Jul 102023

Mobilejuice introduces the bold and stylish MacSleeve Jungle, to protect your MacBook securely with its signature bright colours and sleek packaging suitable for all tastes and ages.

The MacSleeve Jungle is targeted at fashion conscious people especially students who want to protect their precious MacBooks in style. The Mobilejuice design team devised the crinkled texture to enhance its uniqueness and look. The bold colours attract all tastes and ages, allowing them to escape the conventional and boring black laptop cases, and yet sturdy enough to provide optimum protection. Also, the colourful unique animal logos are designed for people who want to make a fashion statement with their laptop case.

The MacSleeve Jungle features lightweight, sturdy, water resistant material, with double padding for added protection. The inner lip improves security and prevents your MacBook from getting scratched by the zippers.

This unique and modern case is available in 4 colours – red, orange, and black with either orange or red piping, uniquely named Tough, Stained, Wrinkled and Bold. It is suited especially for the 13.3″ MacBook.

This funky latest addition to Mobilejuice’s array of laptop cases follows the success of their previous innovative and practical inventions, MacSleeve Color and MacSling.

Mobilejuice is a Singapore based company, specialising in quality accessories for Mac/Apple products like Screenshield screen protectors and protective film for MacBook and MacBook Pro. They also have a large range of iPod cases and protective covers. Currently, they have business deals worldwide, including Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

To know more about Mobilejuice and their products, you can view their website at http://www.mymobilejuice.com.

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