Oct 162020

Summertime is undeniably the most popular time to travel – and for justifiable reasons. The weather is perfect, the kids are out of school, and it’s an ideal time in which to visit attractions such as water and theme parks. However, there’s one big drawback to summer holidays: the crowds. Wherever you go, you’re sure to encounter the inevitable queues for all sorts of attractions, along with the frustrating reality that you just can’t get through them any faster. Suddenly, it seems that blazing sun isn’t quite so appealing after all.

One of the biggest advantages of travelling in the autumn or winter months is the fact that you’ll avoid the masses of people who hadn’t thought to do otherwise. You’ll see all of your chosen attractions at your own leisure without having to stand in slow-moving queues; and ultimately you’ll get more out of your holiday because you won’t have wasted all that time fighting the crowds!

Another big advantage of travelling during ‘off-peak’ months is that you’ll save money. Most people travel during the summer months and so hotels and airlines charge more during this time in order to maximise their profits. However, through countless special travel offers and deals, there is a significant cut in costs for those who choose to travel during the autumn or winter months.

Now, you might be thinking: “If I travel during the winter, I’ll miss out on the warm summer sun”. But, just because it might be cold where you live in the winter doesn’t mean it will be cold everywhere else. You might choose a destination far from home – a tropical locale in the southern hemisphere, perhaps – where you might find that the climate is far more summer-like than that of any other location you may have visited. If you have kids in school, it may be a good idea to wait until their winter break before you travel – they’ll experience a holiday season like no other. Alternatively, you might consider taking a skiing holiday – it’s the perfect way to enjoy the winter atmosphere and setting.

Ultimately, holidays during the autumn, winter and early spring months can be just as enjoyable – if not more so – than those taken during the summer. So if you’re considering doing something different this year, there are a number of travel sites that offer remarkable deals geared towards off-peak travel and you’re sure to find a great travel offer.

So whether you’d like to take a short weekend break in a nearby city or an extended excursion in a far-off exotic destination, why not consider beating the rush by taking an early – or late – holiday.

Oct 152020

In the past, when couples with young children wanted to go on vacation, they’d often send their kids to grandma and grandpa’s house; this ensured that they got to spend some quality ‘alone time’ together. However, today’s fast-paced world – which often requires both parents to work – calls for family vacations to include the little ones. More and more couples are choosing to take their young children on vacation with them rather than carting them off to grandma and grandpa’s.

However, this means that a lot more planning needs to go into vacations: what sorts of activities can you and your kids enjoy together? Many couples envision themselves either stuck amidst a plethora of squealing children at a carnival, or dealing with their kids’ boredom when visiting attractions more suited to ‘grown-ups.’ Can you and your spouse really feel like you’re on vacation and entertain your kids at the same time? Of course; and rest assured that there are loads of family friendly destinations to choose from. For starters, why not introduce your kids to the splendours of a city tour?

A big city like Los Angeles, for example, has a great deal to offer families with kids. Attractions such as Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm provide perfect daytime leisure activities, such as rides, shows and tours that are guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained. Disneyland is also nearby, and is sure to thrill kids and give parents a chance to relive their memories of favourite Disney movies and characters. Griffith Park is another popular family attraction, encompasing an observatory, a zoo, a miniature train and more amidst a 4,000 acre park. Moreover, the beach is never far off: head to Santa Monica, Malibu, Zuma or Laguna Beach to build a sandcastle, swim or catch some California sun.

If you’d like to incorporate a bit of culture into your vacation, take your kids to Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles, where they can sample some authentic Mexican cuisine and see the Avila Adobe – the oldest house in Los Angeles. And if there’s one museum you should visit with your kids while in Los Angeles it’s the La Brea Tar Pits which houses the largest and most diverse assemblage of extinct Ice Age plants and animals in the world.

New York City is another fantastic place to take your family on holiday; kids will be amazed by the tall skyscrapers and can even climb their way to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Family-friendly attractions in New York City include the New York Hall of Science, the Bronx Zoo and the American Folk Art Museum, which offers self-guided scavenger hunts.

