Dealing With Interuptions

Jul 122023

Overcoming Interruptions in the Home Office


I have too many interruptions and can’t keep everyone out of my office. I never get things finished. When, kids come home from school for the summer or holidays, it adds another challenge of disruptions meaning less time for work.

This weeks question deals with the many question I received about how to handle interruptions.


Any time an unscheduled event or something happens causing your attention to go off focus from what you are currently doing is considered an interruption. Knowing how to effectively manage your time can help you in dealing with interruptions.

Disorganization and people are the two major causes of interruptions. A few suggestions on organizing your environment can be found in a series called “Tackling the Clutter Monster” . Today’s questions address the people interruption. Some of the very reasons why you choose to run a home office become a major source of not getting anything done.

Time Management and Summer Interruptions

How to Handle Holiday and Summer Interruptions

Holiday’s and summer causes a natural slowness in many businesses. Unless your business thrives during these times, why not take advantage of this natural cycle. Summer is a good time to take assessment of the past six months and make some midcourse corrections. End of the year holiday season is an excellent time to wrap up the year and plan for the next.

Let’s get realist about the fact that kids home from school may take away hours once devoted to business.
Their ages will determine the demand they put on your schedule. Adjust your business schedule. Let your clients know ahead of time about the changes.

For Example: Establish summer business hours. Start later and or close sooner. The last thing I wanted to do was work my “normal” business schedule during the summer. Summer is too short here in Cleveland, Ohio to spend it all day cooped up in the office. My daughter and would spend the mornings together at the zoo or head down to University Circle and hang out at the different of museums.

Take your office outside. Put together a portable “mini-office” that can travel to the pool, park or the backyard deck. You can get some work done while the kids are playing. Even though Allyce is away at college now, I still head outside with my portable office.

Don’t fight the changes that summer and holidays cause in your normal business routine… work with them to your advantage. However you still need to maintain your business or summer and holiday interruptions can cause the momentum to stop. While you may work less business hours, make those business hours really work for you.

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