Sep 182022

Today, taking a cheap cruise doesn’t mean having to do without certain luxuries associated with cruise ship travel. In fact, these days, the term cheap basically means getting all the optional extras at a bargain price.

The good news for prospective cruise travellers is these bargain holiday deals are happening all the time and if you follow some basic guidelines, then your next high seas adventure could be just around the corner.

Finding Cheap Cruise Deals

If you are working on a budget then consider travelling during off peak times. These are the high demand periods when cruise lines don’t have any problems filling their passenger quotas and are less inclined to “slash” prices. Summer is a season when people are very much in holiday mode and more likely to want to travel. Concentrating on periods such as the end of summer and beginning of fall will more likely get you a cheap cruise deal that fits well within your budget.

It’s these times when companies are keen to fill their cabins so they offer incentives such as lower prices. The good news for you is that despite the cheaper fares, the quality of the cruise holiday is in no way diminished.

Planning Your Cheap Cruise

Some careful planning is required when looking for a cheap cruise. Obviously, consulting a travel expert is the natural inclination for most people and always a good option. However, more experienced travellers have used the internet to great effect in recent years.

There are no shortage of cruising websites to sift through online, all with the aim of providing you with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. One of the best features online is the alert features offered by some of these sites. Look for newsletter offers; you sign up for a regular newsletter at varying intervals and receive the latest bargain offers. Some sites even provide price alert features which means you enter details such as how much you want to spend, where you want to go and when you want to travel.

Cruise Line Updates

Cruise companies also offer services such as regular updates. As with third party websites, companies also provide information services which will keep you updated about impending offers. The point to remember is cruise lines in most cases will do their best, within reason, to get you on their ships because setting off from port with many empty cabins simply doesn’t make good business sense.

There are more cruise ships on the water today therefore more cabins to fill. Bigger ships and more competition for passengers among companies means better deals for you. Just remember, create a budget, sign up for price alerts, avoid high season travel and be flexible with your travel schedule and you’ll be surprised at the number of cheap cruise deals you’ll have to choose from.

Sep 142022

With the competition among mobile phones and their boosting sale, the demand for contract mobile phones has increased tremendously. This is mainly due to the fact that contract mobile phones have served users with a high quality network, various choices in tariff plan and handsets and all these in a quite cheap and affordable way. Realizing the vast benefits of contract mobile phones, the world’s leading service provider orange is now also offering contract mobile phone deal to serve your mobile phone needs in an economical way.

Contract mobile phones provided by orange is packed with features that will delight you. With this deal you can fulfill your desire of talking hours on phone without worrying about the bill. The tariff and call rates of contract mobile deals are quite low and hence you can easily control your monthly phone budget. Moreover, in many cases while signing this deal, the cost of the mobile phone will be deducted. This leads to a heavy fall in the total expense that you will have to incur.

Orange contract mobile phones are available with a lot of variety and choices for you. It allows you to choose from various mobile handsets and tariff plans the best that suits you. You can combine your favorite handset with the tariff and you will have the best in the cheapest way. Orange provides a lot of mobile handsets from different manufacturers with contract phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and many more.

The invention of online mobile shopping has made the whole concept of mobile shopping easy. Now you can access the net and get flooded with information. Orange also has its online shops where you can surf, compare, bargain and get the deal in minutes. This not only saves your time but also keeps your mobile shopping in budget.

Sep 132022

Mobile phones are the most amazing things to have happened to us in the past few years. Today, it has become almost impossible for us to imagine a life without mobile phones. Mobile phone manufacturing companies are bringing new models into the market each passing day. The latest mobile phones are very much sophisticated and stylish to tempt us. Simply purchase a mobile handset, you can use it as a camera, as a music player, as a web browser and what not!