Central Park is another popular attraction, offering 800 acres of fun for the whole family. Favourites for kids include boat rides from Loeb Boathouse and the Central Park Carousel. There’s even storytelling at the Hans Christen Anderson Statue during the warmer summer months.

There are also countless galleries and exhibits in New York which are perfect for children and parents to explore together: the Children’s Museum of the Arts, for example, offers hands-on creative activities to encourage the child’s imagination, while the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, started in 1899, holds all kinds of wonders to delight children – from live pythons and elephant bones to musical instruments with which visitors can play. The New York Aquarium on Coney Island is another popular family attraction, with 10,000 species of marine life to explore.

And while in New York, why not take advantage of the fantastic theatre scene? There are many family friendly musicals to see, such as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King or Wicked. With such fantastic attractions, you and your family are guaranteed a memorable trip.

When it comes to finding accommodation for your holiday, there are countless options to choose from. Many hotels are specifically suited to families, with large suite-style rooms, and you’ll often find special deals on offer. With such facilities, you can be sure that all your needs – as well as those of your little ones – will be met on your holiday.

Oct 142020

Samsung has come up with the D-series which boasts of ultra-thin and snazzy handsets. Samsung D900 and Samsung D600 are the proud members of this repertoire. Samsung D900 is only 13mm thick but it still boasts of impressive features like a 3.15 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, Bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS, mobile internet browser and a large 2 inches QVGA screen. Samsung D900 is also a valuable business companion with an Email client, document viewer and international coverage with Quad Band GSM. This handset can be used all around the globe in all five continents. These top-notch features along with the tangy red colour make Samsung D900 Red a coveted handset.

With an elegant design, a cool slide-up design and the latest functions of an Email client, GPRS and Bluetooth, Samsung D600 is truly a marvel. Capture some special moments and make movies through an incredibly sharp lens of the integrated 2 megapixel camera. Send your pictures via Bluetooth to mobiles and laptops or edit, organize and save them on the handset itself.
With the PictBridge function, you can send your images or documents to a nearby printer for high-quality printouts. With a large 88 MB memory there is ample space for 1000 pictures, 20 songs and one hour video clips. The in-built MP3 player in Samsung D600 Red is capable of playing all your sound files as well as MP3 and MIDI ringing tones. There are also stereo speakers in Samsung D600 which ensure high-sound clarity for MP3 ringtones and sound files. There is also an expansion slot for you to add more memory when needed. Samsung D600 Red is available in the bold red colour.

Samsung D900 Red deals are available on O2, Orange, T-mobile and Virgin. The funky Samsung D600 Red is available on Virgin, Orange and O2. Whether for work or fun, you will definitely like to sport these red gizmos.

Oct 032020

All funny pictures exist to make us laugh and feel good. It’s such a relief to know that there are thousands of websites posting hilarious, droll, crazy or silly images. But the most popular and sought after by most of the people are the celeb pics, especially celebrity nip slip funny pictures.

Why are there so many funny stuff websites and what do they want from us? That’s easy: funny staff sites are the future of the entertainment of the internet. For instance, uvug.com clearly states on its home page that it is in the business of “the funniest videos, photos, ebay auctions, and any other weird stuff we find’. These sites have non-commercial purposes and what’s more the funny pictures and others alike are all for free. Sure, they have sponsors who place banners on their sites and it would be a courtesy from us seeing what they are all about. But for the rest, this is what webmasters of funny pictures sites would like from us: view, giggle, or burst into laughter… maybe find a good tip or two… download whatever we find interesting, humorous or worthy to be send to the others… then walk away in a good mood. That’s it!

Entertainment sites have many categories of funny stuff. So anyone can choose from funny pictures or videos with animals, babies or celebs, games, jokes, fights, deals or George Bush. If try to make a statistics, you’ll find that the most prosperous and abounding of all categories would be the one showing celebs pics. Why? Common, it’s not everyday you see a celebrity without makeup, smoking, eating with a big wide-open mouth or giving the finger. And what’s more, the entire masculine community in the universe and the Hollywood gossip would kill to have the hottest and up-to-the-minute celebrity nip slip funny pictures.

