Nov 132022

Any network marketer is aware that scams do exist, but newbies who are alienated to the Internet searching for a legitimate way to make income online often, feel frustrated.

Ideally, if you are looking for a home-based business should not quit your present job but instead, keep your present job and build your home-based business during your spare time until it is able to surpass your present pay, then you can seriously consider to quit your job and work full time at the comfort of your home.

It’s easier said than done. Things do not seem to be rosy all the time. Many people are unemployed and there just isn’t any opportunities out there for them to create a substantial income to replace what they are making. Some people are in a financial situation where they need to take up not only two, but three or four jobs just to make ends meet.

So what happens when these ‘desperados’ cannot even live from hand to mouth? In a state of desperation and anxiety, they dive into the Internet, hoping to find their goldmine. Yes, there are many claims that people are earning tons of money on the net and how easy it is to do it. It is as simple as pushing a few buttons and is hassle-free. No computer knowledge! No experience required!

Are all these claims true, or fraud? If it sounds so good, why are there still reports on people losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying and joining these so-called ‘Get Rich Quick’ programs. The fact is, everyone who has access to the Internet has given ‘scammers’ the opportunities to make a fortune. They are the ones that are making money, NOT YOU!

These scammers, also known as ‘Bank Robbers’ are stealing identities of account holders and draining money from their accounts. Their target is not only your credit cards, but also your bank accounts. To protect yourself from this kind of identity fraud, make sure that you keep a close watch on your bank account. If you happen to spot any shortfall in your account, even if it is just a few dollars, report to the relevant department immediately. Another advice is to change your password frequently to these accounts so that it is harder for ‘scammers’ to access the information.

Many ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams often promise you that you can create GUARANTEED (their most enticing word) income online for only a minimal fee. Sometimes, I feel these ‘scammers’ are professional psychologists. They are able to read people’s mind. They understand that people who are in desperation will fall prey to these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ deals to get their fast cash. That’s why these unscrupulous ‘money-suckers’ are getting richer by the day.

Remember, in order to make REAL money on the Internet, you have to pay a price. Prior to your hard-earned cash, you also need to put in your time and effort. If you’re unable to commit about 15-20 hours a week growing your online business, then my advice is, “DON’T DO IT!”

There are many articles and forums where you can post any question concerning ‘Get Rich Quick Scams’. Do some research and take advantage of these resources. With a little research and sheer determination, you can make a legitimate income on the Internet.

Written by:
Jeffrey Chia

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