Apr 072023

All Nokia N-series phones come with high performance multimedia devices and delivers unparallel multimedia experiences by merging the latest technologies with sleek and stylish design. In the same queue, Nokia N91 keeps a place for itself. This marvellously designed smartphone delivers fantastic music experience and cutting-edge phone features. A single device to entertain you, allows you to access information, capture and share pictures and videos, wherever you go.

Music again and forever—filled with multiple connectivity options and Bluetooth technology, the Nokia N91 is all set to let you find and enjoy music on the go. Transfer music from a PC to your own handset. Just drag and drop the CD onto the device and with USB 2.0, a Wi-Fi connection and Microsoft Media Player 10, all the music bits are at your fingertips. Stream the music or buy on the fly.

Enjoy and share music—the Nokia N91 allows you to share your favourite playlists with friends by MMS, email or Bluetooth. Show off your music taste and share those songs that you like most. It is one of the best ways to share your feelings with someone very close to your heart.

With up to 4 GB of storage, you can create your own music room and save approximately 3000 songs of your choice. It’s amazing! Switching between the music player and other applications are very easy with N91, just press a single key and you are ready to navigate other applications. This switching mechanism makes this combo the perfect pairing—more user-friendly and smart.

The integrated 2.0 mega-pixel camera and the zoom function ensure that your picture will be the perfect one. Just push the button and grab the moment. You can also switch over to video mode and capture motion pictures, make video clips and share. It has enough memory for storage.

The Nokia N91 is available under the Nokia contract deals. There are six mobile networks, compare their plans and choose the one and get connected. Nokia contract deals may offer you free handsets, free minutes and lots more as per the plan.

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