Oct 162021

Personal payday loan provides financial assistance to an individual when his bank balance and savings are inadequate to meet the immediate expenses. They are basically a product of short term unsecured market fund.

Personal payday loans are designed in such a manner so that it can give financial support to an individual. And they get mature till his next payday. Generally, the term of payday loans varies from 15 days to 20 days but sometimes the lender can extend the term to the subsequent payday at the request of the borrower.

As said personal payday loan is the product of unsecured market fund, so there is no need to keep any collateral with the lender. Usually, the people not willing to place collateral or who are not in position to place collateral gets attracted towards personal payday loan.

Besides collateral, there are certain other factors which make an individual eligible for personal payday loan. They are:

•Regular employment
•Running bank account
•Identity proof
•Residence proof
•Post dated cheques

In Personal payday loans the lender doesn’t ask for collateral but in return of taking such high risk they charge high rate of interest. This is the also reason that why personal payday loans are known as expensive. As personal payday loan is expensive mode to satisfy financial needs so, it is suggested that it should be availed when the need is urgent.
Here, urgent implies that when there is no other option of finance is left.

Before availing personal payday loan the person must keep his eye open and consider all the clauses and terms of the loan deal. The person should ask the lender for loan quotes which will enable him to compare various offers of personal payday loan deals. Ensure that the loan deal doesn’t carry hidden cost because it increases the cost of the loan. The person should always try to avail the loan deal with low annual percentage rate which ease the repayments of loan.

Last but not least, take into account whether its repayments suits your pocket or not. Then only go for personal payday loan.

Personal payday loans are available to any person that is whether with good credit score or bad credit score. But, it is also sure that the person with good credit score will definitely be offered with competitive rate of interest as compared to the person with poor credit score.

Just to wrap up, personal payday loans are the source of fund in emergency need of finance when savings and bank account of person doesn’t support him.

Sep 292021

Instant loan approval, as the name itself suggests the loan with fast approval. As life being unpredictable, a smooth running life within the available financial boundaries is interrupted with certain undesirable situations which demand a sudden need of funds. Usually, the person gets puzzled that where to look for the source as the various loans in the financial market takes very long processing time. But, if only time matters then instant loan approvals are the best way to procure funds.

Instant loan approvals are known by different by different names, such as:

•Payday loans
•Cash advance loans
•No fax payday loans etc.

Instant loan are specifically designed to meet the financial emergencies. It can be used to pay emergency expenses such as car expenses, hospital bills, school fees, rent and many more as per the requirements.

Instant loan approvals are the unsecured loan in which there is no need to keep any collateral as security. This can be also considered as an opportunity for all tenants, non homeowners or the homeowners not willing to place collateral to meet their immediate expenses.

While applying for instant loan the person is required to fill an application form. The lender considers an application and if he finds it eligible for loan he approves the loan amount. And, the money is generally transferred within 24 hours. Applying through online also fasten up the process of approval. It is also seen that lender also gives priority to an online application as it involves low cost.

Now let’s come to the core of any loan that is, its interest rate and its repayment period.
Instant loan involves no collateral which increases the risk of the lender providing instant loan regarding its non payment. So in order to balance the risk the lender charges high rate of interest. Another point is, its repayment period, which totally depends on the terms of loan and amount being borrowed.

The person can still find a competitive instant loan deal through research. Research will help the person in locating the lender and then asking for loan quotes which are usually provided by lender at free of cost. The loan quotes also enable the person to compare the loan deals on the basis of the cost and the terms involved in them.

Instant loan doesn’t takes into account the credit score of person rather the lender only asks for certain proofs and post dated cheques which acts as security to the lender.

Can the Power of Now Be Combined With the Power of Intention?

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Sep 252021

For thousands of years the oriental spiritual masters have taught us to live in the now, accepting and being grateful for whatever comes into our lives because everything is for our own best (when seen in perspective maybe spanning several lives). They have told us to neglect the ego and to perceive ourselves as spiritual beings connected with the universal self. They have claimed that living in this “enlightened” state of consciousness we would be permanently happy and blissful and during centuries it has proved to be right for a number of people who have achieved this spiritual level.

In the western world people have had another philosophy. For many centuries they had the idea that (to a great extent) earthly life was generally a pain and that they had to suffer in this life to be rewarded a life in eternal bliss in paradise (if they behaved good according to certain laws of morality) or to suffer in eternal pain in hell (if they behaved bad according to these moral laws). On the other hand this earthly life was very different from people to people, from class to class. During the last centuries, however, there has been a growing tendency to think that a person to a great extent can create his own future (either by hard work and talent or by visualizing and dreaming – or maybe by a combination of both).

Especially in the 20th Century the idea that the mind is a big creative power was becoming more and more accepted. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique is now generally used in the self-help and coaching environment. It is also widely accepted in sports as well as in business.

To me it seems that the oriental and the western world are showing two contrasting paths to happiness: A spiritual path setting aside the ego and trusting the universal spiritual power or (as I understand NLP) a practical path using the ego (at least as a creative partner) to establish and reaching dreams and goals for the future.

Therefore I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out which method is the best (if any), or if it is possible to combine the two. Being born and educated in Denmark (which is probably quite similar to the rest of the western world) it is difficult for me to imagine my life without having any dreams or goals. I do recognize that it is possible (at least for some people) to achieve “enlightenment” but I am not sure that I am ready yet.

