Sep 272023

How to Dig Google Adsense Part 3 of 15 deals with google adsense ad formats. The question going through every one’s mind is what google adsense format can I use in order to get the best earnings out of my website? The answer of course is all but impossible as each website is different. So how do you find the best ad format for your website, well there are a couple of steps you have to through in order to make sure you do get the best earnings from google adsense.

Couple of Suggestions

Google adsense formats are ever changing as a matter of fact a new one just came out called the 200×200 ad unit. Generally on the world wide web there are a couple of “secret”, as one might call them, ad formats that seem to work wonders no matter what website they are put on. But keep in mind that these are only suggestions according to popularity, and the Internet tends to have a single style of web page format call it a “classic”. That is the navigation on the left and the content on the right. So if your website is new or somewhat different these might be completely useless. Now the popular google adsense ad formats are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 inline rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper for blogs. Keep in mind this is only the starting step if you want to keep exploring and see if you can earn more you should keep on reading.

Your Very Own Ad Format

Google adsense was made for the Internet not just one kind of websites. This very fact should give you hope as every website has the potential to earn as money as any other website. And one of the very deciding factor is how the google adsense ad units look like to your visitors. One way to find what ad format works best for your website is comparing how each does using the google adsense custom reports. Using the google adsense custom reports you can try different formats and see which ones work best. Keeping in mind the time factor and also what I call the occurrence factor. Meaning if you have a blog keeping in mind that when you post a new post you get way more visitors meaning that your ad unit will get more views. So you should make sure the environment is as stable as possible for each google adsense ad format you try out.

Channel Your Ad Units

Google adsense gives you yet another way to test your ad formats to find out that gold making special one. The google adsense channels can be used to track each ad unit you have on your website. Cutting down on the time you have to take in order to test each web page. The channels can be used to run the google adsense ad units tests on each web page you have simultaneously. But remember to make each as descriptive as possible as per my article but add one more description; time.

Testing Two At A Time: Google Adsense A/B Testing

Google adsense A/B testing is a relatively new method rolled out by google adsense to try to ease the time it takes to figure out things such as which ad units earn the most for the user therefore earn more for google adsense itself. Google adsense A/B Testing Allows you to choose two ad formats or units and show them at the randomly at the same time on your website. This more than doubles your chance at finding the gold in google adsense.

Keep At It

Google adsense ad formats take a long time to perfect for some but others may get lucky. But for those of us who have to do it over and over again most likely we’ll end up spending hours perfecting the ad formats on each and every page. Don’t let this scare you this is just a necessity in order to find the ways to increase your google adsense earnings. As a matter of fact I almost always have to try out each google adsense ad format before I combine my results and see which one performed better. Remember to perform your test annually or even monthly if possible in order to stay relevant to your users, nothing is set in stone.

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