Aug 242023

Apple, the company, is surely bringing in more sales. Not simply because many consumers in the market have gone purchasing the various products they offer – especially those very popular iPod gadgets. But this is not where the fun ends for the company. After all, it can now be seen that various vehicle manufacturers have gone running to Apple offices and make deals with the gadget creator.

So now you may ask, what exactly are these vehicle manufacturers after? Well, let us just simply say that these manufacturers would want to make deals with the gadget crafter so that they could have the very popular iPod integrated with new vehicles that they are currently manufacturing. With such a deal, it could also mean more sales for these vehicle manufacturers for customers would be choosing to purchase cars and vehicles that offer more high technology features and equipment – like the iPod – rather than simply having new styles of Mazda B16 pickup parts and the like added. Well, you do get the drift.

BMW has already gone ahead and added a new type of iPod interface all vehicles in their most updated BMW vehicle range since the brand has already been having iPod support in their vehicles, like the BMW 5 series, the BMW 6 series, and the BMW 7 series, since the year 2004. Its other brand, MINI, would also now be coming with such a new interface and would allow iPod owners to connect their gadgets to the vehicle. Owners of vehicles under these brands would simply need to connect their iPods to a cable that can be found in the glove compartment. And there is no need to use up the gadget’s battery because the cable has been designed to power the iPod.

A hatchback from the Seat brand would now also be coming iPod ready. This one is called the Seat Ibiza 1.4 DAB Special Edition vehicle which runs on a 1.4 liter engine with sixteen valves. Aside from simply offering owners connectivity to their iPods, this vehicle also has other entertainment features to offer owners.

Other vehicle brands which have gone iPod include Citroen, Audi, General Motors, Ford, and Mazda.

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