Of course there are certain risks in the western way:

1. If you do not fulfill your dreams or reach your goals you may be unhappy!
2. When you have reached one goal maybe you are only happy for a short time because you are busy trying to reach the next one.
3. We all encounter other types of personal problems that has nothing to do with fulfilling dreams and reaching goals (like a loss of family members or friends). Can we handle those with NLP?

It seems that the oriental way deals with the above risks which indicates that the “enlightened” state is a desired state to achieve. But are we able (or even willing) to give up our total thought system? If not: Is it possible, then, to combine the oriental and the western method in a balanced way? Can we keep our dreams and goals but still enjoy the moments and be grateful and happy for the goals we already achieved?

SaleHoo – Secure and Tested Methods of Payment

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Sep 192021

Are you a business owner and looking for a source that would offer you an opportunity to deal with the best distributors & wholesalers of the product you deal in? Would you like these wholesalers and distributors to offer you the products you desire, at affordable prices?

If you have answered in a ‘yes’, you just require contacting SaleHoo. We feel extreme pride in endorsing that we have carefully designed a comprehensive wholesale directly, especially for you. We also guarantee your satisfaction and appreciation via this cutting-edge directory.

As a customer you would be expecting certain things from us and we respect your feelings.

SaleHoo is ardently dedicated to get you acquainted with the best, legitimate and authentic wholesalers and distributors that would sell you only original, best quality and brand new products at affordable prices.

Believe it or not, we genuinely offer our customers, an opportunity to emulate their competitors with style and full confidence of emerging out as winners.

You must have many a times faced security problems when dealing directly with Chinese suppliers.

The basic reason is that one needs to make payments via Western Union and Wire Transfer in such deals. These methods do not have any security encryption system for their customers.

With SaleHoo, you don’t have to worry about the privacy and security of your payment deals. We have taken special care as far as security concerned with payment methods.

Most of the suppliers, we deal in; use secure and tested methods of payment such as pay pal and credit cards. These methods reduce the risks associated with payments online. Visit SaleHoo and you would know the reason why most entrepreneurs have trusted us for years.

Avail the best opportunity to be in contact with the best wholesalers and distributors, buy products at best prices and order as less as one unit.

SaleHoo is always at your disposal to satisfy your specific business requirements.

Save time!!! Go online!!! Bad Credit Personal Loans Online

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Sep 182021

Earlier when internet was an alien word for many borrowers, it takes lot of time and energy of them while looking for loan lenders. It is not possible for them to visit each and every lender personally. The outcome of this is that they go for whatever loan deal comes in their way without thinking about better alternative deals. But with the emergence of internet in the loan market, this time consuming process is now just a matter of few clicks. Bad credit personal loans online is one such form of loans which are available on internet.

Being a borrower with bad credit you might face problems while looking for finances in form of debts. Bad credit personal loans online can be the key to open the doors of finances for you. Bad credit personal loans online offers both secured and unsecured form of financing. You can choose between any of them according to your circumstances through the internet.

Bad credit personal loans online can be used for fulfilling any of your desires or requirements. Some of these requirements can be buying properties and assets for commercial and non-commercial reasons, traveling around the beautiful places of the world while enjoying with your family, expenditure on wedding of your children, health and education expenses.

Bad credit personal loans online can also help the borrowers in recovering from their bad credit simultaneously clearing off all the existing debt through consolidation of debts. This ensures that instead of paying so many debts at variable interest rates, you have to make single monthly repayments. This saves your money and you will be able to manage your finances in a much better way. This also enhances your credit score.

Characteristics of bad credit personal loans online:

• Easy and convenient way of raising capital.

• Available to people with a bad credit history or poor credit score

• Low interest rates as compared to other form of financing

• No upfront costs involved

• Free online quotes available

• Free comparison tools

• Debts and repayment calculators along with budget planners and repayment tables to provide a better understanding to the borrowers.

• Online application form

• Safety of the personal details provided by the borrower through data protection act 1998

• Faster application process

Applying for bad credit personal loans online

To apply for a Bad credit personal loans online you need to fill a simple application with required details. These details are: Name of the borrower, address and contact information, residential status and employment details, loan amount required and an idea of your credit score. If you are facing any difficulty while filling the form, always feel free to contact the lender you may be dealing with. After getting your application lender himself will contact you with further proceedings regarding bad credit personal loans online.

Now Loans Don’t Cost That Much with Cheap Secured Loans

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Sep 022021

Secured financing has always been the choice of borrowers as it is the easiest form of financing available for the borrowers under the title of cheap secured loans. The word cheap is used here as these loans are at very low rates in presence of the security. Security gives the lender, the assurance for getting back his money and he act liberally towards the borrower offering him easier terms and conditions for the loan. The security or collateral here can be the home of the borrower or any other valuable asset.

Cheap secured loans are all purpose loans giving you the freedom to use the loan amount the way you want. These loans serve you with amounts ranging from £5000 to £50000 which you can use for consolidation of your debts or enjoying your dream holidays, buying properties and conducting home improvements, buying automobile or bearing any other personal expenses. The repayment period for cheap secured loans is quite longer with easy affordable repayments. Even if now you are facing any difficulty the lenders are ready to talk and act flexible regarding terms and conditions.