Motorola, the pioneer in mobile technology has recently launched a gorgeous clamshell camera called the Motorola K1 KRZR. The handset measures 103 x 42 x 16 mm and weighs 102 grams. The external screen is a CSTN 256k Colour screen with resolution of 96 x 80 Pixels and the internal screen is a TFT 256k Colour screen with 176 x 220 Pixels of resolution. Camera feature is exceptional with 2 megapixels which comes comes complete with 8 x digital zoom and flash. The Motorola K1 KRZR is capable of recording high resolution video in MPEG4 video format. The built-in music player produces awesome sound effect with zero distortion. With the help of the dedicated music buttons, you can get direct and easy access to your favourite tracks. The Motorola K1 KRZR has got superb connectivity via USB, EDGE and Bluetooth. The handset supports Quad Band as well as GPRS and WAP. The phone comes with an internal memory of 20MB which can be further expanded using MicroSD memory card.

O2, one of the leading mobile network providers in UK is offering very good deals on the Motorola K1 KRZR in contract mobile phone deals, pay as you go phone deals and sim free mobile phone deals. If you are looking for the best mobile deals, it will be wise on your part to make some online search and find out the best mobile deals with an O2 connection to match your budget and requirements. Don’t forget to get a glimpse of their tariff plans before zeroing in on anything.

Sep 082022

A sophisticated and stylish mobile phone composed with the latest gadgets can become a mere toy unless it is being operated by a network provider for the proper implementation of its services. The users can access the services of mobile phone with the support of a service provider like messaging, downloading, Internet accessing and transferring of files and documents to other compatible devices. The users can access various service providers like Vodafone, Orange, Three Mobile, T-Mobile , Virgin etc as per their likings and requirements. The network providers have provided various attractive offerings and gifts to entice consumers. Subsequently, Three Mobile has become high-flying among the users of the UK only because of the lowest churn rate, better margins than its competitors and top ratings for customer satisfaction.

Three Mobile is the major mobile media company in the UK and it has operated in areas like communication, entertainment and information. Since inception, it has been aiming to become the leading network provider in the world. Half of the goal has been achieved since Three Mobile has become the largest 3G network in the UK and Europe. Moreover, the Three Mobile has consolidated its hold on eight countries with over 10 million customers. It has gained 3.2 million 3G customers in the UK itself after 32 months of operation.

Three Mobile has provided various valuable services to the users at extremely competitive prices. Besides, it can provide deals to minimize the phone bills that include pay-as-you-go, pay monthly mobile phone, contract mobile phone and so on. The deals have provided the users with some awe-inspiring offerings like 12 months free line rental, free SMS for a particular period, free roaming, free downloading, free mobile phone insurance and many more. The users can get Three Mobile service provider on all the leading brands including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola etc. The users can develop their mobile media skill by merely manipulating the features of mobile phones like mega pixel cameras, Bluetooth technology, WAP, Java, EDGE etc on Three Mobile.

Undoubtedly, Three Mobile in the UK has become an undisputed leader in the field service sector and the people have become more dependent on Three Mobile. It ensures you to keep up-to-date with technological advances.

Sep 062022

The mobile phone technology has evolved and enhanced our lives by making our life convenient and providing a medium to communicate effectively with our loved ones. Our busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules require us to stay connected with others. The latest handsets allow to capture special moments, listen to high quality music, browse the internet and lots more which we could not have imagined. Almost everyday a new mobile phone is launched in the market with a more advanced feature and function. All these latest mobile phones are incorporated with a number of user-friendly features and advanced capabilities. Capabilties of video conferencing and video telephony are not uncommon anymore. We have become so dependant on these sophisticated gadgets that our life would be mismanaged without them.

If you are looking for a mobile phone with an eye-catching design and outstanding features, online mobile phone shops are the best option. You just need to sign up for the best mobile phone deal and you get access to additional benefits. Enjoy innovative technology at your fingertips with cool new gizmos equipped with high-end features like hi-fi multimedia player, high resolution colour screen, expandable miniSD and microSD memory card slots and downloadable java games.

With the latest Nokia N-series, you can enjoy an advanced mobile photography. The Walkman series from Sony Ericsson are a perfect choice when you need an enhanced music experience.

