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Germany has a rich cultural heritage. Before the late 19th century, Germany was a collection of individual fiefdoms and regions. This history is reflected in the country’s cultural diversity.

Why Should I Learn About German Culture?
The reasons for learning about German culture and German life are the same as for learning the culture of any language group. Learning German language and culture is useful to:
+ broaden personal knowledge
+ make yourself more marketable at work by speaking a foreign language
+ increase career prospects
+ help you get around when on holiday.

What About Business?
Learning about German culture is also essential for those who travel to Germany on business. There are many courses designed to help business people learn cultural customs and language relating doing business in Germany. These courses cover areas such as:
+ meetings
+ negotiations and deals
+ telephone conversations
+ making presentations
+ travel vocabulary
+ money and banking
+ the business environment

How Can I Learn About German Culture?
One of the best ways to learn about German culture is to travel in Germany. Travel is a good way of learning about the cultural traditions of cities as diverse as Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and many others. These cities showcase aspects of German culture such as museums, beer, wine and food festivals, theatre and music, and so on.

Another useful way of learning about German culture is to study in Germany. Study in Germany allows students to appreciate German culture from the inside. Not only will people learn the German language from native speakers, but they will have the chance to share social and cultural events with native speakers of German. This is an excellent method of learning about German culture and language.

What Do Courses In German Culture Cover?
Courses in German culture will cover areas such as history, geography, music, dance, literature and the arts in general. Other aspects of German culture include food and drink. Studying German culture is a key aspect of learning German, as language and culture go hand in hand.

Other Options For Learning German Culture
Another way of learning about German culture is to take part in an exchange program. This has the benefit of immersing the learner in the German language in a home setting. This makes it easy to learn everyday language for daily communication and provides an inside view of German culture. Exchange programs can range from a few weeks to nearly a year. Some students taking German in other countries find this a useful addition to their language courses. Those students may choose to teach their native language in return for the chance to live in and travel through Germany.

Once you have learned about German language and culture, you’ll be ready to travel not just in Germany but in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, and parts of the US and South America where German is still spoken.

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