With large number of cheap secured loan lenders, you have so many options to choose from. But beware many of them can be frauds who can misuse your innocence and unawareness. To save yourself from such fraud it is better for you to only go for trusted lenders with a sound history in the loan market. To get good deals in cheap secured loans you can take the help of the online option where large number of free loan quotes is available for the borrowers to study and compare with the help of online comparison tools. The online option keeps the borrower updated throughout the application process and even at the time of repayments.

Cheap secured loans are easily available to people with bad credit and gives them a chance to recover their score with timely repayments. But beware…missing repayments could lead to lose your collateral as well as can adversely affect your score making future borrowing more difficult for you. To avoid such situations it is always recommended to determine your repayment capacity and circumstances before choosing any amount to borrow.

The application process for a cheap secured loan is quite simple with online application form, reduced paperwork and faster processing. The total time for approval depends on the collateral valuation after which the loan amount gets approved and you are ready to fulfill your wishes with cheap secured loans.

Tips for Getting Started with a Jewelry Business

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Aug 242021

Many families need a second income or some extra cash and starting a small home-based jewelry business is a good option for some folks. Like anything else, it takes work. But this author has helped hundreds of people in the beginning stages of their ventures and can tell you without hesitation that it is possible. This brief article outlines some of the considerations you should think through prior to making a significant investment of time and/ or money.

First, it is important to have a good plan. A formal business plan isn’t necessary unless you aim to get a loan or investors, but the plan should be thorough, especially in the financial section. The bottom line for most of us is: can I make a profit doing this? How long will it take to turn a profit? And, is this worth my time? Below I have outlined a few key factors to think about while devising your plan. I want to be clear that this is just a guideline, not a “how to” since everyone’s circumstances is different – what may work for one person may not work for another.

1. Why do you want to do this?

Is this something that you want to do for strictly for the money? For the thrill of starting something from scratch? Because you need to make extra money to pay your bills? Etc. The answer to this question will create the context you need to think through your plan. For example, if you want to start a jewelry business because you absolutely have to have extra money to survive – that consideration will limit your choices greatly because you will need to make decisions that lead you to a quick profit.

2. Market & Products

What do you plan on selling and why? Think about whether the jewelry or other products you intend to sell are right for your intended market. Diamond jewelry is probably not the right product for a flea market! Some good ‘off-line’ venues that I have used include:

Craft fairs and outdoor festivals — generally in the summer time. You can usually get a table at these events for $20-$50 for the day. You will want to have a good selection of inventory; if you do you can usually gross anywhere between $150-$400 (based on my experience). Your sales will be directly related to your quantity of inventory.

Winter bazaars, church sales, holiday festivals — Oct-December. Check the local paper. Many churches have these annual events and tables are pretty inexpensive. These events are nice because people come to spend $ on gifts.

Home-based jewelry parties. You can host an event yourself, or have a friend host it and give her some free stuff as compensation. I like to have a good friend or relative host – that way I am pretty sure they will follow through. Ask your friend to invite her friends, relatives, etc. for the party. You provide some light snacks and bring all your stuff. Again, people come to buy and you have no competition! If you get people to one of these you will make out pretty well, and you don’t need to have as large a selection. I have made up to $1500 in an hour and half! Typically, I’d gross $300-$500 in a pretty short time.

Flea markets– usually in summer and holiday season. These can be boom or bust. It depends on whether, traffic, etc. Generally people at these want to spend very little, so the low-end stuff sells best. Good place to experiment since the tables are usually only $20 or so. I know people that go to the same flea markets every week and do very well with lots of repeat customers.

Store/ mall-cart. This is a much bigger leap since the overhead is so high compared to the above venues. I have done neither so cannot offer any good advice in except to plan really well and consider all the costs involved.

3. Where will you get your inventory?

This is the place you will need the best research. Unless you are selling in large volume, you will probably want to get a markup of about 3 times (what you paid for inventory). The lower the price you pay for your goods, the lower the price you can offer your customers/ the more profit you will make. You will always save more when you buy in bulk, so look for a supplier you can form a long-term relationship with who can give you good deals, service and selection. Buying a large quantity now may seem like a big expense now, but the result is you make more profit on every single item you sell.

The more you spend the more you save. Find a few good suppliers and see what sells well and who is willing to work with you. Find suppliers who provide good service and are committed to your success.
Buy off ebay- many people buy stuff at good prices then just re-sell

Search the web for other silver jewelry wholesalers.

Search the web for manufacturers. Most are in Asia. And you will get the best deals this way – but you are going to have to spend $3000+ to get the best prices and give yourself 6 months to find the right vendors, get your inventory and develop a relationship. It seems simple, but trust me, the cultural differences alone will add 3 months to the process! Unless you need 20+ designs of each design you order, or actually want to get a mixed batch of random leftovers that you will not see in advance, this is not a great option for most small businesses.

