Oct 272023

Unlike with regular desktop PCs, you should think about recommending that your clients buy the maximum extended warranty coverage on any notebook PCs they purchase. The cost of replacing any item on notebook PCs can be extremely expensive, and the financial threat of having to deal with a hard drive failure or replacement of the LCD screen is enough to make warranties worth the cost.

Replacement Costs

Notebook PCs have LCD screens that are created especially for each individual notebook. To replace a regular 17″ or 19″ monitor out of warranty a client would typically be able to find a suitable item at a local retail store for about $200-$300. However, the LCD screens of notebook PCs are usually never stocked in stores. Replacing it, with labor, assembly and cost of the part could be easily $1,000 or more.


Before you direct clients towards notebook PCs and warranties, ask them and the provider of the warranties the following questions:

1. Are the notebook PCs your clients own used more in the office or in the field? Can you get a copy of the notebook PC warranty?
2. What are the differences between the notebook PC warranty and the desktop PC warranty?
3. Does the warranty include or exclude any hardware parts?
4. Are there restrictions on the warranty for LCD panel or hard drive replacement?
5. What is the length of the included warranty coverage? Is the PC vendor the one that deals with the extended warranty?
6. If the extended warranty is given to a third party and the third party goes out of business, will the warranty be taken over by the PC vendor?

Because replacement of the hard drive and LCD screen on notebook PCs can be expensive, the extended service plan is the best option for your clients. Keep in mind that the expensive nature of repairs is the reason that extended warranties on notebook PCs are typically a lot more expensive than those for desktop PCs.

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