Dec 182023

When the sweetest of deals fall into our laps unannounced,

should you pass it up? Definitely not, however, if you are

finding low levels of financial resources, you may have to

get a little creative in terms of financing. When you are

looking to finance your investment property creatively, you

have come to the right place. Here you will discover different

and creative methods of financing your deals. If you do not

want to use these methods, they will definitely get the

creative juices flowing, at the very least.

Need a loan? Consider No Doc or Low Doc

These are perfect for those who have little documentation

that proves the extent of your income or creditworthiness.

Furthermore, it is particularly beneficial to those that

work at home. A no doc or low doc loan works exactly as

it sounds. Depending on the specific type, you will either

be required to present very little documentation or none at

all. There is a downside to these particular types of loans

however, you will probably only receive the loan for around

80% of the value or purchasing price of the investment


A Friend in Need, is a Friend Indeed

Being creative in financial deals, means pulling all of your

resources together, this could mean talking to your friends.

Your friends may be the answer to all of your financial issues.

They could be looking for an investment property, just like

you, this could be a great solution for the both of you. You

should, however, ensure that your friend is someone you have

full trust in and know extremely well. How would it work? Well,

both of you would place money to go towards the down payment;

therefore, you both would have an investment property. Each of

you would also have a hold and say so in both the mortgage and

the title.

Family for Life

Family members are often an excellent resource when it comes

to financing an investment property. Many people really do not

want to go to there family and ask them to give you money. However,

you could take a different approach instead of asking them for a

gift or a handout consider asking for a loan. Much like a bank,

only these are your family members. You should always offer to

pay the loan back, within a specific period of time, at a

predetermined rate of interest.

Remember this is an investment for them as well, an investment

in you. Therefore, you should make the offer of paying back with

interest. It is highly likely as a family member, that they will

refuse the offer of interest and just want the initial sum paid

back, but you should never assume and always make the offer.


What should you do when you have run out of financial resources,

but you have a sweet deal on the table for investment property?

Get creative!

Article written by Brooke Hayles.

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