May 202024

Nokia N70 is not just a mobile phone. It helps you do a lot more than simply stay in touch. The phone allows you to capture high resolution images through its powerful 2 megapixel integrated flash camera and 20x digital zoom. You can even adjust the brightness, image quality, self-timer, white balance and color tones. Music lovers can enjoy their favorite full MP3, AAC, Real Audio, WAV format songs. Apart from that the phone also features the latest Visual Radio, messaging, Java applications, high speed connectivity through integrated Bluetooth®, USB Pop-Port™ interface, infra red and remote over the air synchronization.

The latest Nokia N70 is also equipped with Microsoft Office®, supports WAP 2.0 XHTML / HTML, EGPRS and GPRS, JavaScript 1.5. You can enjoy high speed internet and browse web pages whenever or wherever you are. It is believed to be one of the best mobile handsets for both your home and office. The Stylish look, sleek body and the cutting-edge features of Nokia N70 is bound to capture one’s mind.

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May 142024

Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase anyone makes. Although high house prices may initially discourage the first time buyer first time buyers will always be a favoured client for the mortgage lenders and estate agents. Here we give you some tips on buying your first home.

The interest rates are at their lowest for more than 30 years. Lenders who want to secure your
mortgage over a long term are keen to win your custom and offer particularly good deals for first time buyers. Sellers too are always keen to secure a deal with a first time buyer because your purchase does not depend on anyone else and therefore the likelihood of the sale going through is very high. If you set up an agreement in principle With a mortgage lender before you start viewing properties you are in effect a cash buyer and are in an excellent bargaining position.

The first step to buying your first property is to know how much you can borrow. Lenders usually agree to three times the first income or if you are buying as part of a couple, three times the first income plus the second income, or two and half times the joint income. However it is sometimes possible to borrow four or five times your salary. You can approach lenders yourself or you can enlist help from a financial adviser. This is usually a free service to you and by using someone who is experienced you may find the process less stressful.

When you know how much you can borrow be sure you can afford the mortgage repayments, the costs involved in buying a property and the costs of running a property.

Costs you will need to budget for when buying your first property include a deposit (normally 10% payable when the contracts are exchanged), stamp duty (1% if the property is between £125,001-£250,000; below this figure there is no stamp duty), a valuation fee to your lender (variable depending on what type of valuation you choose), your legal fees including local
searches and disbursements (around £500) and moving costs (variable depending on whether you use a removal company or are able to move yourself). Once you are in your new home you are likely to need some funds for furnishings and decoration.

You will also need to consider the costs of owning a home. These vary according to your home and area. Common bills are council tax, maintenance, buildings and contents insurance, amenities (to include electric, gas, water and telephone). If the property is a flat or apartment then there may be service charges. Also insurances such as accident, sickness, life are available though not obligatory.

Buying your first home is exciting as well as a big responsibility. If you are ready to make the big step, then good luck! To find your new home go to – the UK Property Search Engine listing around 900,000 properties from 1000s of estate agents.

May 042024

There are many people who want to make a career or want to be an amateur in real estate investing but they remain clueless of what to do or what steps am I suppose to follow to be one. It is not that difficult to be one you can start with whatever information you have and right from the place you are in today.

Simply look for people who really want their property to be sold and try to solve their problem. If any person is about to loose their property then the fastest solution to it would be take over their payments with the help of subject-to contract. You can also provide them with some walking money that will help them in to move to another place and that they will be having some cash with them to rent another home.
Then you can clean up the property, you can use lease/option under this you can lease the property to future buyer on a rent-to-own basis. With the help of this process you are able to collect a non-refundable deposit. Now even if you get four to five percent of future purchase price it certainly is a good price to go for. You can continue to this till the time you feel to follow it or till the time you find it profitable.