Various online mobile phone shops cater to your ever growing demands for the cost effective mobile handsets with special offers. Mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola are competing against each other to satisfy the evolving needs of mobile phone users. Attractive mobile phone deals, cheap mobile phones and free line rentals are some of the highlights that online mobile phone shops offer.

In this world where mobile phone use is growing at such a fast rate, nothing is going to stop the mobile phone revolution.

Sep 032022

In the ever-growing increasing demand for mobile phones the world’s leading mobile manufacturing brand Samsung has always been in the good book of mobile users by giving much more than what people expect. The only reason that leads to disappointment is the price. But as Samsung mobile phones are now being offered with Orange networks, there is no need to worry about money. Orange Samsung mobile phones are available in great deal of variety and at cheap and affordable rates.

Samsung mobile phones are reaching a top-notch position in terms of mobile technology and style. Orange network also offers a range of latest Samsung mobile phones that are equipped with advanced features, multimedia, business and entertainment features. When talking about choice, you will get loads of variety with Orange Samsung phones to choose from. Mobile phones like Orange Samsung D600, Orange Samsung D830, Orange Samsung D900, Orange Samsung E900, Orange Samsung X820, Orange Samsung X830, Samsung D500, Samsung X680, Samsung E350, Samsung D600e and a lot more are available to satisfy you and get your favorite phone that you are looking for.

Orange Samsung mobile phones are a cheap and cost-effective deal to get. This is due to the reason that you get Samsung phones along with Orange connection and you do not need to spend any extra money for that. Apart from this, you can also choose from a list of contract deals starting from 6 months to 18 months.

If you choose to buy Orange Samsung phones from online retailers, you may get a chance to avail special discounts like 12 months free line rental, 11 months free line rental, bonus talk-time, free handset with connection and many more along with price deductions on the purchase. In fact going for an online shopping proves much more convenient and beneficial than shopping from regular retailers. Shopping for mobiles was never so easy. Go online and get your favorite Samsung phones anytime.

Aug 262022

If you stay in United States, you probably had heard of the satellite TV Company Dish Network. If you are used to Internet surfing, you might as well aware that more and more vendors are now selling Satellite-to-PC software that enables you to watch satellite TV program on your PC. These two services might seem unrelated to each other at first because one uses TV as broadcasting platform; while the other uses personal computer or laptops. However, both Dish Network and satellite TV on PC provide TV program entertainments. This makes the comparisons worthy as shoppers might consider alternatives (PC TV) over satellite TV (Dish Network); or vise versa.

The plus point on Satellite TV PC


Satellite-to-PC program is dead cheap! It takes less than 10 bucks for the set up. This set up fees are meant for the software download/install, hardware fees such as the purchase of computer system and Internet service fees excluded. The set up fees is for one time and consumer can enjoy the satellite TV program on their personal computer or laptop for the rest of the time.

On the other hand, Dish Network requires monthly subscriptions where subscribers are required to pay around $20 – $90 for their satellite TV program fees.

Programming choices

When it comes to programming choices comparison, satellite TV PC makes Dish Network deals vulnerable.

Theoretically, satellite TV on PC allows you to watch unlimited TV programs. Get satellite TV program from anywhere at anytime as there are no boundaries in the cyber world. Dish Network satellite TV in contrast has huge limitation in programming choices. You can only get the programming that you subscribe with Dish Network. There are around 250++ programming channels for you to choose but choosing more for your Dish Network packages means you need to pay more.

The plus point on Dish Network deals


Dish Network satellite TV systems are free if you are a first time customer. These Dish Network systems are granted with lifetime warranty by some of the Dish Network dealers. Latest Dish Network deals include free satellite v systems; free DVR; free DVD player; free three months premium channel subscription fees; free home protection plan upgrading; free installation and free shipping. As you can see Dish Network deals are quite bargains. Recent years these lucrative Dish Network deals had boost up the company subscriptions number. Check out more details on Dish Network free stuffs here:

Customer supports

Installation of satellite PC is not as simple as it said. Will things turn wrong during the set up process? Definitely! As satellite PCs were priced relative cheap, its reliability in customer services and after sales supports seems questionable. Does the price charged during the set up of satellite PC include after sales services? Who should we get help from if things got screwed up?

