How ATV lift kits work

Apr 062024

ATV lift kit is a “must-have” item. It ensures sufficient clearance around the fenders and other parts of your ATV in some cases with oversize tires. ATV lift kit is a bolt-on bracket system that bolts between the shock and the shock mount. An ATV lift kit, when properly installed with stock tires and wheels increases ground clearance by about 2″ on average. You can achieve about 4″ when it is combined with oversized tires and wheels.

By suspending your vehicle, you gain additional clearance from the ground which means protecting the underside of your vehicle from bulging rocks, sharp inclines and foreign objects in the road. When you got 28″ tall tires, a lift kit is necessary, and in seldom cases you’ll need one with 27″ tall tires. Along with taller tires, ATV lift kits create a difference in a mud bog competition. Since ATV aftermarket has been producing ATV lift kits, finding one that will add an additional 2 inches and others that can add more than a foot can be made easy and convenient. You should however understand that high ATV lift kits can affect the quad’s handling, hence if you prefer a simple trail ride, make sure that you buy a lift kit that best suits your needs.

The good news is that ATV lift kits do not require cutting or welding and are not a permanent installation. This means that you can remove them as easy as they can be positioned. With them installed on your machine, extra stress to the front CV joints is to be expected. When there is an angle increase on the CV joints, the amount of premature wear goes up. You must understand however that even though ATV lift kits do add stress, they do not come close to matching the stress added by big mud tires and wide open throttles in deep, root-filled mud holes.

You can surely find good deals on ATV lift kits by going online. There’s no doubt about it; internet is a good place to go. Dealers online can help you save time and effort by providing you with easy-to-buy ATV lift kits and other products. You can also go to some places to go for good ATV lift kits comparison shopping services. There are websites that offer ATV lift kits for several brands and models of ATVs as well as several parts and accessories. If you wish to strike out on your own and try to look for even better deals, be certain that you include as much information as possible about the ATV lift that you are looking for. Say, if you know a model, then add it as a search term. By getting more specific, your search is sure to yield just the ATV lift kits that you desire.

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