And not to forget you must have the renter or the buyer sign a contract. Now in this field the amount you get depends completely on you as it is the difference between what you are paying to the original owner and the amount you are collecting from the new renter or buyer. This is a very nice way for collecting extra cash every month. And the profit also depends on the property and the place property is located at. And also there is no limit to such deals it depends on you that how many deals are you able to take up at one time if you can put some extra effort that will help you in earning more profit.

Try and give your ad in every possible local paper. Through your ad look for the people who are interested in selling their property in a couple of months or years and sign a long term lease. If you get a positive response to your ad then try and negotiate with a practical purchase price, and then sing a contract and start you work for looking a renter/buyer. In all this procedure you must also contact a lawyer who can help you making all these contracts and can also help you in making fair deals.

So now you have almost all the important points which are required to start a career in this profession. So move ahead and go for what you have been planning for.

Apr 302024

If you are reading this article then you already know the importance of
choosing a competent surgeon to carry out a delicate procedure like corrective
eye surgery, the results of which you will have to live with for the rest of
your life. The popularity and increased availability of laser eye surgery
has meant that there is now a dizzying array of centers and surgeons around to
perform your surgery. While all the competition means that prices are
lower than they were ten years ago, all the advertising and hype can make it
difficult for you to decide where to go to have your surgery.

So how can you be sure that the person you choose to perform eye surgery on
you is going to do a good job and not leave you worse off?

The best thing you can do is: Do Your Homework!

What does that involve?

– Don’t just choose a surgeon based on cost. As tempting as it may
be to go with the lowest eye surgery quote or the first one that you get, you
need to shop around and be confident that you have made the right decision, a
decision you will have to live with for many years to come.

– Be
cautious of gimmicky advertising. As any ethical doctor will tell you,
medicine is an imprecise science and there is no way that an outcome can be
guaranteed so steer well clear of eye centers advertising ’20/20 vision or your
money back’ or ‘package deals’ or any kind of advertising which sounds too good
to be true.

– Read as widely as you can. Seek
out websites that have information on lasik eye surgery and other types of
corrective eye surgery and study the information material provided by your
surgeon, including the patient handbook provided by the manufacturer of the
device that will be used to perform your procedure.

– Find out why type of surgery will best suit you – research for
yourself what type of surgery is likely to be of most benefit to you so that
when you sit down with a doctor you will be able to gauge their level of
interest in your wellbeing versus the likely financial gain for them by the
suggestions they make. However, if you visit with several doctors and they
are all recommending the same procedure even though it is more expensive than
you had thought your situation warranted then you will need to take their advice
on board. But if one doctor out of four suggests you have a higher priced
operation than you think you need then you will know that they are probably not
the right doctor for you.

– Research the types of laser devices suited
to perform your surgery as well as doctors experienced in the procedure.
There is a range of laser devices available on the market and the results you
can expect vary from one device to another. Surgeons often tend to
specialise in a particular type of eye surgery so ask them how much experience
they have in performing the particular procedure you require.

– Trust your instincts. If everything lines up but you just have
a feeling that your chosen doctor is not right for you then listen to your
instincts and find someone else.

– Once you find a doctor that
you are happy with, be sure to raise any concerns that you may have and make
sure that they are able to answer to your satisfaction. If you feel that
they hedge around a question or aren’t being completely straight with you then
question them further or find someone else who is prepared to deal with you
honestly. Your surgeon should be willing to discuss their previous results
with you, and in particular how their results compare to those outlined in the
device manufacturers handbook.

As is stated above there are no guarantees when it comes to medical
procedures. But that doesn’t mean that you should just select the cheapest
doctor or the one that has offices nearest to you. Your vision is
important and so too is your choice of surgeon. Do your homework and
choose wisely.

