some figures from actual lease/options. A couple were behind on
their notes because he lost his job, and she didn’t make enough to pay all the
living expense. The stress was causing marital problems and they wanted to
sell, but the house stayed on the market for six months with no takers.

They were getting desperate when a neighbor mentioned the situation to her
church group. One of the group’s members had a son who was looking for a
house that could be leased with an option to purchase in a few years. He and
his wife didn’t have a lot of money for a down payment, but they knew that
buying was better than renting.

After looking at the property, they decided it would be a perfect first home if
they could manage the financing. The couple offered $1000 as a non-
refundable option deposit, if the current owners would give them two years to
qualify for a new mortgage. The timing was right and the current owners
accepted the offer. The monthly payment they agreed on was $200 less than
similar house rentals in the area.

Both couples were happy and they signed contracts for the deal the next day.
The new couple didn’t even move in. They saw an opportunity to make some
quick cash and a good monthly cash flow, so they lease/optioned the house to
another couple for $5000 down with payments that were $300 above their

If this new couple closes on the deal in 1 year, they will have earned $5,000
up front and $3,600 over the course of the year in monthly cash flow. By the
way, the sales price was $12,000 higher than what they had agreed to pay the
original owners. Added up this equals $20,600 for just a few hours work.

These deals exist in every town in the world. You can do these until you build
up your bankroll and monthly cash flow. There are no geographical limits.
Travel the world doing deals, living where you please and life is no longer on
a budget.

Jan 142022

When my mobile rings at the moment there is a roughly 50/50 chance that it is some poor sales guy offering me a ‘fantastic’ deal on a new mobile phone. This annual ritual of advances and declines that takes place every July can mean only one thing. My mobile phone contract is due for renewal. In recent weeks I’ve had numerous calls, direct mail and e-mail marketing from various companies trying to win me over as a new contract mobile phone customer. To be honest, I would have been tempted just to roll over my current contract and stick with my mobile network provider had they themselves not shoved a deluge of frankly confusing ‘great deals’ through my letter box. I read through these and found myself without any clue as to which of the contract mobile deals would suit me best.

Perhaps I am becoming less intelligent by the day or is it just that the mobile network providers are vying for customers so hard that they end up confusing us with an ever increasing array of complicated payment structures? At around that time I decided to do things by the book. Firstly I dumped the direct mail in the bin and deleted messages from peaky sales centres. I then visited the website of Ofcom for advice on how to go about finding the best contract phone deals.

The information from Ofcom was simple and straight forward and gave me a good place to start. I made a list of my usage and lifestyle points to structure the basics of the mobile phone deal that I’d need. I then looked through previous itemised bills to find how much text messaging I was going and looked at other areas such as downloading and came up with a ‘package’ that suited my usage. The next thing was to go out there and find contract phone deal that matched up closely with my ‘package’.

So again I tried the web figuring it to be a little more unbiased than going through the more marketing focused communication channels. There was some good stuff online – lots of information from review sites on customer service of the major networks and reviews of handsets that proved pretty useful. This helped me figure out the handset I wanted and so I progressed to the purchase stage of my search for a new contract phone. In the end I went to an online reseller who deals with the major networks ad phone manufacturers. Their site had a tool which basically allowed you to create your own contract moblie phone deal with the handset and monthly payment structure that suits. I picked the handset that I wanted on the contract that I wanted and ended up with an I-Pod as a free gift into the bargain.

This is really the first time that I’ve used the web to compare product and services. I plan on doing it again – next up electricity and gas prices!

Jan 132022

Debt and credit cards have become an inevitable part of a modern UK student’s life. With graduate debt running at an average of over £13,000, it is easy to see the appeal of gaining the ability to spread the day to day living costs, putting them off until that high paid post college job appears.