Then again, Dish Network, owned by Echostar Communication Cooperation, owns more than 12 million subscribers at the time of writing. Yes, it’s a big cooperation. Due to their large customer population, the company had spent millions on putting up their customer support team. Various kind of customer supports and after sales services professional installations, online website support, as well as 24/7 customer phone supports are offered.

Programming picture quality

Dish Network satellite TV provides top notch TV picture and audio quality. Further more, free HD and DVR upgrades give extra boost to home entertainment experience. It feels so real when watching satellite TV programs on a HD TVs that no other TV entertainment can overtake such kind of advantage from Dish Network.

Does satellite TV program on PC gives you HD picture quality? Does satellite TV program on PC are showed in high resolution level? The answers are both ‘NO’. Satellite-to-PC program are compacted before it sent to your PC. In order to send these signals smoothly and fast, the picture quality is normally reduced and the resolution of the picture size are normally shrunk during the compact process. In most of the time, you probably will be watching the satellite TV program in a 500 x 450 (px) window on your computer screen. Does that sound good to you? Definitely a big ‘NO’ for me.


So, Dish Network or satellite TV PC? The choice is up to you. In the end of day, Dish Network and satellite TV PC seems suit different type of customers and it’s only you in the world who can know which is better for you. We would recommend Dish Network for TV lovers; and satellite-on-PC for those who takes 15 minutes breaks for TV watching.

Pay as you go phones: Regulation or deprivation you need to decide

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Aug 212022

Pay as you go mobile phones face tough competition from their contract counterparts. And to be honest the contract deals are hard to resist. However, pay as you phones also serve their purpose and the number of pay as you go options available with mobile shops is testimony to the fact.

With nearly all of us owning a mobile, its imperative that these mobile companies sell to us. And it this compulsion that makes us king. And not to forget the “Prudence” of the average Briton. Mobile phone shops realize this and go the distance to sell us a mobile phone.

Go to any mobile shop and you would have pay as you go cards from vodafone,3 and all the other mobile companies.

Walk into any mobile phone shop and you would have a number of contract mobile phones available. Online mobile phone shops are full of these deals. If i could use an expression – “Cheap mobile phones are no longer a dream, they are a reality”.

The main advantage of pay as you go mobile phones is you pay as you go. You decide your pace and do not increase it for anyones sake. This is specially crucial when you dont earn and have no pace of your own!!!

And when you do not call.. You can own the latest handset for the sake of owning it however it makes more sense if you use it. I may just be old-fashioned though.

Pay as you go is a great way to limit your mobile expenditure. You know you would only make a certain amount of calls in a month so you buy that amount of talk time and pay monthly.

And if in one month you know you would make more calls , then you buy a card of a higher denomination. This is a great way to limit the mobile expenditure of your children. They stay in control and learn how to regulate their mobile expenditure.

Walk into any mobile shop and pick up the pay as you go of your choice. And remember to recharge your pay as you go else you would have no talk time to talk..

Why Productivity?

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Aug 202022

We choose productivity as the basis for success because it offers the greatest opportunity for a better work environment and a better, also lower, cost way of doing things. All but a very few organizations can benefit from improvements in their productivity.
As an example of the size of the opportunity available through productivity improvement, its cost reduction area dwarfs the size of the current rage, outsourcing. Outsourcing of certain functional areas can in fact be harmful to the reputation and effectiveness of the enterprise which does the outsourcing. This especially true of customer service applications.

That portion of the customer service function which deals with customer complaints is uniquely positioned to assist the organization to improve its ways of doing things. The complaints of the customer are often based upon poorly designed internal processing systems.