“Sorry, What’s Your Name Again?” – Six Steps to Relieve the Most Common Memory Worry

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Apr 222024

If you live in fear of forgetting prospects’
names, sometimes within mere seconds of
being introduced to them, you’re not alone.
Surveys show that 83% of the population
worries about their inability to recall
people’s names. Ironically, while most of us
hate having our names forgotten or
mispronounced, the majority of us claim we
just “aren’t good at remembering names” or
putting faces together with names when we
meet people again. If you have difficulty
recalling names, you know that the two most
common scenarios are forgetting the name
instantaneously upon being introduced to
someone new, and failing to recall the name
of someone you’ve met and interacted with in
the past and should know but just can’t pull
up from your memory bank. Forgetting names
becomes more than just an embarrassing
social faux pas in sales. Straining to
recall a name can so preoccupy you that you
are unable to fully pay attention to your
client or prospect. He or she may perceive
you not only as unfocused and easily
distracted, but also as not very bright if
you’re unable to devote your full attention
to him or her. Even worse, if you forget the
name of a client with whom you’ve worked in
the past, he or she may view your memory
lapse as a betrayal of trust, which can cost
you a great deal of money if that client
severs the relationship.

Integrating Learning Styles to Improve Name

While common, this frustrating phenomenon
can be relatively easy to overcome when you
commit to taking steps to improve your
memory. The most important key to really
effective learning of any kind is
understanding that there are three learning
styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic
(physically interactive). The more you can
apply all three of these styles to a task,
the more quickly and solidly you will learn

Practice each of the following steps to
improve your name recollection in every
sales and social situation. 1. When you’re
first introduced to someone, look closely at
his or her face and try to find something
unique about it. Whether you find a
distinctive quality or not is irrelevant; by
really looking for a memorable
characteristic in a new face, you’re
incorporating the visual learning style. And
a word of advice: if you do find something
that really stands out about someone’s face,
don’t say anything! Within minutes of
meeting someone new, it’s generally a bad
idea to exclaim, “Whoa! That’s a huge nose!”

2. The next step utilizes both auditory and
kinesthetic learning styles. When you meet
someone, slow down for five seconds, and
concentrate on listening to him or her.
Focus on the prospect and repeat his or her
name back in a conversational manner, such
as “Susan. Nice to meet you, Susan.” Also
make sure to give a good firm handshake,
which establishes a physical connection with
the prospect.

3. Creating a mental picture of someone’s
name incorporates the visual sense again.
Many people have names that already are
pictures: consider Robin, Jay, Matt, or Dawn
to name just a few. Some names will require
you to play with them a bit to create a
picture. Ken, for example, may not bring an
immediate image to your mind, but a “can” is
very close. Or you might envision a Ken
doll. The point is not to create the best,
most creative mental image ever, so don’t
get caught up in your head during this step
of the process, thinking, “Oh, that’s not a
very good picture. What’s a better one?” The
worst thing you can do when learning is to
stress yourself out and overthink the
process. If an image doesn’t come to you
right away, skip it and do it later. You’ll
undo all of your good efforts if you’re
staring dumbly at your prospect, insisting,
“Hey. Hold still for a minute while I try to
turn your name into a picture!”

4. Once you’ve identified a mental image
that you associate with a person’s name, the
next step is to “glue” that image to the
person’s face or upper body. This bridges
that gap many people experience between
being able to recall faces but not the names
that belong to those faces. If you met a new
prospect named Rosalind, for example, you
might have broken her name down into the
memorable image of “rose on land.” Now you
must create a mental picture that will stick
with you as long as you need it and pop into
your head every time you meet her; this
should be something fun, even a little odd,
that will bring “rose on land” to mind when
you see her face. You might imagine her
buried up to her neck in earth, with roses
scattered around her, for example. Because
you created the image, it will come up next
time you see her and enable you to recall
her name.

5. At the end of the conversation,
integrate auditory learning by repeating the
prospect’s name one more time, but don’t
ever overuse someone’s name in an effort to
place it more firmly in your mind. Use the
prospect’s name only right at the beginning
of the conversation, and then again at the
end; if you feel like you can do so
naturally, you might insert someone’s name
once or twice in a natural fashion during
the course of the conversation, too. But if
you’ve ever had a stereotypically pushy
salesperson use your name a dozen times in a
five minute conversation, you know how
annoying, even weird, this can be, so don’t
overdo it.

