Jan 222023

Orlando has its perks, and goodness knows that the whole Disney area is an attractive spot for vacationers with an itch for theme parks, but staying in the thick of things isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Either you can’t find what you’re looking for or you’d rather be somewhere a bit more removed from the hubbub of millions of hyped up tourists; either way, it’s understandable. This is why Kissimmee can really come in handy. This community is close but not too close, convenient but not over the top. It offers a pleasing experience without too much hassle, and has been giving savvy travelers exactly what they seek for the past several years.

Kissimmee (the name alone adds a hint of excitement to the mix) sits in Central Florida, south of Orlando and southeast of Disney. Only 17 miles from the airport, getting here won’t be too much of a pain. Once you’ve had the chance to get settled you can skip over to the main attractions in mere minutes and the beach is just an hour or so from you. As part of a healthy, several day long vacation, Kissimmee fits perfectly.

Before getting to the day trips, however, take some time to appreciate Kissimmee itself. It doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of housing people who trek the six miles to Disney World each day, it actually has a few charms of its own. For example, turn of the century houses and a pioneer museum are on hand to reveal the rich history of the area, and art, science and a veteran’s museum will also illuminate the culture and heritage of Kissimmee. Visit these places and others in the same vein to craft a holistic vacation that will educate as well as relax.

Nature lovers will be delighted by Kissimmee’s blessings. From lakes to hiking paths, streams to marshland, setting out for a day of fresh air and wildlife sightings will infuse the trip with Mother Nature at her finest. Several parks dot the area and many feature bird watching tours, horseback riding, fishing piers and bike trails that will all encourage you and your companions to burn a few calories while enjoying each other’s company before a truly unique backdrop.

Other ways to stay active include playing golf or tennis (or mini golf for the less athletically inclined), skydiving, snorkeling, skateboarding and swimming. Dining options range from casual to fancy-schmancy, and there are several dinner shows that will add some spice to the evening either through music, comedy or international themes. Several shopping areas and sporting events will keep the good vacation vibes going, so rest assured that nary a dull moment will arise.

Alright, go ahead and admit that you’ll spend a bulk of the time traveling around a bit, not just to Mickey Mouse land but to Sea World, Universal Studios, Animal Kingdom, the Florida Mall, and probably many other places. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the landscape, but for whatever reason this part of Florida is pretty much packed with fun diversions. Compared to other more somber states, it almost doesn’t seem fair.

So if you reside in one of these said states and desire a brief foray into the sunshine, start planning your trip today. Here’s a hint: Kissimmee Vacation Rentals will bring extra fun and comfort to the equation thanks to ample choices, bonus amenities, and lots of great deals. Check out this option if you’ve never done so, and prepare to properly enjoy yourself in this Floridian paradise.

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