Apr 142024

Interesting title, isn’t it. But failing in order to succeed may not seem logical to you, but it’s true, just keep reading.

My Passion and why it’s my passion:
You need a list to start making money on the internet.

No list = No Mo.ney

BLUNT TRUTH TIME: The LIST is EVERYTHING… it’s not just a “part” of you success, it IS your success. Without a list it will be very difficult to make any money online. Learn how to generate a non-stop income using your list… I can help…we are just beginning to scratch the surface!

There are some people who do make money online without a list(very, very few), I am not saying that it’s impossible to make money online without a list. What I am saying is that having your own list is the most RELIABLE, SECURE and POTENTIALLY PROFITABLE way to make mo.ney online.

My business life experience covers the gamut when it comes to Marketing, from Sales Coordination, Professional Commercial Radio Broadcasting to Counseling others.

But nothing could have prepared me for the rubbish and false promises I found being sold on the Internet. It was mind blowing!

After wasting thousands of dollars and months of work on so called value packed deals and just plain failing, I was left with two choices:

Keep on whining about it,


DO something about it.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some rare gems amongst the crapola, just not enough that gave value for the money.

Let me ask you, was it too much to ask people/marketers to give exactly what they promised in a sales page? That didn’t seem too much to expect to me and I’m sure to you as well.

But “Finally” I got my hands on some real quality Information from different sources concerning email opt-in marketing and things started turning around in 2004.

So I’m on the internet giving advice to newbies and even some Old Pros who are frustrated. Basically because I’ve been there, and done that. I’ve been in the trenches, would not accept failure and survived professionally and most importantly…financially.

Don’t Fear Failure, embrace it and then defeat it through education.

As Yanik Silver, http://tinyurl.com/9y9fy, says “Fail Quickly”.

Failure is part of the Process of Learning, On the Internet and in Real Life. Could you run before you could walk? Of course Not. You had to fall and get up, re-adjust and then try again until walking became second nature to you. You didn’t fear the process, stubborn little tyke that you were, YOU JUST WANTED TO WALK FOR GOD’S SAKE lol!!!.

What changed you? What destroyed that innate stubbornness you once had. Your desire to succeed was not established by conditioning or learning, it was just there and it was active. What happened? School, other children, Parents, your parent’s friends, your teachers or just life and it’s bewilderments. Did you let these outside influences handicap your burning desire to succeed, with an overwhelming fear of failure?

Stop sabotaging your success!

Do you want that Same Desire and Determination … Do you want to Succeed? Then Don’t fear failure, Learn From It, be that Stubborn little kid you once were and you will succeed.

Every Successful individual has failed in their life, just read the Bios of the Rich and Famous. You cannot succeed without first some failing attempts. So get it out of the way, kick it in the Rear and move on. That’s the process, understand it, welcome it and most importantly, Defeat it through Knowledge.

And as stated…Don’t Fear Failure…Embrace It…And Then Defeat It through an on-going Education. Absorb everything that will add to your future success and always believe…Failure is Not an Option … and it won’t be.

John C Vincent

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