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An understanding of the long history of coin collecting, once known as
“the hobby of kings,” will make this pastime even more enjoyable. The
history of gold coins dates as far back as 2,700 years ago. The first gold
coins in the world were issued in Lydia around 640 B.C. certain internet
websites will provide you with a lot of information about the history of
gold coins.

Many countries produce gold coins for collectors or for commemorative
purposes. These coins oftentimes emphasize unique aspects of the
country¡¯s culture.

Collectors covet the unusual and uncommon above all else, and these
minor oversights result in a very limited number of coins. This means that
supply is much lower than demand, and even something that looks almost
exactly like a common penny can actually be a precious rare coin. Coins
can lose their brightness over time, and you’ll be tempted to polish them.
The best advice is … DON’T.

To the collector, bragging about ‘finds’ constitutes one of life’s most
enjoyable pastimes.

One thing is for certain, there isn’t a coin collector out there who will stop
collecting just because the prices have risen a little and probably the same
amount will consider selling their prize collection to the highest bidder.

Commemorative coins are a popular form of collection, as are rare minted
coins like those which had an error in their stamping. If a certain set of
coins doesn¡¯t interest you, it won¡¯t be any fun at all to become a
collector. If you are interested in making the highest profits possible with
your coin collection, you will need to find a merchant partner who is
experienced in the specific rare coins that interest you, and who will sell
them to you at a good price.

Accessories for Coin Collection

When collecting coins, one thing to consider is how to arrange and take
care of the coins. Coins that are collected may be antique, ancient, or
limited editions coins. These coins come from many countries and are
usually high in value. A collector must know how to keep and take care of
them so that they will retain the same appearance and value.

One way to take care of coins is to purchase s selection of coin
accessories. Not only are coin accessories used to make a coin collection
presentable and organized; but the primary purpose of coin accessories is
to take care and preserve the coins. When buying coin accessories it is
important to choose those accessories that will best satisfy the needs of
the collector. Some factors that may be considered are durability, price
and usefulness.

Many coin accessories can be found in collectible stores and even online.
Here are some coin accessories that may be considered:

Coin Boxes

Coin boxes are the most common sought for coin accessories as they are
very convenient to coin collectors and specialists. The compartments of
the box provide for easy location of the coins. The compartments are also
wide, which provides flexibility in placing the coins. The wide
compartments also allow the collector to handle the coins the proper

This can be done by following what coins are being sold for, and what
dealers are paying for coins. You will need to be shown how to assess the
true value of a coin which can be based on many factors such as age,
mintmark, and condition. A similar problem happened in Philadelphia a few
years later, when the P on the die of some 1989 quarters was clogged
with dirt, preventing the coins from being properly stamped.

For most gold coin collectors, there are the highly coveted rare gold coins
and a lot of gold coin collectors are interested in these rare gold coins
that they will offer high bids just to be able to get their hands on these.

People hoarded coins as a way of safeguarding their wealth. Those coins
that were especially beautiful were hoarded the longest, often being
passed down within families.

On the flip side of the American Eagle gold coins is a nest full of bald
eagles, the national bird of the United States. The nest represents the
American dedication to unity and family.

The best way to get good deals, and avoid the bad ones, is to pick up
some standard reference catalogues and study the pricing very carefully.
As a rule, it’s better to own one high quality coin than a bunch of
mediocre ones. Ancient kings (and even today’s leaders) had a telling
habit of having their faces imprinted on their currency.

Coin collecting for investment purposes can be a tricky endeavor.

The first vital piece of information that you’ll need when considering coin
dealers is his or her professional qualifications. Some important questions
to ask include, does the coin dealer belong to any professional groups?
How long has he or she been in business?

Coin Albums

Coin albums are similar to any typical album with the difference being that
the coin album is especially designed to hold coins. A coin album has a
transparent layer that aids in the protection of the coins. The collector
does not need to handle the coins one by one. All he has to do is turn
the pages and the coins are all there protected from improper handling.

Coin Holders

Coin holders are best for those collectors who collect coins during their
travels. They allow portability of the coin collection. In addition, the
collector does not need to carry his entire collection. He can simply place
a single coin in the coin holder. Coin holders provide safety for the coins
and prevent a coin from the many elements that may depreciate its value.
Other coin accessories can be found in the market. Determine the primary
purpose of the accessory and if it can satisfy your needs. Prices will differ
depending on the durability of the accessory. Research the many coin
accessories that are sold and compare prices before choosing one.

Today, building a fascinating collection of coins does not have to be
expensive, and everyone can participate in this exciting pastime. An avid
coin collector will be able to tell you virtually every piece of history that
surrounds any coin in their collection both because they tend to specialize
and because knowledge is one of the most important factors when it
comes to starting and maintaining a collection of any value or worth.

Canadian coins, from those with a face value between 10 cents and $1,
and struck before 1968 are between 50 and 92 percent silver, depending
on the coin and year. They are worth a bit more than face value,
depending on the price of silver. Some collect coins related to kings and
queens. Some collect those related to plants and animals.

And while the rarest and finest of all rare coins have reached stratospheric
prices, what does this leave the rest of us? Not much, unless you are
willing to do a little work.

Other than printing problems, another reason why rare coins can be
minted is when the wrong precious metals are used to make the coins.
The internet is home to a lot of gold coin dealers wherein you can meet
all sorts of people from all over the world who are into both buying and
selling gold coins. There are also variations on the American Eagle that are
minted from silver or platinum instead of gold.

You can get a silver locating device or a magnetic pole for finding loose
coins in ditches, under cars, or in other hard-to-reach places. Or simply rely
on your eyes to identify those gleaming metal circlets of potential wealth.

Coin Collecting in Modern Times Coin collecting has been a favorite
pastime of many people with a reverence for history, including U.S.
Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

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