4. Is an online business right for you?

I make a living through my website. My business is successful because I:

• Have an efficient system to manage business operations

• Provide excellent service

• Have several great, inexpensive sources for products – suppliers that I know well and trust 100%

• Purchase a high volume of jewelry each month (enabling lower margin on each item)

• Spent time researching/ testing products and marketing strategies and learning about ecommerce

As I said, everyone’s situation may be different, but this is what works for me. I started about 6+ years ago part time, and within about 6 months had a full time internet business. I never expected it to work out this way, but it’s still going strong. Now it is much easier to get started from the technical side — the major auction sites offer good services for beginners and there are products out there to manage your business. You can even start a fully-functional ecommerce website without knowing any html! It is the “systems” that are the key factor for me. I have a system for inventory, a system to communicate with customers and a system to manage the fulfillment and customer service process. Most of my systems are computerized but I always take the time to get to know my customers in person when I have the opportunity.

5. … Is an offline business right for you?

Many folks are intimated at first by the whole ecommerce thing. The truth is an off-line business can be just as successful. Unless you have a lot of capital you want to start off (and continue!) with low overhead. So, you don’t need to go out and buy a store front! You can start by buying a small amount of inventory and testing the waters.

Try selling to friends and co-workers

Host a jewelry party (or better – have a friend host it) and invite a lot of people. I once made $1500 in an hour an a half! Typically, I would make about $400 or so in a couple hours.

Rent a table at a craft show (summer fair or church bazaar around holiday time). Tables are usually only $20-$40 for the day.

Get a spot a flea market

Put stuff out at your or your friends garage sales. It really works!

My advice is until you really know your market and have a handle on your revenue stream, start small. This way you are not going to lose much, if any, money.

6. Business licenses, TaxID numbers, merchant accounts, etc.

Check with your state to see what is required to do business. My experience is that it is very simple. You can get a TaxID, which takes about 1 hour and you can do it by phone, and this enables you to buy inventory without paying sales tax. But keep in mind that most vendors will be out of your state and will probably not charge sales tax anyway. In this case most vendors may not even need a TaxID. In terms of taxes, you can file under your TaxID or your social security number. If using your social security number and keeping the business under your own name, I do not THINK you need a TaxID, as long as you claim all your income appropriately. If you plan to have a business checking account you will need a TaxID number.

As far as I know you do not need any special license to sell retail. But you should contact your state tax office to get all the paperwork you will need to remit sales tax to the state. You are required to collect sales tax on retail purchases (most internet companies only charge sales tax to customers that live in the same state as the business). And at the end of the year, you have to pay this tax to the state.

As your business grows, it’s a good idea to take credit cards, especially for online businesses. Nowadays this is pretty easy. I get about 20 offers a day via email to setup merchant accounts and accept credit cards online. Do a search on google.com and you will find hundreds of places to do this for you! The cost is about $25/ month + $200-$300 setup fee. Another option is to use only a PayPal account. The account is free to setup. Get a paypal account regardless of what you do because it’s essential!! I’d say 50% or more of online shoppers now, and 80% of ebay customers have paypal accounts.

+ I am NOT an accountant! This information is just based on my experience and may not be accurate.

Dealing Your Debts – Bad Credit Debt Consolidation

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Aug 222021

It is very easy to make the repayments for a loan which you can easily afford. But if you are handling more than one loan of such types it becomes a trouble. With large number of creditors to your account the situation becomes worse to handle. Bad credit debt consolidation loans are for consolidation of all of your existing debts including the unpaid credit card bills or loans taken by you in the past which you are unable to handle with your own resources.

Bad credit debt consolidation loans

Bad credit debt consolidation loans can basically be defined as the debt at low rates to clear your existing debt which you are paying at higher rate. The difference between the interest rates for both of these debts is the benefit for the borrower. One more benefit is that calculating and paying to too many creditors is a difficult task involving calculations for interest and making separate payments.

Bad credit

Bad credit arises when you fail to make your promises to repay the debts on time. A credit score below the mark of 500 is considered as bad credit score. You can know your score from credit rating agencies namely Experian, Equifax and Transunion by paying certain.

The amount and presence of collateral

Borrowers with collateral can get amount ranging from £5000 to £50000 for a period of 5 to 25 years depending upon the amount. Those who are lacking collateral need not to worry as they can borrow amounts varying from £1000 to £25000 with an unsecured bad credit debt consolidation loan.

Banks or private lenders?

Banks don’t consider bad credit holders for any form of loans. So the only and the best option for a bad credit holder lie in the form of a private loan lender. They will serve you with the best deals available according to your circumstances. These lenders are always ready to talk to you if you are facing any difficulty regarding the repayments or the interest rates etc.

Where to look for?

Bad credit debt consolidation loans are easily available through online websites where you can fill your details and requirement to get the deals matching your criteria. You can compare these deals or loan quotes with the help of loan calculators to find the best among them. Further you can fill a simple application form with the desired details to get the assistance from the lender.

A bad credit debt consolidation loans can end all your tension you are facing while dealing with your numerous debts and creditors along with your bad credit score.

Your Asset Can Help You Get Cheap Secured Loan Online

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Aug 212021

Could you ever imagine putting a security can get you loans at so much cheap rate? Yes, if you own a property, you can easily fulfill all your prolong dreams true. This is possible only with online secured loans which can get you a handsome amount of cash in a very short time.

Cheap secured loans are available against collateral. If you have a property such as your home, car, real estate, jewelry or any other valuable asset, you can put it against the loan and get money in cheap rates. This is because if you put collateral, the lender becomes secured about his money that it’s not at risk. If you fail to repay the loan, the lender can repossess your home and get his money back.

