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The origin of aromatherapy can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It was used in both ritualistic and medicinal practices. Even the Chinese medicinal practices are rich in cures with essential oils in acupuncture, massage, inhalations and baths. The ancient Indian medicinal system also deals a lot with the medicinal oils. Many aroma cures are practiced in homes and has become a part of common home remedies. Knowledge of aroma therapy and its scientific basis started after a French Chemist Gattefosse showed that essential oils can penetrate the skin and mingle with the extra-cellular liquids of the body which are then carried to the different organs. Other research has shown that the olfactory nerves that react to smell are directly connected to the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus controls the endocrine system which regulates growth, and other activities such as heart rate, breathing, digestion, body temperature and hunger.

Basics of aromatherapy

Aroma of oils is extracted from various herbs and plants which help to bring the mind and body into a state of equilibrium. It helps in healing various metal and physical ailments. This oil from which the aroma is taken is known as essential oils which can be used to treat many ailments like depression, stress, arthritis, back problems, muscle aches, head aches, colds, sinus problems, skin disorders, asthma, digestion problems, etc. The essentials oils are many and information on the essential oils and aromatherapy info can be obtained from the internet. These essential oils evaporate easily and are used in many air fresheners. A vapouriser, potpourri burner, heating the oil on the stove or placing a few drops in steaming water can create a distinct mental and emotion atmosphere. Pure essential oils are extremely concentrated and are volatile. Most of these oils contain vitamins and minerals, some are natural antiseptics where as others exhibit hormone like properties.

How to use these Essential Oils

Make your own perfume by adding these oils to other oils so that it does not evaporate fast. You could also add it to pure alcohol (ethyl) and use it like a perfume.
Water is used in therapy quite often and using oils in bath tub while having a bath enhances the power of the oil. Do not add any other substance (foam, soap or other oils) to the water. Just add about 9 or 10 drops of essential oils and relax. The oil is absorbed into the skin and inhalation of the vapor is added benefit. For children and babies be sure to reduce the quantity of oil.
You could also take a cotton and dab it with a little bit of oil and keep it in the room you are working in. Putting a drop or two of oil in the dust bin and in other vantage points in the room will permeate the entire room with the pleasant aroma.
In case you are to use it for colds and inflammation of the sinus. Steamers that are made especially for aromatherapy can help. These steamers are used even for other ailments. Application of the oil on the affected part is said to be beneficial in many remedies like arthritis, muscle aches etc.

Herbs for Aroma therapy

Aromatherapy stress reduction oils and some essentials herbs of aromatherapy for ailments are given below.


    Colds, coughs and related ailments of the lungs
    Nervous tension, hysteria and related mental ailments


    Regular colds, coughs, bronchitis, asthma etc.
    Relaxants for Insomnia, depression and nervous tension

Cedar wood

    Treat oily skin, acne, scalp disorders


    Helps in colds, coughs, bronchitis, etc.


    A known aphrodisiac it is used to rejuvenate the nervous system, reduce rheumatic pains and improves appetite.


    Used in acidity, arthritis, anemia and cough and colds
    Reduces pain when applied on the spot of an insect bite


    Used in ailments like bronchitis, colds etc.
    Used in skin care


    Effective in arthritis, bronchitis, burns, colds, dandruff and skin care.
    Brings clarity of thought and has a placid effect on the nervous system

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