Aug 302023

A remortgage is an important financial decision and sufficient research is essential before applying for it. A remortgage lets you switch from the earlier mortgage option to one which offers you a better deal. A remortgage will help if exorbitant interest rates are a cause of worry. It will reduce monthly outgoings and help in debt consolidation as well.
Remortgages will also help raise additional finances by releasing equity on property. Individuals can choose between a remortgage loan deal from a different lender or change the existing deal with their lender depending on the offer. A remortgage helps consolidate all existing loans into one single affordable monthly payment and reduces outgoings. A remortgage loan is ideal for homeowners who want to raise money for home improvements, buy a car or need finance for any personal circumstances. Thinking of adding that extra room or buying a new car? Go ahead and apply for a remortgage loan.
Due to the relatively simple, flexible and risk-free nature of a remortgage loan, it is an increasingly popular option. But before choosing a remortgage loan, it is important to review one’s current mortgage. When considering a UK remortgage loan, check the current interest rates and opt for remortgage when the interest rate drops at least 2% lower than current interest rate. Largely controlled by Bank of England base rate, there will be fluctuations in variable interest rates of mortgage which one must look out for. Individuals also need to consider how long they are planning to stay in the house. This is because they need to stay long enough to recover the costs of remortgaging the home loan.

Quite often, remortgage is an option for anyone who wants to cut costs in their mortgage deal. It is possible to save up to £100 to £200 every month depending on the remortgage deal. It has also been seen as a way of consolidating debts and reducing monthly outgoings.

The simplicity of remortgage is surprising! The whole process does not take longer than 4-6 weeks. A remortgage loan helps revamp your mortgage deal to the individual’s convenience. One might have to bear an arrangement fee from the new lender but most lenders will be willing to pay a part of or all the legal fees. Redemption charges are a percentage of loans paid or interest rate for a few months and it is left up to individual’s to decide whether they are ready to pay redemption costs. Remortgage loans are a cost effective option even after having paid all the fees.
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