Jan 212023

If you are looking for a condominium, New Condos Online has some amazing deals that will connect you to the right real estate decisions. This will ensure that you can have a condo to live in or one to rent out. Client education is a large part of my customer service philosophy and the best way to understand what it is like in a particular condominium is to hear it straight from the residents living there. If you decide to buy condominiums now, you will be facing a very good financial decision. You might be curious as to why condos are selling. There are there a record number of units for resale in downtown for two reasons.

Buying your home is a very exciting experience. Your initial contact with me will be an information sharing session where you will describe the home you desire. I will provide an overview of the neighborhoods and the properties available in them. After our initial discussion I will perform a detailed search for available homes meeting your criteria. You will then be invited to tour these homes.

If you like one of these homes and want to purchase it I will assist you in the process. If you do not find a suitable home on the tour I will search daily for homes coming on the market that meet your criteria.

Although buying a home can be a wonderful investment, it can also be a very challenging experience. A comparative market analysis will be prepared to assist in determining the appropriate selling price of your home. Today there is a relative abundance of entry-level condos available due to several new buildings being sold as condos that were originally being constructed as apartments. According to Mark Mills, Realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Consultants, in San Diego, you also have several existing apartment building that will soon evict all their tenants and sell their refurbished units as condos. Wealthy California real estate investors have know for years that making money in California real estate is not about cash flow, its about appreciation. Stated another way, if you are worried about cash flow, you bought the wrong property.

Local governments are subsidizing builders of low income apartment housing and no one is building anything for the middle or upper class to rent. Demand exists for luxury condo/apartment rentals in downtown. According to Mills, there is a segment of the market looking for condos rentals over $3,000 per month. Most of these renters are either new to town or in transition between homes they own. If you’re looking for a rental condo in Downtown San Diego you will be in for a pleasant surprise over the next few years as you will get a bonus on your investment, increased cash flow. Rising rents are inevitable with the shrinking of the available rental units. Remember, the cash flow bonus will also make your investment property appreciate faster because it’s generating more cash.

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