Apr 042024

You’ve never been to Colorado, but have just decided that you’ll follow your instincts and travel there for your next vacation. There are several resort towns to choose from; some sound posh, others more welcoming to families, but they all sound nice. Your eyes scan the map, and then settle on a little dot in the northwest corner. Steamboat Springs. Hmmmm, it sounds quaint, a little rustic, and somehow friendlier than some of the other towns. That’s it, you’ve decided. This is the place you’re going to go.

Excellent choice, daydreamer. Your gut has led you to the right spot for alpine beauty and awesome activities within a charming, historic, small-town setting. Steamboat Springs, also known as Ski Town, USA, is as grounded as a place can be considering it exists at such a high altitude. The people are nice, the views are enchanting, and you’ll never suffer a dull moment thanks to all the outdoor pursuits and indoor diversions.

Let’s say you’re visiting during the summer, a fine time to capitalize on the mild weather, abundant sunshine, and boundless energy of the town. You’d like to attend some of the festivals that seem to go on for much of the year, and perhaps learn to kayak. Also, there are rumors of a strange contraption that combines a trampoline with bungee jumping, and as you’ve always been too afraid to jump off a cliff with your ankles tied to what amounts to a giant rubber band, you think you’d like to give this slingshot-thingy a try.

You also heard that there are nearly 70 bars and restaurants to choose from in the town, and as going out to eat is one of your favorite parts of vacationing, you are looking forward to sampling the offerings that other people will be cooking. The city also has lots of shops that will provide you with those ever-important souvenirs, and a couple of museums that you’d like to spend some time in.

With all this in mind, it is important that you find a place to stay that will not only house you comfortably and allow you to forget about the rest of the bustling world, but will keep you connected to the town you are so interested in exploring. You want to feel relaxed and truly away from it all, but don’t want to have to drive around or take a shuttle on very many occasions, if at all. Can you really have it both ways?

Of course you can. It’s called renting a vacation home that is conveniently located to all that you want to see and do. This condo, cottage, bungalow, or whatever it is you decide on, can also have all the amenities you’ll need to keep you feeling comfortable, and if you like, as pampered as the movie stars staying in one of those other resort towns.

Picture a log cabin with an expansive deck overlooking a trickling creek. Vaulted ceilings, an oversized bathtub, and a deluxe barbeque grill might make you wish for a few more days away from your regular digs. Read a novel as you bask in the sun, walk to a nearby hiking trail, and enjoy a cocktail in your own kitchen. That was one afternoon…what will all the others hold?

Visit this prime property in winter or summer, but remember that some of the best deals are to be had in the “off” season. Basically, this is good for warm weather hikers and not so good for ski-bunnies, but with such a variety of properties to choose from, you should be able to find what you’re looking for at any point in the year. A winter visit might prove to be such a great time that you’ll return for a second helping of Steamboat Springs come summer, and obtaining the same condo for vastly discounted rates will make your trip just a little sweeter.

It sounds like your vacation fantasizing is really going to pay off. You let fate decide that you should go to Steamboat Springs, and now you’ll let your budget and your researching decide where to stay once you get there. Simply go online and peruse the many Steamboat Springs Vacation Rental options that exist out there, and get ready to fall into step with one of the warmest and most charming places in Colorado.

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