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You’ll find home selling tips for houses, town homes, villas, and condominiums, scams to keep away from, how to opt a seller’s real estate agent, what to set in your contract, real estate agent tricks to watch out for, and negotiating tips for dealing with tough buyers. We’ll also assess such as Home Gain which help you locate a real estate agent in your area based on the marketing package that they put forward to sell your house.

Great Expectations

Many sellers have unrealistic expectations for their property value, particularly on condominiums and townhouses. These types of property at least here in Florida do not seize their value very well, and very few of them only appreciate. Often the builders of new condos and townhouses charge buyers too much money and when the buyer resells years later, they are stunned to observe how much value their unit lost. They will have a rigid time selling their condo, especially if the maintenance fees are high.

So how do you price your home?

There are three tools to use, a property appraiser, a listing real estate agent, and a record of recent home selling prices in your neighborhood. If you chose your listing agent shrewdly and they have knowledge in your neighborhood, they can steer you to a ball park selling price, then the appraiser will fine tune that number, and you can utilize a list of current selling prices as a sanity check.

Pretty it up before you list it!

Before you turn your home over to the listing agent, make sure it’s in its best form. First impressions count and the first thing buyers see are your front lawn and garden. Make sure your lawn and trees are fertilized about 2 weeks before you list the house. Also make certain that the lawn is in good shape, and has a perfect edge along the perimeter, make sure the garden looks nice, with no weeds, and repair any cosmetic damage to the house that can be seen from the outside. Replace your AC filter and any other filters that might be checked during the inspection process. Remove any excess rugs and furniture to make the rooms look bigger.

How To Interview And Hire A Real Estate Agent:

You want much more from them than just listing your house on MLS and waiting for results, you want a full scale media blitz. By using popular home buying sites like Home Gain, you are pitting local real estate agents against one another to compete for your business. The agent with the best marketing plan wins. Since agents know that there are other agents competing for your business, you’ll get some aggressive marketing plans presented to you. Make sure your house is advertised with color photos wherever possible, and make sure it’s outlined in your Real Estate Agent’s marketing contract that there will be color photos. Buyers love open houses and half the fight in selling your house is just getting buyers to come look at it.

Stay away from long term contracts!

Do not sign long term exclusive agent contracts. Any decent agent should have your house sold in 90 days in a good market. In fact if they really are as good as the picture they painted for you, they should have your house sold in no time. Only with a 90 day listing period, you put the pressure on your Real Estate Agent to do some work and sell your house.

Have a good Internet marketing plan to sell your home!

Many people don’t just comprehend that by adding your home listing to a regional online classifieds, it could get picked up by the major real estate portals sites like Home Gain. Big real estate portals are signing regularly that deals with MLSs and regional home listings for presenting their listings when users of the portals search for a house. Internet listings are crucial to get your house sold, especially to out of town buyers who are unfamiliar with your area, and your listing is the only one they know. Real estate portals sites like Home Gain are good if you live in a questionable area where picky buyers in your city don’t want your house, but ignorant buyers from out of town don’t know any better.

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