Celebrity nip slips are considered more or less accidentally revealed. Although the degree of intentionality with some of the celebs is to be argued. Since all the celebs, especially female celebs, are constantly chased by armies of paparazzi, it is quite normal after all for such innocent accidents to happen and be promptly put on tape. The more famous a celeb is, the more paparazzi and cameras are around her and the quicker the celebrity nip slip, when it happens, is broadcasted.

But why are paparazzi so crazy about shooting celebrity nip slips? Simply because nipples are “forbidden fruits” and that is what makes them so appealing and tempting. There is one thing that needs to be clarified though: nobody swarms for funny pictures showing male celebrity nip slips, because men shirtless pics are readily available anytime almost anywhere, while celebs women nips are not always willingly presented. One more reason for paparazzi to exist and do their job: taking funny pictures of celebrity nip slips on various places, such as beaches, red carpets or movie shooting places.

Some of the celebs are famous for their frequent nip slips. Take Lindsay Lohan for example! When it comes to celebrity nip slips, this young, artistically gifted and big tited actress rules! One occasional slip happen one night on the way to her car, while another “innocent” mishap occurred precisely during a televised show. These accidents granted miss Lohan the pool position in the celebrity nip slip competition and a lot of advertising. Naturally, we wonder: were they really accidents? Maybe at the beginning.

Oct 012020

Any network marketer is aware that scams do exist, but newbies who are alienated to the Internet searching for a legitimate way to make income online often, feel frustrated.

Ideally, if you are looking for a home-based business should not quit your present job but instead, keep your present job and build your home-based business during your spare time until it is able to surpass your present pay, then you can seriously consider to quit your job and work full time at the comfort of your home.

It’s easier said than done. Things do not seem to be rosy all the time. Many people are unemployed and there just isn’t any opportunities out there for them to create a substantial income to replace what they are making. Some people are in a financial situation where they need to take up not only two, but three or four jobs just to make ends meet.

So what happens when these ‘desperados’ cannot even live from hand to mouth? In a state of desperation and anxiety, they dive into the Internet, hoping to find their goldmine. Yes, there are many claims that people are earning tons of money on the net and how easy it is to do it. It is as simple as pushing a few buttons and is hassle-free. No computer knowledge! No experience required!

Are all these claims true, or fraud? If it sounds so good, why are there still reports on people losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying and joining these so-called ‘Get Rich Quick’ programs. The fact is, everyone who has access to the Internet has given ‘scammers’ the opportunities to make a fortune. They are the ones that are making money, NOT YOU!

These scammers, also known as ‘Bank Robbers’ are stealing identities of account holders and draining money from their accounts. Their target is not only your credit cards, but also your bank accounts. To protect yourself from this kind of identity fraud, make sure that you keep a close watch on your bank account. If you happen to spot any shortfall in your account, even if it is just a few dollars, report to the relevant department immediately. Another advice is to change your password frequently to these accounts so that it is harder for ‘scammers’ to access the information.

Many ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams often promise you that you can create GUARANTEED (their most enticing word) income online for only a minimal fee. Sometimes, I feel these ‘scammers’ are professional psychologists. They are able to read people’s mind. They understand that people who are in desperation will fall prey to these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ deals to get their fast cash. That’s why these unscrupulous ‘money-suckers’ are getting richer by the day.

Remember, in order to make REAL money on the Internet, you have to pay a price. Prior to your hard-earned cash, you also need to put in your time and effort. If you’re unable to commit about 15-20 hours a week growing your online business, then my advice is, “DON’T DO IT!”

There are many articles and forums where you can post any question concerning ‘Get Rich Quick Scams’. Do some research and take advantage of these resources. With a little research and sheer determination, you can make a legitimate income on the Internet.

Written by:
Jeffrey Chia

Sep 202020

The Global Positioning System or GPS for short is the world’s first satellite radio-navigation system. It was developed by the United States Department of Defense under the name of NAVSTAR or Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging. Research on timing and navigation by a satellite arrangement began in the 1960’s with the first operational GPS satellite launched in 1978. However it was not until April 27, 1995 that it became fully operational. Originally they were used primarily for troop navigation and positioning and for artillery fire. In the 1980’s the U.S. government by executive decree authorized its use by the civilian population.

