Feb 222024

Everybody knows that planning a nice get a way can be very expensive due to the cost of gas, the time of year, the location and food. Here are some tips to consider before packing up and hitting the road.

Make Plans Online

Many travel websites, such as www.orbitz.com, www.expedia.com and www.hotels.com offer great deals in airfare and hotel. They also offer packages that include airfare, hotel and a rental car. Consolidating all these options into one package is cheaper than paying individually for them in most situations.

Expedia is now featuring a New York City summer vacation package offering airfare plus three nights at the Milford Plaza located within one block of 14 Broadway theatres for as low as $527 a person. You have the option to ad a 90 minute harbor cruise for $22.

Orbitz is offering airfare plus three nights in Montego Bay, Jamaica for as low as $522 a person.

Road Trips

Rent a vehicle: If your travel destination is cross country, it may be smart to rent a car. Renting a car is cheaper than the wear and tear you would have to pay on the vehicle you own. Many car rental places offer coupons to upgrade to larger and more comfortable vehicles.

Eating out: Having to eat every single meal at a restaurant on a road trip can add up very quickly. Try taking advantage of the complimentary breakfast your hotel may be offering. Also, when you are choosing restaurants, see if they have a discounted children’s menu if you are traveling with the family or daily specials.

Attractions and Theme Parks: It may be smart to take advantage of multi-day passes, which is way cheaper than buying single day passes each day. Universal Studios Orlando has a package that offers unlimited admission to both Universal Orlando theme parks for up to five consecutive days for two adults and two kids. A three day rental car from Dollar Rental Car is included in the package. This offer is available for $139 per adult. Also, if you have infants, bring your own stroller to these theme parks. Renting strollers can cost you up to $10 a day.

Purchases: Everyone knows when they bring their children on a vacation, everything they lay their eyes on; they want you to buy it for them. Set aside a certain amount of money for the kids to spend. If you do that, they will have to make tough decisions on what they want and will make them spend their money more carefully. As for you adults, why pay $8 for a cocktail pool side when you can purchase alcohol at a nearby neighborhood store? You can make cocktails in your hotel room and pour into a plastic cup to bring down to the pool.

Check out other attractions: You do not have to spend every minute of your vacation at a theme park. Try less expensive attractions. Go visit the local museum or take a tour of the city. Site seeing can sometimes be more enjoyable than sardine packed theme parks, plus they are a lot less expensive.

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