Visit most University Freshers Fairs and it will be easy to find several different banks offering student financial services, alongside Virgin and Barclaycard student credit cards, all with low introductory rates, shopping discounts, free CDs, or other new gift idea.
Despite having a low irregular income and no credit history, students represent an ideal target for the banks. The reasons that students are desirable as new customers is that over their working lifetime graduates earn on average of £400,000 more than non-graduates UK, combined with the fact that once they have accounts in place, people are generally reluctant to switch to other providers, and so by attracting students early in their financial life, they are liable to remain with the same credit card provider for life.
Obtaining a student credit card can also be of great benefit to students, not only by assisting with the daily budgeting, but also by initiating the creation of a credit history that can be used to support future loan and mortgage applications. There are drawbacks however, and it is however important to be remember not to abuse these newly obtained credit facilities, as any credit obtained will always need to be repaid and building up a poor credit history can prove damaging to future finance applications.

It should be noted that students are not restricted to just choosing a student credit card, however as some standard credit cards do not require the applicant to maintain a minimum regular income, however there is generally little or no difference between the cards themselves, and the various free extras combined with the ease of obtaining a student credit card rather than a standard one, frequently make student targeted cards a better option.

With online fraud protection, travel assistance, online account management, 24 hour helplines and free text alerts set up to notify when payment dates are due, the beneficial reasons for students to obtain a card are numerous, and as long as care is taken to not over use the facilities and repayments are met, then a credit card can provide a useful flexibility for their personal finances.

An important point to remember whenever taking out any form of finance is to take the time to compare as many of the currently available deals that are available. With a little care and a simple check on the suitability and interest rates which will be payable, using free credit card comparison services like Moneynet can help to minimise the potential repayment costs involved in the future as well as maximizing the various benefits.


All information contained in this article, is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986.

You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.

Jan 122022

Everybody knows that planning a nice get a way can be very expensive due to the cost of gas, the time of year, the location and food. Here are some tips to consider before packing up and hitting the road.

Make Plans Online

Many travel websites, such as www.orbitz.com, www.expedia.com and www.hotels.com offer great deals in airfare and hotel. They also offer packages that include airfare, hotel and a rental car. Consolidating all these options into one package is cheaper than paying individually for them in most situations.

Expedia is now featuring a New York City summer vacation package offering airfare plus three nights at the Milford Plaza located within one block of 14 Broadway theatres for as low as $527 a person. You have the option to ad a 90 minute harbor cruise for $22.

Orbitz is offering airfare plus three nights in Montego Bay, Jamaica for as low as $522 a person.

Road Trips

Rent a vehicle: If your travel destination is cross country, it may be smart to rent a car. Renting a car is cheaper than the wear and tear you would have to pay on the vehicle you own. Many car rental places offer coupons to upgrade to larger and more comfortable vehicles.

Eating out: Having to eat every single meal at a restaurant on a road trip can add up very quickly. Try taking advantage of the complimentary breakfast your hotel may be offering. Also, when you are choosing restaurants, see if they have a discounted children’s menu if you are traveling with the family or daily specials.

Attractions and Theme Parks: It may be smart to take advantage of multi-day passes, which is way cheaper than buying single day passes each day. Universal Studios Orlando has a package that offers unlimited admission to both Universal Orlando theme parks for up to five consecutive days for two adults and two kids. A three day rental car from Dollar Rental Car is included in the package. This offer is available for $139 per adult. Also, if you have infants, bring your own stroller to these theme parks. Renting strollers can cost you up to $10 a day.

Purchases: Everyone knows when they bring their children on a vacation, everything they lay their eyes on; they want you to buy it for them. Set aside a certain amount of money for the kids to spend. If you do that, they will have to make tough decisions on what they want and will make them spend their money more carefully. As for you adults, why pay $8 for a cocktail pool side when you can purchase alcohol at a nearby neighborhood store? You can make cocktails in your hotel room and pour into a plastic cup to bring down to the pool.

Check out other attractions: You do not have to spend every minute of your vacation at a theme park. Try less expensive attractions. Go visit the local museum or take a tour of the city. Site seeing can sometimes be more enjoyable than sardine packed theme parks, plus they are a lot less expensive.

Jan 112022

The new Directv offer is absolutely free. While many of you must have heard that directv has covered nearly 94% of North America, it was not that just a free offer made everything possible. If you have an offer that gives you 250 channels instead of 235 (offered by nearest competitor) for 4 months and not 3 months – there is little doubt that any other offer is going to be accepted by consumers. But today’s consumers as well as those who have experienced satellite TV understand that any other form of television is outdated.

