Mar 052023

The beautiful new MOTORAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana makes a clear modern day style statement. The call management features of the handset like picture phone book and caller group profiling enable you to make calls quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of Motorola’s SCREEN3 technology for zero-click access to news, sports and entertainment. The Motorola D&G fashion phone has the same features as the normal Razr V3i like Bluetooth, a 1.23-megapixel camera, video capture and playback, and iTunes software. Outside the phone, there’s another color screen that will let you know who’s calling before you flip open the phone. Photography of the phone is enhanced by an 8x digital zoom and a full-screen viewfinder. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are there for transferring information. There’s a mobile internet browser offering essential headlines and entertainment and there’s an email program as well.

So grab your V3i D&G mobile phone now and take advantage of the attractive deals available which make this handset accessible to you and a wide section of mobile phone users.

The Motorola V3i Dolce and Gabbana is turning out to be a style statement attracting many people around the world. The handset brings the ultimate blend of design and technology. The handset has a streamlined design and offers a large internal colour screen, quad band technology, an integrated 1.3 megapixel digital camera with a full screen view-finder, zoom, and video capture and a micro SD memory slot. The handset also has a video recorder with playback facility. For music lovers, there is digital music player. The phone offers customized features like screensavers, MP3 ringtones and unique animations. The uniquely styled mobile phone has advanced features and sophisticated functions.

The smart looking Motorola V3x has an external screen capable of 65K colours and a resolution of 96 x 80 pixels. The RAZR V3x has a dual-ear stereo headset, a mini USB port for your connectivity requirements and wireless stereo options. There is a built-in 64MB of memory and the microSD card adds upto 512MB of storage. In terms of connectivity, the phone has high speed GPRS and W-CDMA (3G) network data connectivity and there is a built-in WAP browser.

Motorola V3i

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