Jul 062023

Regular visitors to Puerto Aventuras are downright secretive about it. It’s one of those places that has all the benefits of an amazing coastal vacation (with a bit of Mexican flair) yet it doesn’t have the overzealous party crowd, the trammeled portions of beach or the general sense of being overdone for the sake of not-so-savvy tourists. This perfect combination of refinement and refreshing seclusion makes for suspiciously silent devotees who don’t want this place to be ruined by too much attention, so here’s your chance to understand the real deal about Puerto Aventuras.

Fifty minutes south of Cancun and nestled between the Yucatan Peninsula hotspots of Playa del Carmen and Akumal, Puerto Aventuras sparkles with personality and beauty while providing its guests with an array of engaging activities. The wisest of the wise know that the best way to appreciate everything that’s going on here is to settle into a convenient and private vacation rental. This means that after escaping to a destination that’s tucked away from the main thoroughfare, you can take it to another level by hiding out in your own personal villa or beach house where the reach of noise and technology will not be able to reach you.

Go for utter luxury and rent a penthouse condominium if it’s been a while since your last vacation. Bring your loved ones along, the ones whose faces you don’t get to see enough of these days, and divvy up the bedrooms and bathrooms for a stay that will be comfortable and conducive to bonding. Exploring the beaches, including Fatima Bay, which is just a few steps outside your door will bring everyone together for swimming, suntanning and snorkeling sessions. Since your place is so close, it’ll be easy to return home for a snack or a nap without impeding any one else’s fun, a phenomenon you will come to appreciate. Vacationing with the family often involves much compromise and haggling as far as what to do and when to do it, but this time things will gel pretty easily.

Between sailing, fishing, shopping and tasting the local cuisine it’s possible to stay pretty busy outdoors, and with the game room, patio and nearby swimming pool that come as part of the vacation property deal, the idea of boredom will become a foreign one. Day trips are also possible if you feel like setting out on an adventure. A few miles south is the city of Tulum. The ancient Mayan ruins are a sight to behold, as are the pole flyers that congregate nearby nearly every day. Cozumel is also within a reasonable distance, so scuba divers will want to make the effort to visit this prime diving spot before returning to the safe haven that is Puerto Aventuras.

Vacation rentals sometimes scare travelers who think that this is an expensive route to follow or somehow “too much.” Not so. Travelers of all background are welcomed to take advantage of personalized accommodations and when the preparation process is begun early on, special deals often present themselves. Plus, when traveling with a group of friends or orchestrating a reunion of some kind, when the cost is divided up among everyone then a fabulous property can become a real bargain. It’s at least worth a look, so go online to investigate the Puerto Aventuras Vacation Rentals and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with one.

Before you know it, you just might be one of those people who come back from Puerto Aventuras with an inner glow and tight lips; you’ll have discovered a place that made you happy, and you don’t want the secret to spread too far.

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