Jan 172023

Samsung’s mobile phones have always been known for their style quotient. Samsung X830 is another snazzy handset from Samsung. With an incredibly low weight of 75g and thinness at 19.9 mm, it is very easy to handle Samsung X830. Samsung X830 comes in a wide choice of colours ranging from black, white, lemon green, orange, oasis blue to candy pink. Samsung X830 is a mini music phone with a digital music player. Along with the digital music player, it also has a 1GB memory which allows you to store upto 250 songs. You can play all your favourite songs in the WMA, AAC and MP3 formats.

Samsung X830 comes with a unique swing opening mechanism. Samsung X830 can be swung open to reveal the user-friendly keypad. When closed, this phone can be used as a music player with its music playing interface and easy-to-use navigation wheel. The music playing interface horizontally displays the song information, the equalizer settings and other display settings. When you swing open the phone, it exposes the keypad and doubles its length for an expansive mobile use.

Samsung X830 is also a camera phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera with integrated video recording capability. Style has been matched with convenience, with an i-pod style scroll wheel. Moreover, features have also not been neglected with Bluetooth, GPRS and a triband GSM.The best way to buy Samsung X830 is to go online and browse through the various attractive deals. It is available in the form of cheap rental plans on various networks and also SIM free.

Samsung X830 Blush Pink is an ideal gift for girls this Christmas. With so light specifications, an amazing swing action and not to forget an incredible style quotient, Samsung X830 is the recommended buy this Christmas. You can also buy this handset on clearance deals.

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