Mar 172023

The Nokia N73 is truly a mobile phone for the modern age that enables you to share your pictures on the web instantly. The handset supports a 3.2-megapixel camera with video-recording capabilities, an integrated music player, a vibrant screen, Bluetooth, and a speakerphone, to name a few. The amazing screen displays pictures by simply pressing the dedicated review key and an intuitive interface lets you effortlessly send pictures via email, Bluetooth or MMS.

The Nokia Xpress Transfer lets you organize and move your images and videos into a compatible PC or you can also upload photos directly to a Flickr account. The N73’s integrated digital music player and the 3.2 megapixel unit with an auto-focus Carl Zeiss lens are amazing. The auto-focus system in the camera is reasonably quick supporting a macro mode that allows for true close-up photography. The user interface is an updated version of what you have seen on the N90 and N80. The large and colourful display is ideal for viewing videos on the move. These days, stereo sound is becoming increasingly popular in the latest phones and the N73 is no exception, it has 3D sound effects for ringtones as well. The N73’s music player lets you play MP3, WMA and AAC tracks. Connectivity options of the phone include 3G capability, Bluetooth 2.0 and infrared. The web browser of N73 is the best you would have seen on a mobile device.

So if you are a smartphone user and love to take pictures, this phone is for you. No doubt, the Nokia N73 has one of the best cameras of any phone in the market. You’d actually feel that the photos taken with the Nokia N73 are worth keeping in your own digital album. We can say that N73 has a wide range of multimedia and business features packed in one device.

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