Jan 122024

As mobile phones have become a part of everyday life with more and more people enjoying the service and extra freedom they provide. Their popularity has prompted Zaxx, a UK division of Zaxx Worldwide, (part of the Zaxx Global Group) – also leading UK online store – to offer mobile phone accessories at discounted rates.

“Our customers deserve the best technology at the lowest available cost as well as the best accessories at the greatest value.” Says Lee Werrell, CEO of Zaxx Industries; “all of the popular makes, genuine and replacement parts can be obtained at some of the lowest prices on the net.” He explained.

These mobile phones accessories’ add-value to mobile phones as well as helping personalise, customise and make a statement for the owner– making them a lifestyle item. Some of the accessories that are immensely popular, amongst shoppers of gifts (both personal and private) items all over the UK, are:

Hard-Plastic Holster: This stylish swivel holster enables the mobile phones user to attach the phone on his/her belt. This holster enables the mobile phones to turn round instead of jabbing at the waist. Plastic prongs secure the phone to the belt clip and ensures safety and convenience. This holster can come with a swivel belt clip.

Mobile Phone Leather or neoprene Case: A genuine leather (in an array of colours) or neoprene (wet suit material) case encloses the mobile phone and protects it against scratches and normal wear and tear. This case can be attached to a belt clip and easily carried around.
Car Charger: This lightweight and easy-to-carry charger is ideal for re-charging your mobile phones in the car. You can also recharge your MP3 player in the car with our range of chargers.

The Bluetooth Headset: This headset is a trendy Hands-free kit with LED display and voice dialling functions. Also available, fitted and working, is the Bluetooth car kit, at only £229!
We have on offer a diverse range of mobile phone & Ipod/MP3 accessories that can be ideal Christmas gift options for loved ones. We are committed to providing you the newest lifestyle items at discounted rates.

The latest Mobile Phone Deals can be obtained through our service orientated subsidiary site, zaxx.2u.co.uk. Ringtones, pictures and backgrounds for mobile phones can be located at zaxx.polyphonic-ringtone-ringtones.com. The latest Java Games can be seen and purchased at zaxx.play-java-games.com.

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