Jul 022023

It’s okay to admit that you want your vacation to be fun, relaxing, and efficient as well. It’s not a very romantic-sounding word, but if you’re traveling somewhere in the hopes of experiencing a good time, you want to be able to have it all without too much hassle. Thus, it would be smart to visit a place that’s filled with activities, restaurants, attractive scenery and a vibrant personality. A few destinations out there are able to pack all of these qualities into a reasonably cozy area, including Venice Beach, California. A fun-loving atmosphere dominates this quintessential coastal carnival town, and looking at the situation logically, it just makes sense to stop by for a few days.

The best of California – including surf spots, sweet beaches and fabulous sunsets – as well as a healthy dose of funkiness characterize Venice Beach. It is known for street performers, artistic influences, otherworldly canals and architecture, and a history of attracting hippies, beats and unconventional people of all kinds. This is a place that invites originality and nonconformity to flourish before a backdrop that will make you forget what your cubicle looks like, and the combination couldn’t be better.

Taking a stroll down Ocean Front Walk, the main drag, will show you everything you need to know about Venice Beach. From the tarot card readers to the musicians, the artisans to the hot dog vendors, the scene is bustling yet laid-back and blindingly colorful. It’s best to soak it all in slowly because it will take a while to properly appreciate this celebration of humanity, so give yourself adequate time to revel.

The beach itself will keep you entertained quite handily, too, so don’t forget your swimsuit. Paragliding, surfing, whale watching and sailing are just a few of the top picks, and there should be a spot with your name on it for kicking back and taking a snooze as the sound of the ocean lulls you into a state of deep repose. This is a perfect place to people watch and also to get a little exercise, so grab a pair of roller blades or a bicycle and embrace the healthy, youthful spirit of California.

Washington Boulevard is lined with scores of fabulous restaurants for your casual or fine dining pleasure, so grab a chair at a sidewalk café when the sun and the sea leave you in need of refreshment. Hopping bars and clubs are also a big part of the Venice Beach scenario, as are art galleries, theatres and musical performances. The place knows how to party.

Specialty stores will invite you to uncover the perfect antique to complement your living room or perhaps a special edition book that will complete your collection. Spas offer services that will make you feel truly pampered, and day trips to Los Angeles or Santa Monica will let you squeeze all you can from this trip to the Golden State.

Another way to achieve the maximum benefits of this getaway is to book a Venice Beach Vacation Rental. Follow your instincts towards a property that will house you in comfort and demonstrate more character and flair than a typical hotel room, and just as importantly, will offer an array of amenities that will make you feel right at home. The kitchen, WiFi, barbeque grill and patio will remind you of your regular digs, but the view of the beach will jolt you into admitting that you’re on a heck of a holiday.

Once you arrive in Venice Beach you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. The sights and sounds of the Pacific plus the incomparable atmosphere of a dynamic and vibrant city, and if you’re wise a unique vacation rental on top of all that, will equal an amazing trip. Start planning soon in order to find the best deals, and start counting down the days until you’re sitting pretty on the coast of southern California.

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