Apr 182023

Most of us know how to make good use of the assets we own. For example, when we own a second home, renting it out to students living away from home and other such non homeowners is a better option than simply keeping it under lock and key. Same is the case with excess, idle money in our bank accounts. Instead of letting it accumulate, a more sound option is to invest in mutual funds, stocks, and insurance schemes, etc. Saving is essential no doubt, but allowing large amounts of your savings to lie aimlessly in your account is pointless, when you know you can make more money on it. Let’s now talk about one of our main assets –our home. I’m not talking about giving up your home or putting in any kind of risk, instead about making use of your home when you need it the most.

Today, with constant price hikes and rising standards of living, our meagre paycheques more than often prove insufficient to meet our ever-increasing needs. If we ever want to buy a car, make an expensive purchase, redecorate our home or take a relaxing holiday, our scanty income is bound to hold us back. This is obvious because regular payments like grocery bills, credit card dues, medical bills, often consume large parts of the same limited income. A common solution – Homeowner Secured Personal Loan.

We all know about Personal Loans that allow us money at some cost – high interest rates, limited repayment terms and unbelievable lender fees. I’m sure you’re saying, “How can that help?” But it can – provided you use your home as a bargain. I’ not saying sell your home but offer it as collateral. Collateral is an asset which when pledged to your creditors, usually lowers interest, reduces fees, shops off additional costs, stretches loan terms and makes your repayment schedule a convenient and very affordable one. This is an ideal Homeowner Secured Personal Loan.

To get a Homeowner Secured Personal Loan, you must be a homeowner in the first place. When you pledge your home, your lender takes possession of it temporarily, until you repay the loan. Lenders need some assurance to approve large personal loans of this nature because of the risk involved in it. Their priority is value of collateral and prompt recovery of the loan. Your home when pledged clears any such doubt they may envision.

Loan amount: Homeowner Secured Personal Loans take advantage of the equity in your home. The larger the equity, more is the amount you can borrow against it and better are the terms of your loan agreement. To make things even better, you must know that the equity in your home usually rises owing to home improvements and other developments made by you. Homeowner Secured Personal Loans, like other secured loans permit loan amounts of £5,000 to £75,000 with repayment terms of 5 to25 years, allowing you a generous period of time to repay the amount. Creditors prefer granting amounts less than or equal to the market value of your collateral, so once it again it comes down to the value of your home.

Interest Rate: The latest report on Homeowner Secured Personal Loans reveals an interest rate as low as 5.1%. This is why these loans make your instalments so much more affordable.

Credit history: People with poor credit histories: C.C.J’s, defaults, arrears, etc. can get good deals as long as they have a home to pledge. Thus, good credit scores are not a must. However, a borrower with exceptional credit history can expect amounts up to 125% of the collateral, while someone with a turbulent financial past may get about 60% of it.

Scouring the loan market to get yourself updated on the latest interest rates, lender fees, collateral requisites, documentation necessities, etc. and comparing these rates among lenders are vital in making your loan process an affordable and a rather smooth sailing one.

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