Sep 152020

Image hosting is a service provided by websites or Internet service providers allowing users to store photos or images to their servers by uploading them to a website. These photos are accessible to the users by the codes provided by the host. These service providers allow users to hotlink these images to their personal websites, or to use as photos for selling items in newspaper classified ads.

Newspaper classified ads are usually not accompanied by photos so advertisers must be creative in describing the product to ignite interest in the buyer. Ads may contain a catchy statement about the product with a carefully chosen adjective or two that will make the buyer call the seller for more information about the product. Sometimes, buyers will ask to see the product and will try to set an appointment with the seller. This costs both buyer and seller time. Imagine having dozens of people calling to see the product! Certainly, it will be difficult to meet with all of them.

With the image hosting service offered by this website, a user may upload photos of the items they’re selling and just post the specific URL on their ad space to save on advertising costs. It also saves the buyer and the seller time. This type of service may be used for classifieds in national and local newspapers. Because the Internet is a very prolific and highly accessible medium, sellers and service providers will surely receive more responses from their ads. The more interest generated by the ad with the aid of the hosted photo, the higher the chances of closing the best deals. That’s money earned from savings on advertising and from the bigger margins from the sale!

Image hosting for classifieds may be used for a host of purposes. It is especially helpful in pet classifieds, for dog breeders and sellers because buyers want to see that the pet they are buying to make sure they are just perfect. This type of service may also be used when selling practically anything and everything related to pets for sale: dogs for sale, cats for sale, dog food, even dog clothes and accessories.

Take note however that this service is not limited to pets for sale. You can upload images of any item you are trying to sell in the classifieds section. Instead of purchasing a couple of column centimeters in your local newspaper just so you can post a photo of that car you are selling, just upload the image on the website for free. Your photos are uploaded in just minutes. Use the service for other services like homes for rent, garage sale announcements, lost pets, furniture, electronics and any other ad placements in the newspaper classifieds.

Post photos from low-end to high-end products and sell them faster. Make the adage- a picture speaks a thousand words – work for you. Upload images of your product on the website and wait for that phone to ring.

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