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Astrology India

Indian Astrology has a history of more than five thousand years. Indians believe strongly that the stars govern their destiny and have immense faith in astrology. Astrology in India plays a very important role in deciding matrimonial alliances and determining the right time for starting new ventures. Predictions help you overcome misfortunes and provide a solution to overcome the ill influence of the celestial bodies. It is the guiding force at various stages in a person’s life. Astrology simply shows the way in times of difficulty. It is merely a roadmap, and the individual has to make the effort himself to improve his life.
Indian astrology is nothing but the planetary chart of an individual. It is accurate and helps overcome bad tidings and misfortunes during the person’s life. There are three main branches of Indian astrology, namely Siddanta, Samhita, and Hora.The study of planets and stars comes under Siddanta. Natural calamities, weather predictions, and rainfall come under Samhita. Another branch, the Phalitha Jyothisha deals with the art and science of predictions. The Nadi system traces a person’s life history and future as written on palm leaves. This system is highly accurate but it requires proper reading by a skilful astrologer.

Components of Indian Astrology
Indian Astrology comprises twenty-seven constellations in twelve lunar houses. The Moon plays an important role in an individual’s life. The Sun, Moon and five main planets, namely Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mercury along with Rahu and Ketu, the nodal points of the Moon are the pillars of Indian Astrology. The position of the Moon at the time of his birth or in a specific star helps to make the person’s astrological chart. This decides the astrological star of the person and is important to determine the important major and minor sub-periods in his life.
Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is as old as about 1500 BC, long before modern day, astronomers as Kepler and Newton made their appearance. The principles of Vedic astronomy propounded that the planets revolved around the sun, long before Western astronomers. This and several other principles were far ahead of their time and still hold today. Vedic astrology has its basis in astronomy and determines the time of religious ceremonies and functions. There are instances of Vedic Astrology cited in the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Rig Veda, and the mythological stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Jyotish literally means remover of darkness and knowledge of the divine. It takes a holistic view of life incorporating the present, the past, and the future. It is a search for the ultimate knowledge and seeks to understand divine truths.

This form of astrology takes in to consideration the effect of electro-magnetic celestial influences on an individual’s mental and psychological being. The underlying principle is that an individual’s destiny depends on his actions and it is his job to do his karma, irrespective of the outcome of his actions. Jyotish or Vedic astrology is therefore a study of the symbiotic relationships between living and celestial bodies in the universe.

Birthstones form an integral part of Indian astrology. There are specific birthstones for people born in a specific month of the year. Some of the birthstones are amethyst, garnet, cat’s eye, aquamarine, lapis, moonstone, pearl, red coral gomedh, sapphire and ruby. Wearing the right birthstone helps improve your life, finances, relationships and career. It brings mental peace and stability in thought and actions. Birthstones help to increase the positive effect of certain planets and to minimize the negative influences of other planets as per your birth chart. The proper birthstones emanate positive energy and form a protective aura around the wearer. However, you must consult an astrologer and wear the appropriate birthstone only as a wrong birthstone can have a negative impact on your life.
Indian astrology is therefore like a guide map to life. The planetary positions indicate our destiny, but ultimately we have to perform the requisite actions to get the desired results. Moreover, faith is important to ensure that the astrological predictions work for you.

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