Apr 092023

The world is firmly in the hands of the evil Illuminati under Vatican and Jesuit control and here are a few examples illustrating the problem facing freedom fighters in America.

First, it must be understood the New World Order leaders around the world are a tight-knit group, working together to foster war in the Middle East, leading to its destruction as well as the destruction of Israel and the United States.

To accomplish this endgame of a one world religion based in Jerusalem and a world one government under a fascist/communist network of so-called independent states, it is important that the Vatican have all the major world leaders appear to be on different sides of the fence when, in fact, they are deceptively working together to bring about the Illuminati’s goal of a world consisting of a commonwealth of independent (fascist) states.

In fact for freedom in America to survive, Americans need to view the world completely different than what’s told to them in history books and on major television networks. Americans need to first understand they are being deceived and have been deceived for a long time.

But looking on the bright side, it’s never to late to find the truth and the truth is all the major leaders of the world’s governments and religions are on the same evil New World Order team with their eventual goal to destroy freedom in America.

And unless Americans realize this now and fight back in every way possible, they will sadly realize it late when unfortunately it will be too late, as those people left after America’s population is greatly reduced by New World Order violence will wake up in a completely different America, an America draped in chains and fascism which is, by the way, the Vatican’s government of choice.

So, the first step is to realize that Satanic leaders like Bush, Putin, Blair, Chavez and others in the Middle East, China, Japan and North Korea are all working together to instigate war and violence, necessary for the New World plan of total control to succeed.

They, of course, put on a completely different show but that is the Vatican and Jesuit plan during this time in history which should be labeled the age of deception, especially in America.

Furthermore, it has been that way for a long time in other countries around the world, but now it is just America’s turn to deal with the Vatican and Jesuit deception head on.

Besides most all governments and religions of the world already being corrupted by the satanic power emanating from the Vatican, the deceivers hiding behind the name of God use a worldwide web of Masonic Lodges to front the New World Order objectives and plans.

Listen how an Italian insider and former higher-up in the Illuminati in the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge explains how the Masonic web of Vatican deception exists in China, Russia, the Middle East and North Korea.

“Ezio Giunchiglia of Italy has been working for C.A.M.E.N (Centro Applicazioni Militari Energia Nucleare ) in Pisa since 1964 and has been working for this delicate department of the Illuminati dedicated to the nuclear game for along time.

“That’s why he has been chosen as the point man for the signing of a mega contract for the construction of five nuclear plants in China., working together with Itaian P2 Masonic members.

“The P2 has also numerous business projects in Shanghai, being the Chinese headquarters for the Mafia and other Illuminati projects . In Shanghai the Russians and the Italians working for the USA Illuminati and the Vatican , are making a lot of big deals at the moment, recycling black money and using it for their benefit.

“The plan, as I know it from discussions in the Monte Carlo Lodge, is to abandon the USA at one point when America falls while establishing a worldwide Chinese Illuminati Nazi-Communistic style as the only possibility.

“I know for a fact Ezio Giunchiglia said that America is finished to me many times and we should go and establish our wealth elsewhere as the Illuminati will always prevail by having the Vatican backing . That’s why Italy recently sent a special group of Illuminati politicians including the Prime Minister recently to China.

“Russia, as we know since I spent a lot of time there, is all under Illuminati control and three new Freemason Grand Lodges directly controlled by the Illuminati have been established in India in the last 2 years.

“India is looked at by the Illuminati as being an important new business opportunity when America eventually is rendered helpless in all facets, including financial. As I learned, the stage is already set up for the death of an Empire, the great U.S. of A.

“And it should be noted that North Korea deals directly with the Duke of Cabinda, alias Rui Gabirro and alias Robert Lamar or alias whatever his name his…Satan! What we need is to get the American people to rebel in the name of true freedom before it is too late and we all become like China, a nation of Communist infidels!”

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