Nov 152022

All funny pictures exist to make us laugh and feel good. It’s such a relief to know that there are thousands of websites posting hilarious, droll, crazy or silly images. But the most popular and sought after by most of the people are the celeb pics, especially celebrity nip slip funny pictures.

Why are there so many funny stuff websites and what do they want from us? That’s easy: funny staff sites are the future of the entertainment of the internet. For instance, clearly states on its home page that it is in the business of “the funniest videos, photos, ebay auctions, and any other weird stuff we find’. These sites have non-commercial purposes and what’s more the funny pictures and others alike are all for free. Sure, they have sponsors who place banners on their sites and it would be a courtesy from us seeing what they are all about. But for the rest, this is what webmasters of funny pictures sites would like from us: view, giggle, or burst into laughter… maybe find a good tip or two… download whatever we find interesting, humorous or worthy to be send to the others… then walk away in a good mood. That’s it!

Entertainment sites have many categories of funny stuff. So anyone can choose from funny pictures or videos with animals, babies or celebs, games, jokes, fights, deals or George Bush. If try to make a statistics, you’ll find that the most prosperous and abounding of all categories would be the one showing celebs pics. Why? Common, it’s not everyday you see a celebrity without makeup, smoking, eating with a big wide-open mouth or giving the finger. And what’s more, the entire masculine community in the universe and the Hollywood gossip would kill to have the hottest and up-to-the-minute celebrity nip slip funny pictures.

Celebrity nip slips are considered more or less accidentally revealed. Although the degree of intentionality with some of the celebs is to be argued. Since all the celebs, especially female celebs, are constantly chased by armies of paparazzi, it is quite normal after all for such innocent accidents to happen and be promptly put on tape. The more famous a celeb is, the more paparazzi and cameras are around her and the quicker the celebrity nip slip, when it happens, is broadcasted.

But why are paparazzi so crazy about shooting celebrity nip slips? Simply because nipples are “forbidden fruits” and that is what makes them so appealing and tempting. There is one thing that needs to be clarified though: nobody swarms for funny pictures showing male celebrity nip slips, because men shirtless pics are readily available anytime almost anywhere, while celebs women nips are not always willingly presented. One more reason for paparazzi to exist and do their job: taking funny pictures of celebrity nip slips on various places, such as beaches, red carpets or movie shooting places.

Some of the celebs are famous for their frequent nip slips. Take Lindsay Lohan for example! When it comes to celebrity nip slips, this young, artistically gifted and big tited actress rules! One occasional slip happen one night on the way to her car, while another “innocent” mishap occurred precisely during a televised show. These accidents granted miss Lohan the pool position in the celebrity nip slip competition and a lot of advertising. Naturally, we wonder: were they really accidents? Maybe at the beginning.

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