In the author’s experience as a full time consultant over a 10 year period, virtually every enterprise has the capability to obtain between 5 per cent and 25 percent cost reductions as a result of full implementation of productivity enhancement programs for existing systems.
There are two types of productivity improvement. The first is technology improvement. A very good example of technology improvement is word processing. Before word processing came into existence, the way a business letter was created was for the writer to write out the letter by hand, give it to someone to type, proof read, correct and return to the writer. The writer then proof read the letter again and then sent it out. With word processing, the writer prepares the letter on the word processor. After the word processor checks the spelling, the letter is proof read by the writer who thens prints out the letter and sends it out. Technology has made this task simpler and quicker.
Technology improvements most often appear as new products. Your systems have to be adjusted to incorporate the new product. Often this results in a hidden cost factor in adopting the new technology.
Large, well managed organizations, are very sensitive to the need to keep up to date with technical developments. They establish an information flow and communication system between the various business unit general managers and the technical disciplines. The technical disciplines have “subject matter experts” (SME) who are responsible insure that the general managers understand how the technical issues affect their business units. The impact could be to open areas for new product development. It could present competition. It could also offer opportunities to improve the production of existing products.
The communication between the general managers and the SME’s is proactive in both directions. This produces a cross transfer of concepts and ideas within the organization.

The second type of productivity improvement is a change in the way in which a function or process is performed which makes the function or task simpler or reduces the labor content of the task. An example of this type improvement would be to change a report layout of a warehouse pick ticket from item number sequence to physical location sequence. This change will require less travel activity to pick an order than the former sequance. In this instance we have made the task simpler and more organized to preform.

It is in the second example that we see the opportunities which are present in the vast majority of organizations. It is important to note that this kind of opportunity is within the control of the organization and as such can be used extensively as a management tool. These opportunities are often visible to the workers who are engaged in performing the various tasks.
Their observations can be converted to specific approaches which can improve the process.

The various skills and tools which we will be discussing here are all needed to obtain the data and present operational practices. Once that information is available, we use the same tools to develop and test the proposed new methods for the enterprise. It is because the tools and methods are missing from present curriculum that we include them in this discussion. The development of better productivity becomes more efficient when these tools are applied to this subject.

The missing elements are: work measurement theory and practice, budgeting, production theory and practice, and other skills which are mentioned as they are discussed.

Expert Envy

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Aug 062022

Experts have become omnipresent. They’re everywhere: on your favorite television show, on drive time radio programming, on blogs and internet discussion forums, between the pages of nationally popular magazines and your local newspaper. You can’t throw a dart, it seems, without having it hit an Expert on the way to the dartboard.

Why is this happening? What has motivated all of these people — financial planners and attorneys, floral designers and wedding planners, massage therapists and ear, nose and throat specialists — to take on the Expert mantle?

One reason:

Being the Expert is one of the most efficient, effective ways to ensure your professional and financial success.

This trend is consumer driven. According to Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, consumers increasingly demand that services and products be targeted directly to them. There’s a cycle of specialization at work, resulting in a public that wants experts for everything.

There are many reasons for this, most of which can be traced directly to media and communication outlets. The Internet is perhaps the most pervasive proponent of specialization. In Anderson’s The Long Tail, he says that “In an era without the constraints of physical shelf space and other bottlenecks of distribution, narrowly targeted goods and services can be as economically attractive as mainstream fare.” You can see this in action at mega-sites like that go out of their way to offer personalized ‘want lists’, ‘recommended titles’, and specialized deals based on previous purchases.

At the same time, there has been an explosion of cable and satellite television networks, each targeted to an increasingly narrow demographic. Where once there was a Home and Garden channel, there are now Fine Living, Do It Yourself, and Home Discovery networks, with rumors of more ‘shelter’ channels on the horizon. The trend is more pronounced in print media. ‘One size fits all’ magazines such as Reader’s Digest are still on the newsstand, but they’re being crowded out by specialty titles like Quick Quilts, The Italian Greyhound Magazine, and SciFi — a title devoted to those who watch shows on the popular Sci Fi Channel. Satellite radio shows are a new trend, with offerings for fans of Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey.

