Feb 102024

Feng shui is an ancient art, science, and philosophy that has been practiced in china for thousands of years. It works with the chi, meaning life force or energy, of heaven, humans, and earth, and is often referred to as acupuncture in space. Acupuncture deals with chi inside our body, if it moves too quickly or is stagnant, it will eventually cause a physical symptom. Similarly if the chi in our environment is not balanced, then the natural flow of our lives will be disrupted.

There are several systems employed by Feng Shui practitioners to analyze the heaven chi of an environment. Many of these involve complex calculations using a Chinese Lopan for compass directions with important dates factored in such as when a building was built and when its occupants were born. Other unseen influences include electromagnetic fields (manmade) and geopathic stress (naturally occurring). A professional is required to analyze the heaven chi, as its influences are unseen. Earth chi is much more easily observed in our surroundings since it includes visible aspects such as land formations, roads, walls, doorways, furniture, and room design.

Clutter is a common cause of stagnant chi in a home or workplace and causes a variety of problems ranging from feeling stuck, tired, or depressed, to creating obstacles for wealth, romance, and opportunity in your life. Clutter exists in many forms including anything that is broken, unused, unloved, unfinished, or too many objects in a space. Clearing clutter will enable chi to flow more easily and will create space for new things to come into your life.

As awareness of Feng Shui grows in the western world the use of crystals and mirrors as “cures” has gained in popularity. Used incorrectly these items may double or multiply a negative influence, such as clutter, in your environment. In many cases it is not what you add, but what you remove that will bring about the most beneficial results.

The springtime is an ideal time to assess your surroundings and eliminate clutter. The season of spring is infused with rising chi. This can be observed in the heavens, which provide longer hours of daylight and on the earth where new plant growth emerges. The energy of spring is that of movement and action. It is an excellent time to initiate the changes in your environment that will enable wonderful opportunities to manifest in your life.

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