Mar 032023

What is Smoking shelter? Smoking shelter as per our idea is a shelter that provides a space for people who smoke. Not only it is safe but also it is a shelter that just gives you the sense of relaxation and easy smoking fun.

There are many companies in today’s era into manufacturing of smoking shelters. We find numerous competitions with the manufacturers in the market. However it is understood that every company that manufactures smoking shelter is Unique and they all have their pros and their cons related to them.

Well amongst all the manufacturers there is a N.I.M ltd Engineering company that deals with the manufacturing of low cost smoking shelters. There are varieties of ranges that company offers in this particular product. The standing of the company is on the top most because of its efficiency and service made available to its consumers.

The shelters that are sold by the company are 25%-45% cheaper than any other competitors in the market. The main reason behind this cheap deal is, because the purchase is directly made from the manufacturer that is the company with a lean manufacturing policy.

Brief description of the product:

The quality and the design of the smoking shelters are uniquely maintained. There are different types of smoking shelters manufactured as wall supported shelters, free standing shelters and so on.

The freestanding smoking shelters are made using the highest spec raw materials. All the shelters build are designed in such a way that it becomes an easy access, as well as there is easy smoke dispersal. They are made with the measurements of 2455mm x 1020 mm modular construct and are made of heavy-duty rectangular steel section. The sides of these free standing smoking shelters are 6mm thick and they are ultra violet resistant. The polycarbonate panels support the mid height horizontal steel bars.

There is not much difference between the dimensions in wall supported smoking shelters. They are almost the same as the freestanding smoking shelters.


The smoking shelters are always a good idea to keep away from the dangers of pollution and unwanted smoke.

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