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Though we may all be vary of the little plastic cards in our wallets, using it has gradually become our best reflex action. No one’s complaining, since a credit card is convenient to carry, easier to use and useful when you fall short of cash. Imagine carrying cash in huge bundles, counting hundreds of notes when making a large payment or getting robbed. Additionally, what when you need to make an emergency purchase and don’t have the requisite money? … A credit card surely saves us a lot of trouble and makes payments much easier. A credit card is nothing but temporary money!

Owning a credit card today is more of a trend and less of a necessity. A credit card is used everywhere – in restaurants, banks, hospitals, educational institutions and in all regular shopping malls. It is ideal when it comes to making large payments. However, it can turn into a total menace when you’ve got too many of them…

Borrowing money from a bank, a financial institution or even a friend is never free; same is the case with credit cards. When we take money on credit i.e. on a credit card, we borrow money from a bank (or from a financial institution). While returning this money however, in addition to the basic amount borrowed, we are also charged interest that is usually quite exorbitant. This is why paying up a single credit card bill can extract quite a large part of your savings. Now imagine paying up several such credit card bills when you’ve got a bunch of them to deal with. Repaying many credit card bills, each with huge interest rates –different interest rates, different due dates, made out to different lenders, can get out of hand – not only financially but also with regard to it’s management. Here is where Credit Card Debt Consolidation fits perfectly.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation is a simple method. First, all your credit card dues are merged into a single unpaid amount. Here, the credit card holder takes a new consolidation loan of an amount more or less equal to the total credit card debt. The money availed from this Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan is used to pay off the existing consolidated credit card debt immediately.

Credit card interest rates are huge, it therefore makes sense that the Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan offer an interest rate much lower than that. This is why Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans have lower interest rates as compared to the very high interest rates charged on credit cards by the issuing companies. Only now, can the situation become affordable, manageable and logical to the borrower. Although with this kind of consolidation you are saved from those high penalties the credit card company levies, repayments must be made on time. A borrower can thus save a lot of money in the long run.

Another feature of Credit Card Debt Consolidation is that you no longer deal with your individual credit card companies. Now, instead of paying instalments to each of your lenders, the credit card holder pays instalments to only one lender – your Credit Card Debt Consolidation loan lender, who in turn deals with your prior lenders. Sometimes, he may also negotiate the interest rate or the total principal amount or even the loan term. You are now completely hassle free! I’m sure nothing can get better than that.

Some steps to make your credit card debt consolidation loan more effective:

•Planning a budget according to your income and sticking to it.
•Closing credit card accounts that you don’t use.
•Making cash purchases wherever possible or using debit cards.
•Transfer of balance to a credit card with the lowest interest rate.

Furthermore, Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans can be either secured or unsecured, i.e. with or without having to pledge collateral as guarantee against the borrowed amount. Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans are apt for homeowners, non-homeowners, employed and self-employed, etc. Bad credit, too, usually does not affect Secured Credit Card Debt Consolidation as the lender has already secured the loan with the borrower’s collateral. However, people with bad credit applying for Unsecured Credit Card Debt Consolidation requires a good track record. Portraying a sound repayment plan and a promising financial statement can get you the all you can ever want with Credit Card Debt Consolidation.

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