The public, fed a steady diet of Experts via the media, demands Experts for their own lives. After all, they’ve been told consistently that this is how things are supposed to work. At the same time, the public has demonstrated a willingness to pay a premium for expertise. Well-known Experts, no matter what field they’re in, command top dollar for their products and services. There are home decorating experts who make more money than the average neuro-surgeon, simply by capitalizing on their Expert status.

How do they do it?

Why does one financial planner labor in obscurity while another pontificates for Barrons? How do TV news producers know which attorney to call for insightful legal commentary when the events of the day merit it? What determines who shows up as a guest blogger or speaker at industry conventions?

While it’s obvious to see the benefits inherent in Being the Expert, it’s not always clear how one comes to be recognized as the Expert. This can lead to a condition known as Expert Envy, especially when you know that you’re as skilled, as talented, and as dynamic as the person staring at you from the TV screen.

Why are they in this position, enjoying the heightened visibility, greater profitability, and enhanced reputation, when you’re not?

It’s not mere chance. It’s not good fortune, a lucky roll of the dice, or being born into a family of media moguls — although all of those help! Experts aren’t born…they’re made.

Curing Expert Envy

The first step in eliminating expert envy is realizing that Experts are made. Logically, the next step is the realization that if the Experts you see surrounding you were created, then you can go through the same creative process: You can Be the Expert. In my book, Riches in Niches: Making it BIG in a Small Market (Career Press, May 2007), I discuss how you can achieve Expert status by becoming a Nichepreneuer™.

A Nichepreneuer™ uses their professional skills and experiences, coupled with personal passions, to serve a narrowly defined target market. Shrewd use of promotional tools, from media management to industry networking, help position the Nichepreneuer™ as an Expert — with all the benefits that entails. Voila! No longer are you envying that television pundit or industry guru — for you will be that person yourself.

There are four key reasons why you should consider becoming a Nichepreneuer™. These four reasons all have one thing in common: They all will help you achieve your business goals and objectives in the most effective, efficient way possible. Whether you want to become wealthier, gain the respect of your colleagues and peers, some degree of fame, or to simply have a little bit more of the success you have right now, becoming a Nichepreneuer™ can help you along the way.

Stunning, Stylish and Ultra-Sleek MOTOKRZR K1

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Jul 292022

Following in the footsteps of the revolutionary MOTORAZR phone, the new ultra-sleek MOTOKRZR K1 introduces a new standard of stunning style and innovation. The MOTOKRZR K1 is definitely a mobile for individuals who love cutting edge designs.

The stylish Motorola KRZR K1 is a clamshell mobile phone which has a tall & elegant look to its design. The MOTOKRZR K1 is coated with a toughened glass compound which is attractive & feels good too. The handset has an external colour screen which provides a screen resolution of 96 x 80 pixels & allows the user to view information external as well as internally. The internal screen is a TFT colour screen which has a screen resolution of 176 x 220 pixels & works as a viewfinder for the camera feature. The MOTOKRZR K1 pays resemblance to the Motorola RAZR V3 but the KRZR K1 is taller & slimmer from the front view & slightly thicker from the side view.

The MOTOKRZR K1 comes with an integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera feature which has a smooth 8 x digital zoom & MPEG4 video. With integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, the MOTOKRZR K1 lets you cut the wires and gain hands-free freedom from a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone. With optional expandable memory up to 1 gigabyte you can store and share your memories for a long time to come.

With music-on-demand services and an integrated music player, the MOTOKRZR K1 puts premium mobile music capabilities directly into your pocket. The integrated music player will allow the user to play the most popular music formats & enjoy a mobile music experience on their MOTOKRZR K1.

The MOTOKRZR K1 provides the user with up to three hundred hours of standby time on the battery & up to six hours of talk time. The phone supports EDGE technology which will provide a fast speed data transfer & Bluetooth™ technology which will provide a wire free connect between devices.

For more information about MOTOKRZR K1’s features and the latest deals, please log on to