Jan 232024

Content writing is an art of striking a perfect balance of targeted web content and the targeted audience. Ultimately this balance helps in overall enhancement of web business. Once you have got the website designed the next task on the cards is to include proper content writing. The main aim of content writing is to establish solid relation between targeted web content and corresponding increase in web business. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that content writing has direct relevance with the central theme of web site. It clearly demarcates the loopholes between the extremities of a loosely-focused content and one that is too tightly focused. Each and every website stands on two solid pillars that are attracting traffic and conversion to sale. Thus, it is essential to have proper content writing effectively addressing at least one of the two, but preferably both depending on type of web business.

But in order to understand the real relevance of content writing lets take an example of two websites preferably travel-related sites. First, website is of a travel agency whose business is to sell tour packages to interested tourists. The website carries pictures and pictorial description of various places. Also it narrates the prime landmarks to visit in each destination, dealing briefly on historical events associated with each. Apart from that it also focuses on tour packages, stressing on benefits in terms of cost and service vis-à-vis other agencies. In short the website contains everything an online viewer look for. Furthermore, the content written is more tilted toward conversion to sale while attempting to attract traffic.

Whereas the second travel website is mainly operated by a travel infopreneur. He also deals on same geographical area as that of travel agency’s. Still that travel agency deals in tour packages and the infopreneur simply provides lot of information about the place. So what can be the content writing tricks for him? The infopreneur’s website need to have loads of relevant content writing that too updated time to time. Also his website should include such details like the people who inhabit the place, their culture, the local art and crafts, and so on. Thus, the crux is that content writing differs according to central theme of web site as well as nature of web business.

Both are the travel websites but carry different theme thus, relevant content writing should be done as per the theme of the website. The central theme of the website should be kept in mind while content writing which is very important. It is only then you can reap maximum benefits out of it.

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