Jul 282023

How To Dig Google Adsense Gold Part 5 of 15 deals with where to position google adsense ads. Your google adsense ad unit positions are one of the most deciding factor on whether a user will click your google adsense ads or just plain ignore them. The home of your google adsense ads is worth days and weeks of tweaking to get exactly where they will earn you the most money. This is where you should ask yourself these five questions:

1. What kind of content do I have on my website?
2. What does my users do when they are visiting my website?
3. What places can I expect my users to focus their attention on?
4. How do I make my ads useful and not intrusive?
5. How do I keep my website looking as good as it was without the google adsense ads?

Using google adsense tools

Google adsense realizes that placement of your google adsense ads is a very important factor of your potential earnings. So they naturally have come up with great tools to help out. The first google adsense tool you need to check out is your google adsense channels. They will tell you how each of your google adsense ads are doing individually so you know which position is pulling you the most adgold. Next up is the google adsense custom reports; designed to give you daily or weekly even monthly stats of each and every one of your google adsense ad units. This way everything is delivered to your email with important information. Another useful thing about google adsense custom reports is the fact that you can compare them and see how your ads have been doing over time. Which is important because your user base may change making your previously carefully selected google adsense ad positions, useless against these new users. And of course the google adsense ad formats with them you can customize exactly how long or big your google adsense ads should. This is good since some high paying positions may be too small or too big for certain ad formats, for example your navigation. And last but least the google adsense color palettes knowing which colors compliment or blend in with your content will increase your earnings exponentially. Now all these tools can help you find the perfect position if used carefully and considering many outside factors. For example the fact that no matter how great a position, people are different it may attract some users and annoy others, just keep in mind the majority.

Google adsense heatmaps

Google adsense has released a lot of heatmaps over the years in an attempt to try pinpoint where exactly is the best positions for your google adsense ads. Even though each website is different there are certain areas that are just common sense that are sometimes guaranteed to work. The hotter the colors the better the google adsense position so red is good while white is the worse. There three main kinds: general, blogs, and forums:


The general heatmap indicates that the best google adsense position is on the top of your main content.


The forum heat map shows that the best placement in forums is in the navigational aid where most of your users will often look. But forums users are tricky because most of them skip the header and jump right to the thread. And putting ads right in the middle of a discussion is downright annoying and intrusive; this may prompt the user to ignore the google adsense ads. So instead put one instead at the bottom of the last post in a thread that way this offers the user more choices when the discussion is finished. Keep in mind however that most of your traffic will be returning daily so either intelligently blend your google adsense ads or use image ads to keep thing fresh.


The blog heat map illustrates that underneath your posts is where you should put your google adsense ads. Blogs are notoriously hard to accommodate google adsense ads for since they contain so much content to draw the user’s attention. So first things first give your google adsense ads a blog title to make them stand out a bit but be sure to blend the rest of the ad unit to your content. But blogs more than make up their difficulty by offering a great way to diversify your google adsense ads. You can use the google search for example as your default search engine. You can also use refer ads when lining to google adsense. Not to mention that since blogs have a lot of content they are perfect for google adsense section targeting this way you can point to where exactly google adsense will look for content on your google adsense ads.

Remember nothing is set in stone these are just merely suggestions really.

Keep Them Close To Home

Google adsense ads tend to perform better when they are directly in your main content or under it. When it’s say on the side of the content like in an article a user sees them as they are reading the content. Under the content it serves the user when they are done reading after they are done, they want to find out more about the subject and google adsense ads will present an easy way for you to gain money from them exiting your website. It doesn’t matter anyway since 90% of users when they are done with the main content move on to other websites so why not earn money from them leaving?

Guide Them

A good starting position to test which google adsense position earns you the money is the navigational menu. You know and I know that the first a user does after arriving at a website is check the menu to see what else you have on your website. So right there and then is when you can grab them, so even though they don’t find anything useful in your navigational menu they earn you some gold right there. Any skyscraper will do for this.

It Takes Time

Google adsense ad unit positioning takes a lot of patience and time along with it. So don’t let all the frustrations that go along with it stop it’s a great way to increase your google adsense gold, if and when you do it the right way.

Thank You

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