6. Writing is a form of kinesthetic
learning – you’re getting a part of your
body involved in the learning process – so
if you’re really serious about wanting to
remember people’s names for the long term,
keep a name journal or a log of important
people you meet, and review it periodically.

Forget Me Not: It’s the Effort That Matters

The most important thing to know about this
memory process is that even when it doesn’t
work, it still works! For example, if you
get stuck trying to make a picture out of
someone’s name, skip it for now. The next
day, when you have a chance, give the matter
a few minutes of concentrated thought. If
you still can’t get a picture, stop and take
up the matter a week later. Even if you’re
still unsuccessful at creating a mental
image, you’ve thought about the prospect’s
name so much, there’s now no way you’ll ever
forget it! So you’ve actually accomplished
what you set to do in the first place.

People can’t remember names for one main
reason: they’re just not paying attention.
This process forces you to think. If, for
example, you struggle with the step of
creating a mental picture, the other steps -
looking at the prospect closely, shaking his
or her hand confidently and repeating the
name a few times – are easy to do, will
solidify the name in your memory, and will
ultimately convey a positive image of you to
clients and prospects. That positive image
will certainly make you memorable to
prospects, enabling you to close more deals
and increase your bottom line.

The Search For That Trusted Mechanic

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Apr 212024

It is best to look for that mechanic that you think would and could work on your vehicle best. The search for that trusted mechanic should start not only when you feel like your vehicle may already be experiencing problems. You should start locating that mechanic as soon as you may have thought about buying a car in the first place.

You see, a mechanic could assist you out in many deals. Since he or she is considered to be one of the experts when it comes to automobiles, the mechanic could help you out find the right car for you as well as share with you some tips on keeping your car in tiptop shape and at its best condition.

Friends could be sources of information on mechanics. You can ask your friends for recommendations on mechanics. Of course, you should ask those who already have cars. Or you can also ask colleagues or even your relatives and family. Those with cars could assist you well for they already do have experiences when dealing with mechanics and the kind of attitude their mechanics might have. Or you can also ask people in your neighborhood about mechanics. They could help you out find a good one. Try to have a list of those mechanics recommended to you and choose those that you think would do the best kind of service and repair for your vehicle.

Once you do have a list of mechanics that you can choose from, automobile experts suggest that you visit these mechanics. Check if they do services for your vehicle. You can also ask the Better Business Bureau to see if the shop which the mechanic works on has complaints. You would not surely want to have your car worked on with shops that have complaints filed against them.

For Lincoln parts and Lincoln accessories, you can check out Auto Accessories Giant.

For Hassle Free Business Loans Try Online Business Loans

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Apr 202024

With the arrival of internet and the other services it has become easy for many people to carry out their operations with relatively higher amount of security. The same applies to the banks and their banking services the people can now apply for loans online and can the wide variety of benefits and services.

Taking a business loan can be a complicated affair, which is why it is always advisable to go in for the Online business loans to avoid all the disturbances that can possibly arrive. With an online business loan the borrower can eliminate many constraints and avail many benefits such as:

• The online business loans are approved quicker than the loans applied for, in other ways.
• The online business loans applied for keep the data of the borrower confidential.
• There are many borrowers which are available online which provides a borrower with a number of options.
• With so many creditors, the borrowers can get terms which suit them rather than the creditors. This includes terms such as the rate of interest, loan term, and monthly repayments.
• People with bad credit history generally prefer the online creditors so that they can best deals as far as far as their loans as concerned.

Evaluating all this we can say that with online loans there is only one winner and that is the borrower.

Turning to the aspect for which the loans are taken. Online business loans have proved very useful in providing a base for a lot of businessmen, with the gamut of their features. The online business loans may be taken by the business man for the following reasons.