The GPS System is made up of three main elements, Satellites, Earth Monitoring Stations and GPS Receivers. Presently there are 24 satellites circling the earth in 6 orbits. Each satellite circles the earth twice a day traveling at approximately 7000 miles per hour. At their highest point they orbit about 12,600 miles above the earth’s surface. At this height the signals from each satellite can be picked up over a large area of the earth’s surface. This is important since it offers at least four signals that can be picked up by your GPS receiver. The more signals used to pin point your location the more accurate your reported location will be. Working with the satellites are five monitoring stations located on earth. Four of these stations are unmanned and the fifth is a manned master station which is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The four unmanned stations constantly receive position data from the satellites and send it on to the master station. The information received by the master station is used to correct the position of the sat tiles and then sends that corrected information back to the satellites. All of this occurs so that the third element your GPS unit receives accurate data from the satellites it is receiving signals from at any particular moment. Your GPS unit then takes this information and reports to you by signal and screen information your exact location.

The signals sent from the GPS satellite system are low power radio signals. They are “line of sight” signals like your cell phone signals. This means they pass through clouds, glass and plastics but not through solid objects, such as buildings, in basements, caves, etc. Weather conditions also affect GPS signals, however not enough to affect the quality of the signal your GPS unit receives. Since GPS satellites cycle the earth, their signals can be picked up and used anywhere on earth. No fees or setup costs are needed to use the GPS satellite system.

Your GPS unit works by calculating the time it takes to receive a signal from each of at least three satellites comparing that to the reported location of each of those reporting satellites and then through triangulation techniques identifies its and your exact location at that moment.

It is possible by receiving signals from just three satellites to give your position by latitude and longitude and to report or track movement. However, when your GPS unit is able to receive signals from at least four satellites it can calculate your position in 3D. That is, it can report your position with latitude, a longitude and an altitude. With this information your unit will be able to report not only position and movement but it can report your speed, trip distance, distance to a destination, and more.

The accuracy of your GPS unit depends on its ability to quickly receive and hold onto, or lock on to, a GPS satellite’s signal. The ability to maintain a strong lock on that signal while your GPS unit is in dense foliage or urban settings with tall buildings and how it deals with weather factors such as snow and electrical storms depends on the features designed into your unit. Generally less expensive units will have accuracy’s averaging between 30 to 40 feet. Newer more expense GPS units pickup more satellite signal, retain them longer and increase accuracy down to just a few meters.

Sep 182020

Not everyone can afford to pay real money for World of Warcraft gold. Some of us are barely scrapping by to pay for the subscription. So what’s a person to do? There are a couple of different approaches that can be taken to making money. The first way to make cash is by auctioning raw materials. The second lies in auctioning items to adventurers, and the third is buying items and re-selling them for a higher price. These are the tried and true methods of making money the honest way in World of Warcraft.

Auctioning Raw materials for money

The first approach, supplying raw materials, is a good one for the adventurer who wants to make some money when they return from their quests. Most of the raw materials (metals, herbs, leather, and cloth) can be gathered from fallen foes or gathered while moving around. If you want to make money selling raw raw materials, you’ll need to pick up one of the gathering professions. It’s usually beneficial to stick to one gathering profession, as that leaves a slot open for a future crafting profession. Once you have the skill, use it! Use it at every possible opportunity. Skin everything you can, even if it won’t raise the skill. Mine every resource pile, and pick every flower you see. This gives you a large stockpile of resources, which you can take back to the auction house.

In this approach, the target buyers are the crafters. They are the ones who are going to be interested in what you have. Start off by using the browse feature of the auction house to find out the current prices for your types of resources, as well as how many lots are currently for sale. Take light leather as an example you see that there are 20 lots for sale, most of them starting with an opening bid of 10 silver. If all of them have bids, there is likely still a demand for what you have.