Cheap secured loans can be availed easily if applied online. Online borrowing helps you to first of all explore various loan deals through various lenders available online. This gives you an opportunity to choose and select the best lender among all which suites your requirements and repayment capabilities. This way you can get loans at further cheap and affordable rates. Online borrowing is also easy to apply. You just need to fill an application form available with the lender. This form will ask you about a few details regarding the collateral, your identity and residential proof, employment details and credit check etc. Once you submit the application form, the lender will quickly get back to you and transfer the loan in your bank account.

Online secured loans are also available to bad credit holders. If your credit history has suffered from arrears, defaults, County Court Judgments, bankruptcy etc, you will get cheap secured loans at a further reduced rate. This will not only help you fulfill your requirements but also improve your credit history as you will be able to make prompt and timely repayment.

With a Cheap secured loans, you will be able to get a loan amount ranging from £3000-£75,000. The loan amount can even extend to £100,000 if you put a higher value collateral. The repayment term of these loans is also easy and flexible and usually varies from 3-25 years.

Cheap personal loans can meet various needs such as purchasing a car or a house, paying medical bills, meet wedding expenses, go on for a holiday, business purposes, home improvements and so on.

Its time now to realize your dreams and fulfill them with cheap secured loans. Apply online and get further benefits.

Ways You Can Use To Achieve Fitness In Muscle Sculpting!

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Aug 152021

It is everyone’s dream to achieve a perfect body, however achieving that seems to be an uphill task for some. And besides there is no such thing as a perfect physique. However, we can still make use of the powerhouse exercises to considerably build muscle sculpted physique. One good advantage of using the “Powerhouse” is you gain a very sculpted physique without adding too much stress to your system such as the bone joints and cartilages.

Muscle sculpting is a means of achieving fitness by replacing the original body with curves, natural strenght, and lines. There are many ways of achieving this, these ways are through dancing, exercises, aerobics, strenght training, endurance etc. Just as i mentioned earlier, the Pilate Powerhouse machines is one instrument used for also churning out a stunning physique.
While you are doing your Muscle sculpting exercise, special attention should be paid at areas such as the small and large muscle groups in your system.

You will also consider things such as your diet, learn all about sculpting, types of exercises, and types of muscle sculpting adapted to different bodies. The muscles are our vigour, strenght, and force. The muscles give us sturdity and weight, strength, might, and movement abilities.

If you can afford a monthly subscription in the gym, hence the gym can give you all the equipment you ever wanted. Keep in mind that gymnasiums often run monthly specials, holiday’s specials, and so on. You can get all the deals, hence, it can get you started to working in achieving a Sculpted Physique. For now, you can begin working out at home.

You can take long walks, jog, run, skate, ski, bicycle, swim, and so forth to strengthen the body. In fact, swimming is ideal for building resistance, endurance, strength, energy and more. Swimming is one of the best exercises since it works the entire body. Walking is also good, since it too works the entire body. Bicycling will promote joint strength, strength of muscles, and will augment the energy. You can also use bicycling as resistance training, especially if you ride up hill, or in areas where you have to use additional strength to pull the cycle.

What’s the deal?

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Aug 132021

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though everyone is designing, developing or implementing deal registration programs. It seems deal registration progressed from an innovative idea to increase visibility into partner sales and increase partner profitability to a program must have in the last 6 months. Ross Brown from Citrix summed it up with the statement – if one vendor has an effective deal registration program – all will.

What is deal registration and why is it so important?

In short, partners can register new deals with a vendor, be guaranteed some early vendor support during the sales cycle and, most importantly, receive additional margin points when successfully closing the deal.

What used to be seen as a process to increase visibility into partners’ influence within the sales cycle and to increase partner profitability, now helps validate the resources applied to influence partners and is seen as a vital way to minimize channel conflict – either direct to channel or channel to channel conflict.

Gateway’s deal registration program, for example, is aimed at minimizing the direct sales team’s conflict with channel partners. The program defines specific rules of engagement for registered opportunities. For example, if the account is not on the Gateway named account list and the Gateway direct sales force is not engaged, the opportunity will be registered to the partner and Gateway direct sales will not complete. If the account is on the named account list or the direct sales team is engaged, Gateway will disengage if the opportunity is greater than $20,000 and the partner can demonstrate a strong relationship with the account.

Cisco provides a good example of the second reason deal registration programs have become so popular, minimizing channel-to-channel conflict by providing additional sales margin to the partner that generates the demand. The goal is to help the partners that are making the market and driving demand to stave off competition from the higher volume, lower value-add channels that simply offer a lower price point. The reseller registers the deal on-line and the Cisco channel organization verifies the deal is an incremental opportunity. Once the deal is approved, the partner has 6 months to close it and receive an additional margin discount.

In talking to several solution providers, they had mixed feelings about deal registration programs. Don’t get me wrong, they love the extra discount — to either be competitive in a deal they have been massaging or to take to the bottom line. Still, the additional administrative work can be overbearing. Consider an example of a small regional reseller working on a dozen deals a month — with a half dozen products involved in each solution.