• An online business loan can be taken for starting a new business.
• An online business loan can help a borrower in expanding his current business operations. This process may include buying new plots of lands or buying new assets.
• Business loans help the businessmen who do their business on credit and therefore, can use loans as working capital.
• Business loans can be used as the bridging loans as well catering many requirements.
• These days many a people start getting into debts with small debts with business loans we can also use them as the pay day loans.

That is not all with the online business loans the borrowers have other benefits as well. The borrowers have an option of applying for the secured as well as unsecured loans. Along with many fringe benefits.

If business is your concerned area and you have no finances to go ahead with your operations then if you qualify the best option for anyone is that of online business loans.

Create a Commercial Real Estate Empire by Specializing in One of These Commercial Properties

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Apr 102024

There are many types of commercial properties available to those who work in the commercial real estate industry. Many people like to work in a specific area by working with only one or two types of commercial properties. They do this because they have expertise with that specific type of property.

Commercial properties differ more than in just their appearance and use. How you purchase, sell, operate, manage, evaluate, and price each property can be very different. Although there are some similarities, being an expert in one or two properties can greatly increase your ability to analyze good deals and maximize your profit potential. When you know the inside and out of the processes that take place with a certain type of property, know what hidden things to look for, and what mistakes to avoid, you are less likely to run into problems, and will generate positive, long lasting results.

Let’s look at the main commercial properties that you may already be involved with, or are thinking about moving into.

The first are office buildings, or office parks. The term office can be used to refer to floors, parts of floors, an entire building, or an entire office park with multiple buildings positioned in a community type setting. Office space is used for a variety of reasons. It can be used for actual offices for companies, or it can be used for places of business operations, or to meet a tenant’s specific functional and technical needs. An example of this would be an office building for medical purposes.

Office buildings can be segmented into three basic levels. The first is low rise, which has fewer than 7 stories above ground. A mid-rise has between 7 and 25 stories above ground. A high-rise has more than 25 stories above ground. These buildings are often rented by the square foot according to the total useable square feet available to the tenant.

The next type of commercial property is retail property. These are places of business where products and services are provided. There are many types of retail properties which include big boxes, outlet centers, strip centers, regional centers and power centers. Each of these has distinct characteristics that differentiate one from another. Business owners can better choose where they want to lease by identifying their product position, where the best location is, and the type of retail center that will best sell their products and services.

A big box is a large, free-standing building that is often much like a huge warehouse. They can often be found near major shopping centers and along major corridors. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Target are all example of big boxes.

Outlet centers are usually located in tourist or rural locations, and the businesses there offer their products and services at a discount. Strip centers are consecutive narrow parcels that have a variety of stores. They are often found along main roads and commercial corridors.

Regional centers are characterized by an enclosed, inward orientation of the stores. A walkway or common area connects the stores that offer a variety of products and services. There is usually a large, common parking lot found along the perimeter of the regional center.

Power centers are areas of business where large retailers, including large discount centers lease out the buildings. Category killers can also be found here. These are companies that offer a large selection at low prices. Ross, Mervyns, and Kohl’s can all be found in power centers. Think of the one stop place to shop retail center, and you have a power center.

Any of these types of retail centers can be chosen areas of specialization for an investor, developer or builder. This gives them a competitive advantage in the commercial real estate industry because it is the only thing in which they concentrate their efforts. You can bet there is not one thing that can pass by these people when it comes to retail centers, and they know exactly how to maximize their resources.

Industrial and warehouse properties are the next category of commercial property where you will find freestanding properties, research and development, large manufacturing, as well as industrial park properties.

Freestanding industrial properties can vary greatly in construction type, design, and overall function. They stand alone, and are usually occupied by an end user, so the building is specific to a special purpose.

A research and development property is characterized by having office space and manufacturing on the premises. You can find them most often near universities, and close to other locations of professionals.

Industrial parks are large, planned developments that can be used for special scientific and technological use, or sophisticated communications uses. They have many buildings for mixed-purpose or a single purpose that are scattered in an often functional way.

Industrial buildings and warehouses are crucial to a city’s economic development, and cities often provide tax incentives when jobs are provided and new companies are brought to a city, especially to one experiencing rapid growth.

