Jan 062023

Samsung Z540: With all you desire in your 3G phone

The Samsung Z540 comes with 140 Mbytes of shared memory; thus, it allows the user to save all of their video recordings, photos, contact details, music files and messages. It comes with 3G technology, which allows the user to enjoy all the latest functions such as video message, video streaming and video calling. Moreover, like other 3G phones, it has Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Thus, user can easily share data with the help of USB compatible devices. The Samsung Z540 works on a tri band network, which automatically brings the user the best possible network band. Moreover, user can easily gain access to the Internet with the help of the WAP browser on the Samsung Z540.

The new Samsung Z540 is an ultra slim 3G mobile phone. It is just 14.9 mm thick. The cool handset comes in a sleek black colour. To give that firm grip, the Samsung Z540 has a highly tactile textured finish. It weighs only 105 grams, thus it can be carried around easily. It has a large internal screen, which has a QVGA type display, which comes with a 262k-colour display. The Samsung Z540 contract phone has really become quite popular among phone users, who like to have all the 3G features in a single phone.

With its 1.3 megapixel built in camera feature, user can seize all those snaps all day long. The Samsung Z540 also comes with a video recorder, which has a superb capability to record in MPEG4 video format. Its video player can play video either in 3GP, MPEG4 or Real One format. Its video recorder allows the user to capture all those desired moments in action. User can immediately send the video recordings or save them on the phones memory. It does have a video streaming function, which is made possible, as phone has 3G technology.

Here comes the Samsung Z540…the latest phenomenon with all that you can imagine in a consummate 3G phone. Especially built small and light, the Samsung Z540 is quite a gear in terms of futuristic features such as real-time streaming video, video telephony, Bluetooth connectivity, advanced camera controls and dual speakers.

It has a high quality music player with easy music controls, which are quite easy to access. To make the easy access possible, the handset has music hot keys. You can tune on your favourite tracks as this music player simply supports most of the popular music formats. It does come with embedded ringtones. Moreover, user can also download all the favourite ringtones. The users can either choose Samsung Z540 contract phones or pay as you go schemes as per their financial limits. As far as the better Samsung Z540 deals are concerned, user can easily avail them with the help of Internet. All a user needs to do is browsing as all the information about Samsung Z540 contract phones or Samsung Z540 deals can be availed from the Internet.

Samsung Z540

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