Sep 042023

LG KG920 is a high quality camera which has been designed keeping in mind of its imaging features. The mobile phone with its silver coloured casing looks simply astounding. The handset has two different faces, one face looks like a digital camera and the other side looks like a mobile phone with simple and easy to access feature buttons. The handset comes with built-in memory with an additional 256 MB MiniSD memory cards for expansion. You can obtain the handset under LG KG920 deals in the UK.

LG KG920 handset is integrated with 5.0 mega pixels camera with xenon flash that helps you in taking crystal clear photos. You can also take self portrait photos easily as the camera lens rotates 180 degrees from its original position. And, say thanks to Xenon flash, you can take pictures at night also that will look as good as the real one.

Taking a video from LG KG920 is as easy as that of taking a photo. The video feature is same as that of camera but it gives a real life movie video recording. With video settings and video effects, you can get the finishing effect as you desire.

Enjoy the beautiful and soothing music in your LG KG920 handset. Simply press the MP3 button and the handset will open into music player mode. You can also control the music with the key pad or the remote control given with the mobile phones. The music player in the handset supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ file formats. Play the music in any of the given format and enjoy.

Transfer data from the LG KG920 handset to a PC using USB cable. Save as many photos as video in your handset without thinking about the storage capacity. The handset is having 256 MB MiniSD memory card additional storage.

You can obtain LG KG920 contact phone from the network service providers in the UK. There are different contact deals, choose that suits you most. Capture the moment with your LG KG920 camera phone and stay connected with the people all around the globe.

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