Multi-family property is another type of commercial property in which you can specialize. They offer huge opportunities to create value. A multi-family property is not considered a commercial property unless it is greater than 5 units. Duplexes and fourplexes are not considered commercial properties, though they can be a great investment. The larger the apartment complex, for example more than 100 units, the more money you will be able to return on investment. These multi-family units have living space, appliances and amenities. Multi-family units can range from low-end to luxury type units.

The last type of commercial property is raw land. Raw land is characterized by untouched land with no improvements such as utilities and roads. It can be the most difficult property to involve yourself with; however, it can return the greatest results.

Whichever property you decide to specialize in, only begin a new project in a new area with a person who has lots of experience. You can learn a lot from someone by using this strategy. It will give you a solid foundation to do the next project on your own. This partner or associate will help you to gain the experience and insight that may otherwise take you years to learn.

Loans are Not Only for Homeowners, Get Tenant Loans

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Apr 082024

Loan market is increasing with increasing cost of living. Earlier it was believed that if you own a home there are better chance for getting a loan. This is not a false statement; yes your home can get you better deals. But what about those people who are living as tenants and lacking anything to offer as collateral. Are they left out from the race of getting a loan….???. No they won’t…..with the arrival of tenant loans, popularly known as unsecured personal loans, you can apply a loan without offering anything as security.

Tenant loans are loans for you personal needs like debt consolidation, business financing, and education, health, buying property, boat, car and other such personal needs. The best thing about these loans is that you don’t have to mention the purpose of the loan to the lender. You can use the amount the way you want to use it.

Tenant loans give you the freedom from the stress and anxiety of loosing your asset as in case of secured loans. As the valuation of the collateral is not involved these loans are approved faster. Reduced and hassle free paperwork allows you to apply for these loans quite easily. Like any other unsecured loan, a tenant loan comes with a slightly higher interest rate. You can apply for a tenant loans if you are a tenant, a student or even a homeowner who don’t want to put their property at stake.

One thing which needs to be taken care of while applying for a tenant loan is your credit score. As there is no collateral, no security for the loan, only your credit score gives him some assurance that he is going to get back his money. You can obtain your credit score from credit rating agencies. They will also suggest you the ways to improve your credit score.

Normally you can apply a tenant loan for amounts ranging between ₤1000 to ₤25000. You may get higher amounts and better interest rates with little negotiations with the lender. Remember the effort is yours because the money is yours. It is highly recommended to not to apply for a loan amount which you can’t repay afterwards. Always determine your repayment ability before deciding any such loan amount.

The last but most important thing is to research properly for loan lenders. Beware of loan sharks and frauds in the loan market. Properly read terms and conditions of the loan agreement as it may contain hidden terms which can cost you later. So start searching now and get the best deals in tenant loans for your personal needs.

For Your Instant Needs With Short Term Property Loan

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Apr 072024

Many of your property deals just end up just because you don’t have enough funds when you need them. A thought comes in your mind to sell the property which you are having with you to buy the new one from sale proceeds. As everybody knows it takes lot of time to sell a property. It is very much possible that till the time you get the money, the property you have chosen is taken by some other buyer. So what will you do now, yes you can do nothing at that time. So to save yourself from such position you can take Short term property loans or bridging loans.

This is a loan that is usually taken out to solve a temporary cash shortfall that may arise when buying a property. Its like when you want to buy the second property before the sale of first one. These loans are secured by the property going to be sold as collateral. Following can be used as collateral:

• Residential properties
• Commercial & semi-commercial properties
• Auction properties
• Development sites
• Buy to let properties
• Retail shops
• Land with planning permission etc.

Like any other short term loans these loans also comes with a higher rate of interest.

Lender will allow you to borrow up to 65% of the property offered. But with increasing competition in the market there are certain lenders which offer you even higher percentages of the value of collateral. As a standard amount you can borrow amount between ₤25000 to ₤500000. But larger the amount, more the time required for approval. However, the overall time needed is much faster than other loans.

