Jul 012023

Venice Beach adds a bit of fun and funkiness to the ultra-hip scene that Los Angeles consistently conveys. The beach is beautiful, the air is charged with energy, and there are enough diversions to fill a few blessed, work-free days. To top it all off, several adorable and inviting vacation rentals in the area have the potential to give a special touch of class to this trip and are available all year to all types of people.

Vacation rentals, especially when nestled on the beach, have the power to transport vacationers far, far away. This is a lovely thing when you’ve been working hard and running just to keep up, and most people find themselves surprised at how easy it is to unwind just by changing up the scenery and sleeping in a different bed, especially when the scenery is a vast beach and the bed is a pillow top with 500 thread count sheets.

This destination is known for being vibrant, cool and a little bit unrestrained. A carnival-like atmosphere pervades the classic beach setting, and canals and boardwalks add even more interest to the landscape. Street performers, tarot card readers, musicians and googly eyed people just like you take the vitality levels up another notch, and ambling around the buzzing streets and sandy stretches of coastline will surely revive your love for humanity, just in case you’ve been a little tired or disillusioned lately.

Back to the vacation rental; if you’re looking for a place that will breed romance and encourage privacy, check out a cozy one bedroom for you and your love. With enough room to feel pampered but not so much that you’re wasting space, your cottage by the Pacific could be the perfect way to add some spice back to the mix. Hit the hot tub, lounge on the garden patio, cook a scrumptious dinner or just see where the day takes you. It’ll be tempting to forget all about the hubbub that is Venice Beach and play house for a few days, perhaps with the occasional stroll on the beach or visit to a nearby watering hole, and this is just fine. Go against your usual behavior and make this vacation all about you.

Larger properties are also available if you have an entourage rather than a sole companion. Beach houses were meant to be filled with laughter and voices made light with excitement and energy, especially condos or villas that are all decked out with game rooms, dining areas, and spacious decks. Going to the shore or heading to the shops and diversions in the heart of Venice Beach will be just a matter of walking a short distance, so sightseeing doesn’t have to involve wrangling everyone into one spot, piling into the car, or catching some kind of shuttle or other. By the way, bicycles can be rented along with many vacation rentals, so in addition to walking you’ll also be able to ride your way around.

If the sound of swimming pools and flat screen TVs has you worried that you can’t afford to live the life of a rental occupant, think again. Periodic special deals mean good things for your pocketbook, and if you’re sharing the space with friends or relatives you’ll be able to divide the cost among everyone involved. Just think about everything that comes along with the package: a way to save on eating out, fewer transportation costs, no tips for the hotel staff…the list goes on and on. When it comes time to sit down and do the math, staying in a Venice Beach Vacation Rental will make good sense.

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