Nov 142023

Maumelle State Park, one of the natural treasures of Arkansas, is hidden in the Pinnacle Mountain Valley not far from the city of Little Rock; and as part of a 2000-acre site, it is undoubtedly one of the top locations for a nature enthusiast to frequent while in the area. Visitors will find a number of remarkable activities to partake in, the most popular of them being hiking; and with various trails to explore, two of which ascend to the breathtaking, one-thousand-foot high summit of Pinnacle Mountain, the experience certainly makes for awe-inspiring views and a peaceful sort of adventure.

While at Maumelle Park, visitors can look forward to encountering diverse types of wildlife in various habitats. And with a countless assortment of beautiful birds perching atop trees and in bushes, the area is especially ideal for bird-watching.

Aside from a remarkable means of recreation, the park also offers special educational programs which aim to build awareness of the environment and its preservation. And moreover, guests can pay a visit to the nearby Arkansas Arboretum, a 71-acre site which exhibits native flora representing Arkansas’ six main natural divisions.

The 129 campsites at Maumelle Park are all equipped with water and electricity, making the park an ideal destination for extended camping trips; and visitors will also find loads of picnic areas and pavilions, some of which are right along the Arkansas River’s banks. There is even a boat ramp and a playground for children to play in.

However, if you love nature but prefer the comforts of a hotel to those of a tent, you have various hotel options to consider, such as the Hilton Doubletree, which will enable you to take advantage of urban and natural life together. As Maumelle Park is only a fifteen-minute drive away from Little Rock, you can sleep at a hotel while spending your days taking in the splendours of beautiful scenery and clean mountain air. And if you’re travelling with a group or your family, you’ll most likely be able to find some great package deals on offer.

So with all the gorgeous mountains, valleys, woodlands and plains, it’s no wonder that Arkansas is nicknamed ‘The Natural State’ – and it certainly comes as no surprise that so many flock to its parks to gain a bit of peace, relaxation, and pure natural splendour.

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