Repayment is made once you get the sale proceeds of your property. You are charged with interest till that date. These loans can be repaid in a period lying within one month to 12 months. There is also an option to extend the repayment term depending upon the circumstances.

Applying for a short term property loan is not a difficult job. As internet has become the primary source of communication these days, loan lenders also have their own interactive websites. These sites are equipped with tools for comparison of different loan quotes, loan calculator etc making life easy for you. You can simply log on to these websites to get benefited. The application form requires you to fill simple details like:

• Name of the borrower
• Address
• Mobile no.
• Email address
• Value of the collateral
• Amount you are looking for
• And certain small details varying from lender to lender

Short term property loans can help you get your new property and pay for it afterwards. So don’t wait for somebody else to take what you have chosen to buy. Get a short term property loan to get the property of your dreams.

How to Identify Distressed Properties

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Mar 242024

Distressed properties can be located in basically every city. They are available to those investors who have a clear vision and an eye for creating value that is currently obsolete. This strategy of investing is available to anyone, and is used by the most astute investors. The result is a solid, well-performing property that generates the most cash it possibly can.

Very often distressed properties need some maintenance, focus, and a new, professional management team to get the property up to speed with the rest of the market. If it is the owner who is distressed, they very often just want the property taken off their hands so they no longer have to deal with it. Commercial properties can often become difficult and expensive to maintain, and some owners simply don’t have the time, money or patience to keep them up.

Distressed properties are identified by some sort of problem. This problem generally resides with two aspects of the property: either the property itself or the owner. The problem can be simple like a high vacancy rate of an apartment complex, or something much larger like the possibility of a property going into foreclosure because the owner cannot make the mortgage payments on time. This can ultimately ruin a person’s credit if a property is to go into foreclosure.

Before we look at a few ways to locate distressed properties, let’s first look at some specific characteristics of distressed properties that you may come across in your search.

A distressed property may have:
• high vacancy rates
• below market rents
• poor management
• old, run-down condition
• poor common areas
• no amenities
• low net operating income (NOI)

A distressed owner may:
• be too old to maintain the property
• have inherited the property and doesn’t want the hassle
• cannot pay the mortgage
• be facing foreclosure
• be in bankruptcy
• be going through a divorce

Distressed properties can have a multitude of characteristics, combination of characteristics, and even odd problems specific to a property or owner.

So how do you identify these distressed properties? One way is to drive around your community looking for buildings that look vacant, run down, not fully leased, and those that display for sale by owner (FSBO) signs. If a property looks like a sore thumb in a nice area, then that is a flag that there might be something wrong. You can go to the county, find out who owns these buildings and send out a letter campaign telling them you wish to purchase the property. Many deals can develop this way, and you can get great prices on properties you didn’t even know would be for sale.

Another way to find distressed properties is to call brokers on listings you find on the internet and simply ask why the owner is selling. You may have to call on quite a few properties, but eventually you will find that gold mine property being offered way below the market rate. With just a few changes that distressed property may be a money generating machine once more! You can even call on brokers to locate and bring you properties with problems that fit your targeted criteria. This strategy of finding distressed properties is a great one, as you can very quickly cut through the many listings that do not fit your criteria.

In order to turn these distressed properties into current market premium properties that retail investors would envy, use the following tools to bring the property up to par. You can renovate the building, change the management team, fill vacancies, add amenities, raise rents to market level, change the leasing agreement, lower overall expenses, and market it properly to a wider audience. With these simple tools, your once run-down, non-performing property will create more cash than anyone would have imagined.

Don’t discount the value of poorly performing properties. Working with distressed properties can be a great way to purchase a property inexpensively and get your foot in the door of the commercial real estate industry. This investing strategy can be far easier than purchasing retail properties at a premium price! A little work and the property can be worth so much more, and supply you either passive income for years to come, or a retail property you can sell at a premium.