Jul 292023

Who is the top provider of digital satellite television
services in the world today? Direct TV has a viewing audience of more
than 16 million subscribers in the USA. Directv Satellite strives to
provide the best technology at the most affordable prices. Directv remains
the preferred provider of choice – offering the latest and best equipment
and the most affordable programming choices. These offers are superior
to Dish Network or Cable TV offers.

In keeping with their desire to maintain the top spot
in Customer Satisfaction, Direct TV continues their offer of state of
the art equipment and professional installation (all completely free)
and the best programming packages available. An added incentive is a
free Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to each new subscriber. Busy schedules
used to mean missed television programs – not any more. The DVR gives
one the ability to digitally record and store favorites (up to 70 hours)
on the hard drive. The slender remote contains features to Record, Pause,
Fast Forward, Rewind, and Skip Forward. Editing may include elimination
of commercials as well as creation of your own instant replays for showing
to family and friends. Live programming may be paused and resumed at
will. Video and audio programming is delivered in 100 percent digital
signaling via Directv’s fleet of orbiting satellites. It is then processed
through a home-based receiver where it is converted to either standard
or high definition (HD) resolution for projection onto the television
screen. Either format provides excellence in imaging with high definition
providing crystal-clear pictures with accompanying Dolby surround sound.
High definition is state of the art television viewing and is often
compared to a theater-like viewing experience.

Excellence in superb programming choices is a valued
feature of Directv Satellite TV, and variety is the spice of life. From
155 to more than 250 channels, Directv’s variety of channels is divided
into three packages – Total Choice, Total Choice Plus, and Total Choice
Premier. There is something sure to please each member of the family.
Packages contain exciting sorts, local channels, news and informational
channels, family and children’s selections, pay-per-view events, arts,
entertainment, and XM Satellite music channels. Lineups are diverse
with each containing more channels when compared to lineups costing
the same from other providers. Specialty sports are exceptional with
exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, and others. Direct TV’s
International service includes selections in different languages and
sports programming exclusive to international events – Cricket, Soccer,
Lacrosse, and more.

TV Offers
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