Dec 072022

Everybody loves sporting stylish and funky handsets. Now, LG fulfils this desire by bringing a cool new handset: LG KG800 Chocolate. In LG KG800 Chocolate, LG has combined the surreal beauty of a minimalist black keypad with brilliant functionalities.

LG KG800 simply looks stunning with its glowing red touch pad and shining black exterior. The heat-sensitive exterior keypad glows red to show, where to press the buttons to activate the functions. Slide over the cover to reveal the ergonomically designed internal keypad. This phone has won the prestigious If Design award of Germany. This headset possesses both external and internal brilliance with a sophisticated unique collection of features ranging from a MP3 player, 1.3 mega pixel camera to a 265K TFT colour display. The camera comes with a flash to give excellent quality results.

You can unleash the magic of 3D games by downloading Java games on your handset.
LG KG800 Chocolate supports a multimedia player which can be used for both watching videos in MPEG4 formats and playing music in MP3 and AAC formats. This player is complemented with random playbacks and equalizer settings. The LG KG800 Chocolate works in the night mode also with a small built-in-light and low noise level. LG KG800 Chocolate is also endowed with the latest Bluetooth technology. You can share plenty of information with other wireless devices like laptops and PDA’s. LG KG800 Chocolate can be used in the majority of countries in Europe and USA with a triband operating frequency. You can contact the service provider to use the handset in a particular country. LG KG800 mobile phone deals are available on T-mobile, Virgin, O2 and Orange networks on all the leading online mobile shops. You can even get amazing free gifts like a 7 inch LCD colour TV. This Christmas, buy a LG KG800 Chocolate and pamper yourself.

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