Jul 042023

European markets are buzzing with the new weight loss drug called Acomplia. It’s being considered as a major breakthrough in weight management. The drug is already being sold in the European market and online pharmacies in UK are doing brisk business. Its French manufacturers Sanofi-Aventis are in discussion with FDA to market the drug in USA.

Acomplia is not just hype, it is backed with positive and encouraging clinical test results which scientists are sure will replicate themselves in the field too. Statistics indicate that clinical trial users showed 23% increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and 15% decrease in triglycerides. More than half of those who received a higher 20mg dose of Acomplia showed improved glucose tolerance and insulin levels.

For those who target waist reduction as a part of weight loss program, Acomplia brings good news. Significant waist reduction was achieved by users during specific trials. Further, those who lost weight using Acomplia were able to keep it away for a prolonged period lasting almost 2 years. This is a major improvement when compared to other weight loss pills.

Acomplia’s mode of action is simple and selective. It blocks CB1 receptors that normalise the EC (Endocannabinoid) System which in turn assists hunger management. Additionally Acomplia reduces cardiovascular risk in obese people.

During the clinical trials it was found that the selective targeting of CB1 receptors also had restraining effect on nicotine pangs. Obese people who in most cases are also heavy smokers will realise the dual good effect of Acomplia.

Acomplia diet pills like any other medication must be used under qualified medical supervision. You must consult your doctor before beginning on a course of Acomplia. Some mild side effects like nausea have been associated with Acomplia use.

Being a prescription drug Acomplia can be bought through an Online Acomplia Pharmacy. Such pharmacies exist in the UK and provide online consultation, prescription and home delivery services. You get cheap deals and value added services. In addition these pharmacies provide unbiased information about Acomplia and related issues.

Acomplia has shown best results when combined in a program involving healthy eating and physical exercise. Your determination remains the strongest factor in the whole weight loss program.

Fight obesity with Acomplia.

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