Because there is a demand, let your opening bid be slightly higher than current market price. Try to get a feel for what the closing bids are likely to be by looking at the prices of items that have only a short time left to go. However, why stop at what everyone else is making? Be ruthless! Crafters are often impatient and don’t want to wait for the auctions to end, so offer them a buyout price (at twice the final expected bid) to get the item immediately. Then, set the auction length to the maximum, which encourages the impatient ones to use the buyout price. Thusly, if it looks like 10 silver tends to be the final bid, let your opening bid be about 8 silver, and set your buyout price at about 18. Timing is crucial in this. If you start your auction right before peak playing times (late afternoon for your time zone, usually), the auction has all night for people to look over it.

However, don’t forget rule number three: always be patient. If you leather isn’t selling (e.g. No one is bidding on it), don’t try and put yours up for sale at a reduced price. If you have no choice, accept that you’re likely to make little money on the deals.

Auctioning your items to Adventurers for money

The second approach is to supply items to adventurers. Firstoff, decide if you’re going to auction items that you find, or if these are going to be items that you create. If you’re going to take the crafter route, it helps to have the requisite gathering skill, so that you can supply your own materials. This helps you avoid the people who use the approach we just mentioned! Adventurers have a wide range of items from which to choose. Usually they are looking for something specific, a certain type of axe, for instance. In order to make money, you need to be flexible. If you have a variety of items, try and browse for each to get an idea of how much to price them. Always include a buyout price, as every adventurer will be tempted by the option to get it immediately. If you have no idea of how much your specific item is worth, take a look at other items of that type of level. So, you have have a one-handed axe with a minimum level of 9 you want to sell, see what other one-handed, level 9 axes tend to cost. If they tend to start at 8 silver, try an opening bid of 6 silver. This gets the attention of the buyer. Set the auction at 24 hours and offer a 15 silver buyout price; they’ll often take it rather than risk someone coming along and bidding them out. What makes this all the more fun is that by starting with a lower bid that the competition, you’re more likely to get multiple bids, which encourages buyouts. If you’re making the items, consider sticking to green (Good Quality) items, as enchanters will always want green items to break down for parts. If you don’t have Good or Superior items, try re-selling the same goods a bit cheaper later that day. Adding additional features, like applying an armor kit before selling, can also be effective. However, there may come a time when something just doesn’t sell. In this case, vendor it and remember that item as one that doesn’t sell well. Be patient, stay cool, and try again.

Reselling World of Warcraft items for money

Finally, you can try and make money by buying items and re-selling them. Obviously, this is an approach that requires that you have some seed cash on hand. This is best used in conjunction with one of the other approaches, as you are likely to come across good deals while browsing around trying to establish prices. For this approach, Enchanting is a good skill to have, because you can break down the magical items you acquire cheaply into magical reagents that have a higher resale value. Go through each category in the auction house and bid on every green item you can, especially the cheap lower level items. Having a huge number of bids at once is vital, since you should only expect to win about half (at best). However, the ones that come to you can be quickly disenchanted and the components sold for a high price (as always, offer a high buyout!). It’s a good market to look into because there is usually a demand, supply is often low (few people like sacrificing magical items), and stacks of various enchanting components always fetch a good price.

Timing is a bit strange on this approach, as the peak buying times for enchanting components seems to be the weekend. However, always keep an eye on the auctions, and jump on chances. This is because you can sometimes come across major bargains that can be taken advantage of. For instance, you are browsing and see that there are only a few glimmering shards for sale. Each one seems to sell for about 50 silver, though there is a stack of nine that has 50 silver as its buyout price. This is an opportunity. Grab the stack immediately for 50 silver, then turn right around and auction each shard in the stack with an opening bid of 50 and a buyout of 75. This doesn’t happen often, but it has the potential to make you some serious cash, and even if only one or two sell you have completely recouped your investment. Some may come back to you, to be auctioned again another day. Keep them safe and wait for your chance while you attend to the other parts of your budding mercantile empire.