Now that we’ve addressed some of the reasons and challenges of deal registration programs, here are 5 key elements of effective deal registration programs:

1. First and foremost the goal is to motivate behavior, so a sufficient discount or reward is imperative. The typical motivator has been money in the form of back-end rebates or additional margin points for the deal. The back-end rebate is much simpler to manage, but it is slightly less of a motivator than providing additional margin to the deal before it closes. This is simply because sales people typically hate administrative work and are often compensated on a percentage of the overall margin of a deal. Thus providing additional margin opportunity will motivate them more than the back-end rebate — as the sales person may never see the rebate dollars. The rebates are often simply added to the partners’ bottom line by the CFO.

2. It is also very important to define and communicate the partner eligibility and purpose of the program. For example, deal registration may only be available to the top level of solution providers registered in the partner program — the elite or premier levels — or to deals over a specific size, for example, over $10,000 in the vendors’ products. The purpose of the deal registration program might be to track opportunities in specifically defined verticals or within a specific product category. We see these specifics playing an important role when the purpose of the program is to accelerate the promotion or sales of a new product or shift the partner’s business engagements to a solution focus.

3. The third element clearly defines the qualification required before registering the opportunity. This ensures a partner doesn’t simply register every company from the yellow pages. It is important to clearly articulate the partners are registering a specific opportunity, not a customer. Thus the registration should include information such as the department and a specific solution to resolve the business need. For example, one partner may be working on a networking deal at Stanford University Medical Center and another might be working on security — both leveraging Cisco products. The registration should be more detailed than Stanford University Medical Center IT. Also, to ensure there is an active opportunity, the deal registration criteria might include specific’s on the customer sales cycle.

4. Along with defining partner eligibility and the opportunity qualifications, most deal registration programs also define a specific timeframe within which the opportunity must be closed. This depends on the product and solution sales cycle, but often we see a time window of 6 months. It seems that most companies — Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, BEA — believe the sale should close within 6 months of registration. Many programs also allow one extension or renewal of an opportunity that did not close in the 6 month window, effectively providing registration for a year.

5. Our fifth key element is a simple and efficient registration and approval process. Typically, the process is automated with a web based form for the partner to input the opportunity, electronic workflow through a database and email to acquire the necessary approvals and rapid communication of acceptance or denial of the pending opportunity. The most elegant solutions are fully automated through a partner extranet; however, many vendors are still effective with some manual intervention by the channel sales managers.

One of the most important aspects of the system implemented to manage the deal registration is a guarantee there will be zero leakage of information — either to other internal sources or to other partners. The goal of a deal registration program and process is to encourage a particular partner to communicate

Orange SPV M3100: An Effective Connected PDA

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Jul 282021

Orange mobile phone network is amongst the few mobile service providers whom you can count upon for getting efficient mobile services and the best mobile phone deals. Orange offers various mobile products in the form of Orange contract mobile phones and Orange pay as you go phones.

Orange SPV M3100, a virtual connected PDA, is available on contract directly from Orange. Orange contract mobile phones allow you to have this latest handset for free with some of the specific Orange tariff plans. The black and silver finish of SPV M3100 can attract anybody and despite its heavy looking body, the M3100 still looks stylish and modern. With a slight extra weight at 178g including SIM, battery and memory card, the SPV M3100 is still comparable to the most Windows Mobile devices available in the market.

Based on the popular HTC Hermes design, SPV M3100 offers dual 2.3 mega pixel and CIF camera, 128MB SRAM, T-Flash card and Internet Explorer Mobile, sliding keyboard and 5-way jog wheel. Orange SPV M3100 offers you the usual features of Windows Mobile programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Media Player. But, the absence of Pocket MSN may hurt those who want to use MSN Messenger on the move. Orange SPV M3100 is a quad band GSM phone allowing you to use it anywhere in the world. It also supports HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) that provides you a wireless broadband-like downlink speed on Orange mobile network.

Orange SPV M3100 can be ideally described as an organised and tidy looking handset. You will find a quantity of buttons all over the M3100, but still the keypad looks organised and uncluttered. The 240 x 320 screen hides a four-way navigation pad beneath it. There is also a dedicated video call button for the sake of easy differentiation from voice call buttons. At the top of the screen, there are buttons to launch your email client and the web browser.

Smooth Travel With Own Conveyance – Personal Vehicle Finance UK

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Jul 262021

Traveling on your own in your own vehicle is the best means for transportation for any of the person. It gives you the freedom to travel the way you want. You need not to stand in long bus queues and wait for taxis…..just start your vehicle and make your way towards your destination.

Personal vehicle finance in UK is a preferred form of financing when you are going to buy or upgrade your own vehicle and need to get it financed through loans. With low rate of interests these loans are easy to repay for a common borrower. These loans are secured with the vehicle itself so you don’t have to look for collateral while applying for such financing.

The car dealers in UK are large in numbers offering you several deals some at better prices, some giving your free accessories, some with free vehicle insurance or any other offers. You can search for such deals and select the one which meets your requirements and also is reasonable to you. You can also negotiate with the vehicle dealers to get better deals.

Personal vehicle financing not only serves to buy a new or used car but can also be used for bearing other expenses on your existing car such as paint work, upgrade of engine, repairs and servicing, purchase and installation car accessories such as music system, power windows and steering, safety air bags, new seat covers or any other modifications. You should determine and plan your purpose before applying for personal vehicle finance in UK to ensure the efficient usage of the loan amount.

