Jun 222023

If you don’t like carrying two devices like a PDA and a mobile phone, the Orange SPV M600 could just be for you. The Windows mobile 5.0 pocket device is a smaller format pocket PC.

The SPV M600 has a 2.8-inch QVGA display that is bright and also doubles as a viewfinder for the 2 Megapixel camera. The photographs are very clear in terms of sharpness and colour depth. The camera captures your favorite still and moving images and there is a digital zoom and rotating macro lens selector.

Apart from offering an excellent navigational pad and soft buttons, the orange SPV M600 also offers dedicated ‘Start’ and ‘Ok’ keys. The phone is both easier to pocket and lighter to carry. Its weighs 150g which might seem a lot as compared to other mobile phones but the additional features make up for the extra weight. The screen is touch sensitive that is a major win over Windows Mobile Smartphones not having touch-sensitive screens.
The quad band handset has 43MB of free space for you to fill with software and you can add more with an SD card. The feature rich device has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and infrared, and the various Windows Mobile 5.0 applications including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, email, SMS and MMS tools, Windows Media Player, Pocket Internet Explorer and lots more. Audio quality is pretty good, Wi-Fi capability is superb.
The M600 is a solid upgrade to Orange’s SPV M500 that is designed to meet all your wireless aspirations. You have complete mobile office in your pocket and you can access your emails on the go, with the Orange SPV M600. The Bluetooth wireless technology allows quick and easy data transmission.
So we can say that the Orange SPV M600 features a good combination of communication and entertainment for your business needs. If you need more PDA functionality than a regular smartphone provides, this phone is for you. Look for the wide range of offers and deals available on the Orange SPV M600.

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