For more useful articles on World of Warcraft or World of warcraft mods, please visit
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Are you thinking of decorating your bathroom? Thinking of adding some personality and pizzazz to the lavatory? You don’t have to spend a fortune to add elegance and ambience. Follow our suggestions and you can put the room back into bathroom

Converting your old bathroom into a blend of style and sophistication doesn’t have to break your budget.

Choosing the right mix of paint color, paint texture and selecting complimenting bathroom fixtures, including bath tub, sinks and commodes. The good news is that in doing all of this, you wont have to break the bank. If you do a bit of shopping, you can find deals, and more often than not, you’ll find a great discount on all three.

The first place you should start off with is your bathroom fixtures. Its not necessary for you to replace your bath tub, toilet or sink, however, special attention should be placed on their overall condition and color. Normally, your bathtub should be the same color as your sink and commode. If its not, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Next, look at the surface of your bathtub and sink. Should you consider reglazing them?

Some terms to keep in mind…

What does Close-Coupled mean?

Close-Coupled is used to describe a type or style of toilet wherein the cistern attaches directly to the pan.

What does W.C. mean?

W.C. stands for ‘water closet’, but is more widely known as a toilet.

What is a Cistern?

A Cistern is the compartment of a toilet that contains the water needed for flushing.

Varieties and styles of bathroom fixtures abound and if you are content with your choices of bathtub and sink, then let them be the basis for your interior-decorating plan. First, determine if there are any striking features of your tub or sink. For example, are they antique, does your tub have claw feet, what color are they, what are they made out of? Answering these questions will give you plenty of starting points to begin your decorating scheme. A good idea is to put all of the answers to the above questions down in a notebook. This may help you brainstorm some decorating ideas and strategies. By using the best features of the fixtures already in your bathroom, you can simply redecorate with items that will accentuate the undying fixtures that are already in place.

Since its the largest single item in your bathroom, let the bathtub help you make your choices. If you have an antique tub, then go with an antique motif and decor.

Lighting is one thing that is often overlooked in most bathroom decorating adventures. If the lights are too bright, they may highlight defects in your walls, and cast the wrong light on things. On the other hand, if you provide inadequate lighting, you’d find it will cast all the wrong shadows. Also, remember that the lighting will be different in your local paint store than it will be in your bathroom, so take samples, and have a good look.

You can add elegance to your bathroom by accenting with the use of glass, marble, brass, gold and crystal. Its important to remember though, that adding brass or gold will increase your budget, so be careful. As an alternative to having to tile the walls around your bathtub, consider either a tub surround, or, simply add a couple of decorative tiles. This will instantly add style, elegance and keep you within your budget.

If you think your bathroom is lacking enough light, consider using mirrors more effectively to reflect the light. This can often be cheaper than installing new lights. Even a chandelier can have the same impact, just be sure you have enough room. Another consideration is adjustable lighting. Then you can dim the lights, fill up the tub, and enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath without the need to light candles.

You should be able to decorate your bathroom without blowing your budget. It all depends on how much homework you do beforehand. Visit stores , look in newspapers and talk to friends who have recently decorated their bathrooms.

Sep 142020

Bed mattress reviews seem trivial, yet they should be the first thing you check before purchasing a new mattress. The average person sleeps for six to eight hours per night. If you live to the age of seventy, you will have slept for more than 200,000 hours. That is more than one-third of your life. Yet, we purchase mattresses without considering all the options.

Do you purchase medications without reading the dangers and dosages? Would you buy a car without researching its safety reviews? Why then do people continually purchase mattress brands without thoroughly researching the issue? The answer is simple, few realize that there are ratings for box spring mattress, pillow top mattress, baby bed mattress, day bed mattress, hide a bed mattress, and platform bed mattress brands. Even memory foam mattress selections have been rated by top consumer guides.

When rating a bed mattress, softness counts. A mattress that is overly firm will cause the spine to go out of alignment. Your spine should remain straight, which means that your shoulders and hips should sink into the mattress while your neck and back remain level. This is often the problem when people complain of neck and back pain after waking up in the morning. So take the time to find a mattress that will fit your body type and sleeping form, just right.

