Dec 042023

Probably everyone by now has at least heard about eBay or Amazon, right? These companies are still capturing the majority of the e-commerce market among other sites such as and for you technology buffs,, and All of these sites of course generate large revenues in online retail.

E-tailers: Shopping Comparisons
Sites like, and actually will give you the best deal by comparing the prices of major retailers like Sports Authority, Target, Macys, Barnes & Noble and JC Penny. A major goal of of is to offer consumers the best deals and make the shopping experience easy. Instead of spending the time of researching every site for the best deals, try one of these online comparison sites. They will do all the work for you and find you the best deal.

Take Advantage on Shipping Deals
Most of the major online retailers offer discounted shipping or even free shipping if you buy a certain product or spend a certain amount of money. Also, after Thanksgiving heading into the holidays, many online retailers will offer free shipping and giftwrap services.

Check Coupon Sites
Check sites like, and These sites offer all kinds of discounts to major retailers. offers up to 30 percent off on groceries and travel. You can even print out coupons and drive to the retailer to purchase merchandise. These sites also offer freebies and free samples of products that are not on the market yet.

Try is an online retailer that has partnerships with many brand-name companies. Their relationships with these companies allow them to purchase product at huge discounts. takes advantage of the products that the major manufacturers overestimate for their yearly sales. buys those products at below wholesale price. Also, takes advantage of stores that are moving or downsizing. If this is the case, these products that the stores don’t want will be sold to also at a below wholesale rate. Then they pass their discounts to the consumers. The site claims it can save you up to 80 percent every day, which is true after looking at a deal for iPod/mp3 speakers normally listed at $59.99, selling for $12.95, which is a savings of 78 percent. .

Is Online Shopping Now Safer?
The answer to the question is yes. It is now safer to shop online. According to an article on, e-commerce is actually much more secure than real-world commerce. When you leave your credit card receipt on a restaurant table or give your credit card number to a telephone operator, you’re accepting the risk that things you didn’t order might appear on next month’s bill. Yet when you enter a credit card number on a reputable e-commerce site, you’re sending it over a secure connection to a server that’s accessible only to authorized personnel and protected against even the most determined intruders. Just make sure you shop with a reputable company that verifies that payment button is encrypted. Many sites will have padlock emblems verifying this. Pay Pal, which is a payment system made most popular from eBay, has state-of-the-art encryption that protects your information from cyber thieves. You don’t have 100 percent protection while shopping online, but your odds are not as great being a victim of identity theft as you are lead to believe.

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