The next step is to look for the lenders. Personal vehicle financing in UK is available through banks and online private loan lenders. But online private loan lenders are the first choice of borrowers as they offer much better financing services as compared to banks. The benefits here are:

•Better interest rates

•Flexible terms and conditions

•All information at one place i.e. on your computer through loan websites

•No upfront fees are involved

•Free online quotes, comparison tools, debt and repayment calculators, budget planners and other such helpful instruments.

•Application form is quite simple ensuring reduced paperwork and quicker application process

Presence of security allows the bad credit holders to easily apply for the loans. These include CCJ’s, defaulters, IVA’s, arrears covering a wider segment of borrowers.

With all such wonderful features to offer you, personal vehicle finance in UK is the best option to get your vehicle financed with.

Tips for Finding Discount Cruise Deals on Bermuda, Alaska and the Caribbean

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Jun 302021

Have you ever wondered why so many people around the world are choosing cruises for their vacation? Perhaps it’s because you can relax and stay unpacked while traveling from port to port. Perhaps it’s the fabulous food, Broadway-type shows, and dancing ’til dawn that fills the minds of potential vacationers. Or maybe it’s a little bit or a lot of everything, as fascinating ports of call always seem to be just a day or two away.

Do you think that such a vacation is reserved for the wealthy and is completely out of your price range? The truth is that cruises are now competitively priced and are financially appealing to even the tightest budget, as all meals and entertainment are included in the price. But you also don’t want to pay any more than you have to. Whatever your vacation needs and financial situation, you’ll need some tips finding and picking out the best discount cruise deals to Bermuda, Alaska and the Caribbean.

Tip #1… Always use the Internet, that’s where the best deals are. As with nearly everything else, competition yields the best price. Nothing has increased competition more in recent years than the World Wide Web.

Tip #2… Find a good site with wide selection of the cruises you want to take. Even if you have already chosen your destination for this particular voyage and are merely searching for the best price, a site with a large selection of both will not only be able to get you the best price this time, but for any future cruise objectives as well.

Tip #3…The more flexible your schedule is, the better deal you’ll get. If it’s possible for you take your cruise during one particular week instead of another, you’ll most likely be able to get a better price. This is due basically to cabin availability during certain times of the year when cruise ships aren’t filled to capacity, compared to the times when everyone wants to get on board. So if possible, be flexible.

Tip #4… Being open to different destinations will help you get a lower price. Maybe the cruise to Hawaii can be put off for a few years if you’ve find the price of a lifetime on a voyage through the Panama Canal, or you found a great deal in the Caribbean this year, so you’ll take it this time and go someplace else on the next.

Finally, you need to take into consideration the fact that while cruising to your location of choice, your means of traveling from one place to another is part of the illustrious experience. There is no need for you to pack and repack your belongings and trudge them to the airport to visit another nearby locale, for your cruise will most likely stop at a pleasantly surprising location or two along the way.

Eating Can Be An Adventure – Keep It Interesting, Simple, Healthful, And Fun

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Jun 212021

I have been preparing my own meals for many years. Like most people, I suppose, I would fix only familiar dishes.

That has changed. For health benefits, I began eating more fruits and vegetables, including some that were unfamiliar. I tried many foods that were new to me, for example, whole grains, and various types of beans, seeds and nuts. Many of those became favorites.

I began to more often use unfamiliar ways to prepare food. A few of my favorites are pesto (pureed greens and oil), raw foods that are normally eaten cooked, and unusual combinations such as bread with peanut butter, covered with pizza sauce. Eating became more interesting, more enjoyable, and more of an adventure.

The circumstances of my life encouraged more changes. Making do with a small amount of money gave me a liking for oatmeal, beans, and other very low-cost foods. Growing up on a farm and having a garden each year provided new fruits and vegetables to try and enjoy. Having been raised to ‘waste not, want not’, helped me not to pass up unusual foods: gifts such as my sister’s ‘beans ‘n’ greens’, the landlord’s pierogies, and my son’s homemade deer jerky. The point is: The changes in my diet gave me more foods to enjoy. I now know that I can like a great many unfamiliar foods. At first some of those foods may not be enjoyed because they are so different and are unrecognized as a ‘goody’. For me, that recognition is typically made gradually by many small trials. Once that recognition is made, the food ‘hits the spot’ and can be nutritious, healthy and convenient. Then I have yet another food to enjoy.

The process of trying new foods and having them become enjoyed fare, makes eating an adventure. Eating becomes more interesting and more enjoyed. Meals become more than a time to enjoy what I have enjoyed before. Awareness is heightened by experiencing the unfamiliar. There is anticipation of discovery of a new enjoyment. Meals become pay-off times of previous experimentation efforts. The food is more appreciated for having creative effort invested in it. Perhaps I have gained a health benefit, saved some prep time, saved money that can be used for some other purpose, and have added to my repertoire of pleasure.

A cookbook will give you ideas about what new foods to try. A recipe book about a particular ethnic food or some other unfamiliar category of food would be particularly helpful. Buy one or get one from the library. Some ethnic categories are Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, African, soul food, Southern, and Mexican. Other categories are health food, quick and easy recipes, weight loss diets, vegetarian recipes, and using food from the garden. You might even enjoy some obscure categories such as pioneer/early American food, Native American food, wild food, early European food, food from storage, and low cost food. I particularly like quick and easy recipe books.