In a mad scamper for nearest technology one-up, it is natural that consumers will be dazed by the numerous offers. Today the average American in the satellite tv market in USA is facing the same situation but providing the latest in digital entertainment requires more than just a free offer. Satisfied customers of directv have been a trend and expert satellite has been lucky to have served so many within such a short span. Read what people like you have to say by clicking here.

As an individual or as a family what you want is more quality entertainment at a lesser price with service that should be the best…isn’t it? It’s that simple. Directv programming and directv owners understand that the need of the entertainment lover has not changed much but the taste bud for entertainment has changed a bit. This is why the directv offer has the best directv package offering 250 digital quality channels including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Sports Pack covering 30+ movie channels and 25+ sports specialty networks.

The best part about this package is that it is absolutely free for 4 months which means that you can pull out of it if you don’t like it after 120 days. It’s a different matter altogether that you wont do that! But as we said, free is not the thing people are looking at as directv deals with intelligent individuals who can seldom be fooled. If you ask any broadcast expert or satellite TV guru, he will say that HD rules the airwaves today. Yes, directv has managed to compress High Definition television into the satellite feeds so that you get crystal clear picture and better than CD quality sound FREE for 4 months. Is that possible? To know how click here!

Expert Satellite is one of the elite dealers of directv programming package and naturally installing directv package from 1 to 4 rooms has been a breeze. The free directv offer does not have hidden agenda like miniscule fine print, making it mandatory for you to pay installation fees. No sir! This is why installation with expert satellite, the preferred online dealer is fast, free and fantastic. With no upfront charges, hardware, software and cables are all supplied by the directv dealer. The only thing you need to have is a TV screen.

With direct tv HD programming superior picture and sound can be yours if you additionally install a better screen. This directv offer from Expert Satellite comes for only those serious customers who want to save $540! With the basic channel line up consisting of free directv entertainment, compared to other service providers – directv offers you monthly savings that go a long way in letting you watch the all important 55 pay-per-view events every month.

With that extra money saved, you can expect to never miss out on your favorite shows and events. The going just got better with Expert Satellite as when you sign up for this tremendous directv offer – the preferred online dealer gives you a $50 Amazon gift certificate immediately. What you have to do is simple – the way to 4 months free DirecTV’s best entertainment package starts with selecting the right system for your family. Then schedule a FREE Handling and Delivery coupled with a FREE Standard Professional Installation. Expert Satellite gives you the fastest install dates and then you are hooked. Don’t wait anymore, ask the Expert about directv!

Jan 102022

High prices of furniture and office equipment are the most common obstacles any start up or home-base business face. With the current trend of setting up home businesses, it is still important to maintain a degree of functionality and professional appeal to your home office. After all, clients might want to meet with you at your office and you surely don’t want them to see you slump in your kitchen chair. They may not want to close deals on the counter top or the kitchen table. They surely cannot wait until your city office has been fully set-up and furnished. Buying furniture is only a practical option if you intend to keep your business at home forever. But if you’re waiting for the set up of your true office and want to keep doing business at home for the meantime you might want to try furniture rentals, furniture leasing, and equipment rentals.

There are certain advantages to furniture rentals, furniture leasing, and equipment rentals. First, no large payments. You get to minimize expenditures if you only plan to rent the item for short periods. This is an especially good option for renting audio-visual equipments for home presentations or an extra computer while yours is still being fixed. Also, you can use top quality equipment for minimum rent. A high grade equipment which you could not normally afford for your own office can be rented for a fraction of its cost for a period of time. Second, you have the unlimited access to the machine or furniture for the period you rent it. You don’t have to worry about moving it in with you come relocation time or finding a buyer that can give you a good deal. Third, business usually get easier credit for renting or leasing an equipment than for purchasing it. Because the financing company or leasing company maintains the ownership of your furniture or equipment, there is a lower need for additional forms of security. This translates to higher acceptance rates.

When you consider buying larger articles for furniture or office equipment you risk incurring payments or loans amounting to thousands of dollars. This will put a huge dent on your credit limit. With the proliferation of furniture rentals, furniture leasing, and equipment rental shops in the market and online, renting or leasing furniture and equipment is a viable and practical option.