Top chiropractors warn against making firm mattress selections. Pillow top and memory foam mattress styles receive high marks. Look for dense fillings that truly allow you to sink in and support your body with pillows to make sure the spine is as straight as possible. Many customers believe that a firm mattress is the best for them and they are not able to properly sleep on a softer mattress. If this is the case, you may be able to find a mattress in the middle of the road between firm and plush that will work better for your back alignment.

The air filled mattress systems are also growing in popularity. A word of warning against these mattress types should be given. While they are comfortable, many owners are finding that the seams burst frequently and seam ruptures are not covered under the warranties. Closely check the fine print! It is not useful to spend hundreds of dollars on an air filled mattress that is just going to break the second your child jumps into bed with you in the morning.

No matter which type of mattress you choose it is important to do your research before heading into the store. Well informed consumers are able to the get the best deals because they are prepared with the prices of the competition and they know which brand and product they would like to purchase. Don’t be in a hurry when you are making your purchase, instead spend several days covering other online retailers and local stores before you commit to purchasing your next mattress.

Aug 192020

The media has made lots of reports about entrepreneurs. Some may be true, some are not. Here are te 5 myths about being an entrepreneur.

Myth #1: Entrepreneurs only care about making money

Many people think entrepreneurs do what they do strictly for the money, and that taking risks is all about entrepreneur’s personal reward.

While fear of poverty or use of money as a scorecard may have some relevance – and there are, of course, some entrepreneurs focused primarily on financial profits – generally, money is not the ultimate motivator for the majority of entrepreneurs.

Many successful entrepreneurs do not live a lavish lifestyles that reflect their financial success. Their motives are often more about ego and emotion. For most entrepreneurs, money is just a way to keep score.

Money is also a way to do bigger and more exciting deals. The thrill of challenge, the motivation of a new idea, and the risks involved have far more power to motivate the entrepreneurial spirit than money.

Myth #2: Winning means somebody else is losing

You may have heard of people speak of success in business as being “on the backs of other,” suggesting that if an entrepreneur is winning, somebody else must be losing.

This attitude makes it seem like the only possible outcome of a business deal is to have one side win adn the other side lose. The resulting bottom line is zero. This is sometimes referred to as the “zero-sum game.”

Entrepreneurs are creative and expansionary thinkers. Rather than accepting a zero-sum result, and, contrary to the myth that an entrepreneur’s success comes at the expense of others, entrepreneurs often try to figure out ways that both sides can win.

Myth #3: The greater the risk, the greater the reward

This myth is always passed on to young entrepreneurs as economic gospel. The theoretical relationship between risk and reward is coincidental at best, and then only in certain situations.

Risk is a relative concept. All else being equal, real risks are modified by knowledge, experience, hard work, passion, and unforeseen circumstances. Applying knowledge to any investment can change the risk profile.

Equally important in considering risks, perception of risks is often different from reality. What one person considers high risk might be from another’s perspective a sure thing. Who then can say what’s a greak risk or a great reward?

Myth #4: As an entrepreneur, you can get rich quick

Have you heard of those dotcom millionaires? In the internet world, it sure seemed like people got rich overnight. But always remember that things often seem easier than they are.

It may seem to you that entrepreneurs made the huge amount of money, but do you know that there are lots of hardwork before he made it. Think twice about becoming an entrepreneur, if you think you can get rich quick.

Myth #5: A good business plan is the entrepreneur’s critical roadmap to success

Venture capitalists often make business plans the key criteria in deciding whether or not to fund new companies. Business educators often talk about business plans like they are the Holy Bible of business success. The theory is that the better and more complete the business plan, the better the business will go. This is a myth.

While having an idea or a goal is critical, believing that you can create a structured, believeing that you can create a structured business plan that will endure time or place is simply naive. In the real world,it rarely happens.

Business plans can be useful initial tools, but they should be used only as guidelines. Trial and error, luck, creativity, flexibility, and adapting to unforeseeable developments ultimately are what make an entrepreneurial venture succeed.

Successful entrepreneurs know when to use creative problem solving rather than theoretical business plans.