If you need help becoming comfortable with trying new foods, try small changes:

– Eat breakfast foods at lunch or supper. Or try a vegetable at breakfast. If you normally have a sandwich at bedtime, have a salad instead.

– Try different brands from the ones you normally use.

– Leave out one or more ingredients from your standard recipes. Or change the proportions – a little more of this or a little less of that.

– Substitute a similar ingredient for a usual ingredient, for instance, orange juice concentrate or lemon juice instead of vinegar on a salad.

– It may help to eat smaller portions but include a greater number of foods at each meal. That may help you develop a liking for variety.

– Try unusual combinations such as cooked chicken and raw fruit cut in small pieces and mixed together…or pizza sauce on a peanut butter open-face sandwich…or a teaspoon of honey or pancake syrup on a dark green, leafy salad.

Salads are great to experiment with. Many vegetables can be enjoyed in a salad. Try various amounts and combinations of carrot, cabbage, broccoli, bell pepper, cucumber, or other vegetables you enjoy. Use other types of greens: romaine lettuce, Bibb lettuce, collards, mache, mustard spinach, kale, and basil. Dressing can be just oil, pesto, tahini, pasta sauce, peanut butter softened with oil, and even jam or jelly.

The subtle flavors of many vegetables are easily hidden with anything more than tiny amounts of vinegar or lemon juice. Try a salad without any dressing to enjoy the full flavor of the vegetables. The vegetables can be proportioned to subdue or enhance particular flavors – use less basil to lessen its pungent flavor, use more carrot to boost its flavor and texture. Other salad ingredients can be nuts, peanuts, coconut, cereal, raisins, whole wheat flour, baked beans, sugar, and fruit.

Use small quantities of an untested food to begin with until you know how well your body deals with it. The body will adapt to some foods over a period of weeks or months but results vary from food to food and, I suppose, from individual to individual. A couple of years ago eating one spear of raw asparagus was more than I could tolerate. Now I can cut up two ounces of raw asparagus and add it to a salad without any problem. Any food has limits; it’s just that raw foods tend to have more immediate penalties for exceeding the limits.

To develop a liking for a new food, eat it at the beginning of a meal when you are most hungry. Being hungry greatly improves ones ability to appreciate the taste of a food. Eat only a small amount of the new food at each sitting. For some foods, a tiny bite, just enough to sense its flavor, is enough to handle at first. Don’t give up easily on a food that at first seems too strange to be enjoyed. Some foods will require dozens of ‘get acquainted’ trials.

Other strategies for liking new foods:

– Read about nutrition and health to know the benefits of a changed diet.

– Make a decision to increase the pleasure in your life. Your success in enjoying new foods will encourage you to try other kinds of new pleasures.

Have reasons in mind to try unusual foods:

– to be able to enjoy healthy foods.

– to enjoy low-prep-time foods.

– to use what you can grow in your garden.

– for the satisfaction of acquiring new pleasures.

– to increase your enjoyment of eating.

Know why liking new foods is difficult. This is the know-your-enemy principle. It seems to help me. People have an instinctive protection against eating toxic foods. Nature has provided you with mistrust for new, unfamiliar food. If the food is enough different from what you are used to, it will not be immediately liked. This is a necessary instinct that keeps you from poisoning yourself by eating the wrong mushroom, for example. Evolution along with chemistry eliminated the gulp-down-anything individuals from our gene pool. The little-by-little taste-developers survived.

If it’s the sugar, salt and spices you depend upon to enjoy food, other flavors will go unappreciated. To help your fondness for new foods come easier, ease up on spices, salt, and sugar. That encourages your taste to appreciate a greater variety of flavors. You then can more appreciate the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, the sweetness of raw pumpkin, and the sweetness of sweet potatoes, for example. You can enjoy the mild flavor of raw chestnuts, the richness of nuts, and the subtle starchiness of cereal grains. Your palate will be more adept at experiencing the pleasures of subtle flavors. A great many foods that previously seemed mostly tasteless, can then be enjoyed for their unique flavors.

Your enjoyment of strong tasting food will also be helped by reducing sugar and salt use. You will be switching from depending on saltiness and sweetness to getting pleasure from a greater variety of flavors.

Finding new foods:

– Browse at a health food store, a farmers market or an ethnic food festival.

– Take the time to look at all the items at a local supermarket.

– Browse at local ethnic food markets: Middle Eastern or Greek, for example.

– Try raw foods, whole grains and other unprocessed foods. Typically, they have more texture and flavor. These foods are higher in fiber and so produce more intestinal gas. Limit portion size to reduce gas production. Load up when gas will not be a problem. I allow myself to pig-out at a before bedtime meal. If the meal is low in calories, that large meal doesn’t keep me from having a good night’s sleep.

– Use native plants foraged from lawns, fence lines, and woodlands; and growing as weeds in gardens. Know what you are doing, there are poisonous plants that resemble edible ones. A few plants are toxic even when eaten in small quantities.

– Do your own cooking. Restaurants have menus that appeal to a majority of people, not to people wanting something different. Even the person who cooks for their own family may be unlikely to prepare other than familiar and popular food.

– Have a garden, if you have the time and space. Every year I can try out new recipes and a new vegetable or two. Otherwise, take advantage of the variety the large supermarkets offer.

A few unusual recipes can be found at www.leisureideas.com/easy-recipes-unusual-recipes/index.htm